Is NPP Court Case Genuine?

Wed, 16 Jan 2013 Source: Daily Democrat

Ghanaians on 7th December 2012 exercised their constitutional obligation and peacefully voted to elect a president and members of Parliament to govern the country for another four –year term.

The conduct of the elections and the posture of the electorate contributed greatly to the admiration of both local and foreign observers who reported it to be the most peaceful and fair elections ever conducted in the political history of Ghana.

This historic event, achieved through collective effort of all Ghanaians, does not only portray the country’s maturity in the democratic dispensation, but also demonstrates the commitment of Ghanaians to respect and strengthen state institutions to enhance the social and economic wellbeing of the people. It also enhances the country’s image and position on the global platform in terms of building investor confidence and attract more investment into the country.

This huge benefit, which every Ghanaian stands to benefit from the 2012 elections is seriously being undermined by Nana Akufo-Addo, the NPP flagbearer, Dr Bawumia, the NPP running mate and Jake Obetsebi Lamptey, NPP National Chairman, under the disguise of seeking justice under Article 64 of the 1992 Constitution, Section 5 of the Presidential Election Act, 1992 (PNDCL 285); and Rules 68 and 68 A of the supreme Court (Amendment) Rules 2012, C.I 74. This chosen path is in consonance with constitutional provisions and therefore is welcome news in settling electoral disputes, which will strengthen the country’s democratic dispensation.

But sideline actions and comments by the leadership of the party suggest they are only interested in keeping their visibility to enable them continue to hold onto the party’s leadership positions to push for another Akufo-Addo candidature, a position he considers his birth right.

These, a lot of Ghanaians consider, an unfair motive to dent the country’s successful and nurtured democracy.

Events before, during and after the court suit point to the fact that Nana Addo still wants to be relevant in the political discourse of the country, especially in the NPP as he struggles to detach his perceived intra-NPP opponents from controlling the party.

The Daily Democrat cannot compel Akufo-Addo and his self-proclaimed democrats to abandon their political ambition but it is our firm opinion that their fight for the so-called electoral justice should not affect the country’s socio-economic fortunes.

They should demonstrate their determination to use the court to address the alleged electoral short comings and stop inciting supporters with wild allegations and shifting positions from pre-court to court - we have won, there will be a re-run, over one million votes stolen, 100,000 votes stolen - without a single proof to Ghanaians.

We must not forget that this is not the first time the NPP is challenging an electoral result. In 1992, the party boycotted the election and wrote a book titled Stolen Verdict, creating the impression that the elections were rigged. Inciting party supporters not to accept anything less than a win at the Supreme Court is a recipe for chaos confirming his violent campaign remark of all die be die and Kennedy Agyapong’s kill Ewes and Gas genocide comments.

The Daily Democrat believes God’s appointed time is the best because there is time for everything and therefore the will of the people must be respected. There is no place like home. Long live Ghana!

Columnist: Daily Democrat