Is Peter Amewu suffering from inferiority complex?

John Peter Amewu Aker John Peter Amewu, Minister of Energy

Fri, 10 May 2019 Source: Editorial/Herald Newspaper

A standard of behavior is expected of a minister of State, this includes, how he addresses his fellow citizens.

John Peter Amewu, minister of energy, who has been elevated beyond his wildest dream, is exhibiting symptoms of a man, who feels inadequate.

Since his appointment, first as minister of Lands and Natural Resources and now Energy, he has been behaving like a headless chicken.

Not too long ago, when a Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo) pylon, was destroyed, even before any investigation, could establish what really happened, the minister had this to say ““It baffles my mind how human beings can do this to our motherland and any political party that will have some element of association with such activity does not love being in our country”.

He went ahead to do what was expected of him by setting up a committee to investigate what really happened. Till date, he is yet to tell Ghanaians the outcome of that investigation.

The minister is yet to demonstrate enough capacity for the office he is occupying.

In his response to IMANI Africa, the minister descended into the gutters once again, bringing himself and the office he holds to ridicule.

According to him, his three-year old child is clever than them in the analysis of the Aker Petroleum deal, in effect questioning the intelligence of IMANI Africa.

Amewu, has tasted small power and he suddenly feels like he is invincible. Power can be elusive, today you have it, and tomorrow it is gone.

We are minded as a newspaper to remind him that, his party will not be in power forever, the day of reckoning will come, when he will be called upon to answer for his stewardship.

Many people, who have served in public office before him, were arrogant than him, he should find out from them, how they were reduced to nothing, when their parties lost power.

Today, you think you are on top of the Ivory Tower, and so untouchable. Very soon, when you are being pursued by security agencies and anti-corruption bodies, to account for your stewardship, remember today.

As a newspaper, we know that John Peter Amewu, can never hold any bigger office than the one he currently occupies.

The only thing Ghanaians, would remember him for is that he came and insulted everyone, who criticized or took issues with his government and his office, and not for making excuses and indulging in blame game.

Columnist: Editorial/Herald Newspaper