Is NDC a Curse or a Blessing to Ghana?

Sun, 4 Aug 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

? NDC as a political party is the handiwork of former President J. J. Rawlings. It came about as the consequence of the morphing of PNDC. Anyway, how the NDC came into being does not form the core of my discussion or query today but its relevance or irrelevance to the nation as I see it today is the concern giving rise to this write-up. ? ? I think I should have titled this write-up, "Arrest Betty Mould-Iddrisu now". I am highly disgusted at Betty Mould-Iddrisu’s propensity to negotiate judgment debts payments to claimants instead of taking them on in Court through Philip Addison-like extensive cross-examinations to prove them liars. ? ? She colluded with the NDC and the supposed claimants to dupe Ghana out of millions of Ghana New Cedis. This was the woman that Kwesi Pratt, that NDC sycophant, is proud of, because of her fluency in the Queen’s language, that is, English.

Mr Pratt, a man of equally questionable personality and of many characters must be watched. He pretends to care about the welfare of Ghanaians and Mother Ghana but he isn’t. He cares only about himself, his family and his paymasters. ? ? I can hardly understand why Betty Mould-Iddrisu assisted many dubious characters to swindle Ghana the way she did. A woman without heart for her country but plenty room for her insatiable greediness and or incompetence. She, like many other NDC bigwigs gained from the numerous judgment debt payments. Have I not said elsewhere that she had a chunk of GHC5 Million from the "Woyomegate scandal?" If it were in any civilized Western country, she would be behind bars by now. ? ? From Rawlings through to Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, Betty Mould-Iddrisu and lots of other NDC people to President Mahama, one could tell how Ghana is cursed to have such personalities at the helm of the nation’s affairs. They are not being of service to the nation but have come to steal Ghana's money "waawaa". ? ? The late President Mills and John Mahama just appointed complete thieves into positions. There is no wonder that like voracious hordes of grasshoppers, they chomped through the gardens, wiping the green vegetation off within days. I mean to say, they have stolen all the nation’s money, eaten all the meat and hidden the bone as said by President Mahama. ? ? NDC cannot be a blessing but a complete disastrous thing ever to fall on Mother Ghana. Anyone who sees the NDC with all the depletion of the nation’s coffers as they have caused, as a blessing, are themselves surely accursed.

? Who wants to remain under a curse? I don’t want to. As the bible says the truth shall set you free, the truthful pronouncement of judgment by the Supreme Court on Election 2012 could liberate Ghanaians from the venomous grip by the NDC.

What a curse the NDC is! Anyone who does not see that must honestly have their brains examined to detect and be treated of possible mental illness. How can this bunch of thieves not be a curse but a blessing? To the likes of Kwesi Pratt, Koku Anyidohu, Betty Mould-Iddrisu, Barton-Odro, the NDC is a blessing. Shame on them!

? Rockson Adofo ? ?

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson