Is Nana Addo A Supper Man?

Sun, 18 Sep 2011 Source: Asare, Noah Dugubrame

I have spent most of my adult age in the west. And have known how people on drugs are adversely affected by the habit which leads to subsequent significant changes in their health. Very paramount among the symptoms of someone on drugs are; small spots of sores all over their body, Their red peeling lips, throat sores, cancer and other drug related sicknesses, black colours of the inner parts of their fingers and sometime a damage of their finger nails. Even a sight at someone on any drug for a good period of time need no question, anyone at all can tell by his looks and actions. Actions like massaging the nose always and sniffing deep uncontrollably. Actions like occasionally blocking one's own nose and drawing deep air inside. How they get weak and restless when they go a few minutes without drug and so on. My question is if the NDC want people to believe Nana Addo is on drugs all this while and none of these signs is visible then the man Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo is a Supper Man.

Every habit has it's side effects. No matter how strong ones genes, a continues practice of the habit will no doubt lead to the exhibition of some of the symptoms. It has been established for example that oral sex, excessive drinking of alcohol and/or smoking causes throat cancer. So do excessive smoking cause throat damage, black lips and black palms. And no matter how long one will pretend holy and do these things in the secrete of secrets his health will expose him at the end.

It is not always easy to catch anybody red handed on drugs and other bad habits, but his health and other factors which are obvious on any abuser will give enough room to believe the person is really on what he is accused of. I have personally met Nana Addo on many occasions and if you look at his healthy looks, his composure and everything about him, there is no single indication that he could be grouped with drug users. Although he is older than most of the people you will like to compare him to, put the two together and let everybody access them and you will see who is on drugs.

I heard John Jinapor ask recently that will Ghanaians vote for a drug addict or a cancer patient? I wonderred if he was just ignorant or was pretending not to know he was goofing. In the first place no single evidence has been provided that Nana Addo is on drugs by all those who accuse him and secondly he is so healthy and fresh looking unlike others. On the other hand talking about cancer patient the problem is not just the cancer , but the throat cancer. The throat cancer because health specialists has told us the possible causes of throat cancer and this is the worrying part. Throat cancer from which John by his question agreed the Nana Addo political opponent is suffering from is said to be caused by; habitual oral sex, drug use, excessive alcohol in take and or excessive smoking. The question is which of these has brought the sickness upon the cancer patient he want us to vote for? If that question is answered then we can make up our mind. But as it stands now, there are no symptoms of drug use on Nana Addo which can Persuade us to believe an unfounded allegation backed by no evidence. Rather we have seen symptoms of bad habits which is throat cancer on another person. It will be more justifying to believe what we have seen with our own eyes than what we are told without the providence of any proof.

There is an adage in my mother tongue that says; no one stands the bees stings and goes without a mark, at least the white sting will be left at the point stung by the bee. If Nana Addo after the clouds of smokes every morning and all the drug use is still this healthy, fresh and energetic than those even younger than him (who are now battling with a throat cancer caused by drinking, smoking, oral sex and or drug use) in age then I can conclude that the Man Nana Addo is a supper man. And this will make me admire him the more.

Noah Dugubrame Asare. Frankfurt, Germany.

Columnist: Asare, Noah Dugubrame