Is NDC Party In Charge Of Retribution?

Fri, 1 May 2009 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

The NDC Party did not want to move the nation’s economic and developmental agenda forward but has determined to use the essence of retribution against his political opponents: The New Patriotic Party (NPP) whose members must be persecuted for unjustifiable political reasons. The National Democratic Congress (NDC) founder Jerry John Rawlings has recently issued a strong warning with peer pressure against his own party president John Evens Attah Mills and his cabinet members with the notion that they should start harassing, intimidating and arresting the former NPP ministers without providing any evidence of any wrongdoing. During their time they serve as the nation’s ministers in various departments.

Under no circumstances this knucklehead wanted to prove to the whole world that he still has the hegemonic powers in Ghana to determine who says what and does what in the country. Furthermore, if now Jerry Rawlings wants to tell Ghanaians that he has the right insight into what went wrong in a variety of institutional departments during the Kufour administration, then let him provide his data for the Attorney general to analyze his cases against these ministers. If one is found guilty of any dishonesty or a wrong doing, let the Attorney prosecute such an individual. We all know the rule of law is paramount. Only Jerry Rawlings, who has an O level education, does not understand how laws work and he should also acknowledge that the Attorney general is not an NDC Party lawyer but she is there for the whole country. As a result of this Rawlings has no right to put negative pressure on her to satisfy his party’s political nonsense. Since the NDC were in opposition for last eight years a majority of their supporters believe the negative utterances from the creator of their party. They believe that it is forbidden in using reconciliation to rectify their differences between the NPP and NDC is an act of Violence. Rawlings believes an eye for eye but not reconciliation as solution to rectification as the NPP administration did with Ghanaians he murdered when he was in power for the19 years.

Rawlings also wanted the public to realized that all the NPP members were thieves and that they did nothing good for the country. However, if one compares and contrasts what these NPP ministers and their party members did for the nation in eight years in office to (P) NDC Party 19 years in office, a sycophant will be more appreciative for what NPP has done for our nation. The question is who needs to critique the NDC party to know what they have done to our nation. They left office when the nation’s national bank, the Bank of Ghana coffers was totally empty. Why cannot the NDC founder Jerry John Rawlings, the man who is now calling the opposition members criminals, tell Ghanaians from what sources he got all these millions of dollars to send his children to stay in England, a foreign country to educate them? At the same time some Ghanaian children have no classroom to study; some communities have no hospitals or a place for common treatments under his watch! How was he single handedly able to finance his NDC party activities? Why cannot NDC party guru ET Mensah also tell Ghanaians from what sources he was able to build these mansions and send his children in America to Maryland to educate them. Why cannot Konadu Agyeman Rawlings tell Ghanaians from what sources she was able to acquire the nation’s properties without paying a penny and by using due process; while now the opposition members cannot acquire a single plot at the airport Junction? Not surprisingly, Rawlings and his detractors are less generous to NPPs achievements. Jerry Rawlings and his cronies are very adept at analyzing the past of NPP but hasn’t a clue about our nation’s future. Recently I told my friends that our American President Obama does not need enemies from any foreign country because he has one already, the Fox news. The same gos in Ghana as Kennedy Agyepong said they all wanted Mills to succeed irrespective of one political affiliation. It is our constitutional obligation to support anyone who becomes the commander in chief in our country to succeed. As Alan Kyeremateng wanted Mills to succeed, for Mills been the first native citizen from his region to become a president. Even my best friend Akufo Addo, who has kept quiet for four months on issues pertaining to the concerns to Mills administration wanted him to succeed. None of the NPP members are Mills, enemies---- only his own Jerry Rawlings and some NDC cronies. On behalf of the majority of Ghanaians including some NPP members across the country and outside we all urge Jerry John Rawlings to please leave Mills alone to do what is right for our notion. At the same time I personally urge the Awhoi boys to be careful for their current behaviors.

From: Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi