Is NPP Different From PFP Traditions II

Fri, 5 Jan 2007 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

Let me take this opportunity to thank the Chronicle Editor for publishing my article from the Ghanaweb.com on December 22nd 2006. They have my blessings to publish my articles at all times for our brothers and sisters who do not have access to the internet to read my articles.

It is my understanding that some supporters of Akuffo Addo believe that they are the founding stones for building the UP traditions in Ghana. So they have the audacity to say that the UP tradition does not exist any longer. The Danquah -Busia tradition that was established in the1980s is their core traditional values which they have used to built the current ruling NPP party. This assertion has been justifyied by Akuffo Addo’s spoke person S.G Antoh Jr an impostor who claimed to be the Popular Front Party (PFP ) national youth organizer of the P.O.Y.A during Victors running for the presidency. Victor was victimized by a mysterious “dirty trick by your Akuffo Addo and his uncle” This individual should stop his nonsense talk immediately, he can’t deceive anyone. When the people of the Northern region in Yendi, Volta Region, Greater Accra and the famous Ashanti’s were fighting to build this UP party that has become a traditional for the UP roots in Ghana, where was this so called Danquah –Busia’s Club? I urge all the formal PFP members to read between the lines themselves and look at Akuffo Addo motives and what he stands for. The Danquah-Busia’s believes in innovations but not the UP traditions that help his father to become a president in Ghana. If you read his response to my article from his spokes person on January 1st 2007, on Ghanaweb.com you will see that he could not answer my questions. He is just promoting his family success. Who cares about Akuffo Addo’s achievement? Ghanaians are fed up with these carpets -baggers. This shows you the kind of person who wanted to be a president in Ghana.

I urge all the UP traditions members to realize that without tradition there is no innovations. We use traditions to built innovation. The UP tradition were strongly unified around Busia’s progress party that help Edward Akuffo Addo to become a president. The support of the progress party did not come from the Danqau-Busia organization nor only Akyem areas. It was the corrective efforts from the North, Ashanti, Greater Accra and Brongahafo region that helped to put Akuffo Addo’s father in office.This was during the time of Gwedama and his NIL party fighting for power. When it comes to the Victor Owusu PFP party, the same people who now claimed to be the Danquah traditions deserted Victor Owusu and his PFP tradition party. This was orchestrated by the current foreign minister Nana Akuffo Addo and his uncle William Ofori Attah.

Ladies and Gentleman, I want to inform you all that since the UP traditions were founded no UP member has ever become more divisive against their traditions principle until Akuffo Addo and his uncle brought Victor Owusu’s party down in 1979. When Adu Boahen was running for the office, Akuffo Addo was his campaign manager who comes from the same region. These actions have sent a signal that Akuffo Addo was playing the tribal lines politics against Victor Owusu. He didn’t want him to become the president: Many will say, this is not the time for all these divisions and tribal talk. I am not playing any tribal drums, and I could not care less if there is any conflict between the Ashanti’s and Akyems. It was Nana Akuffo Addo’s behavior that has caused this dilemma. Some Ghanaians did not know that it was Victor Owusu who trained Akuffo Addo after finishing his Makola law school in his law firm. If those who are making the propaganda for Akuffo Addo thinks he is going to get away with his deceptions they have another thing coming. These propaganda cronies think the PFP supporters were foolhardy so their man will get way, not this time. Ghanaians cannot afford to put someone in office as a president who has tribal issues. We need someone who will unity the country, but not a guy who will form a government that will works for those who hold office---not those who put them there.

Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

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Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi