Is President Mahama a Tail or a Head?

Mon, 6 Apr 2015 Source: Adofo, Rockson

Kwame: Is the current President of Ghana a tail or a head?

Asa: Do you mean President Mahama, and if yes, what is the import of your question?

Kwame: Yes, he is the one I am referring to. I just want to know if he is a follower or a leader.

Asa: But you should know that he is a leader or else, he would not be called the President of Ghana.

Kwame: Being the President of Ghana does not make one an effective leader. One can be a lame-duck leader

Asa: Do you mean to tell me that he is not pulling his weight as a leader?

Kwame: Now, you've got the point I am drawing your attention to

Supper: Hey guys, can I chip in?

Asa: Yes, you can. The platform is now all yours. Let us hear you, Mr Preacher.

Supper: Do you guys not remember Jesus advising us in the gospel not to be tails but heads?

Kwame: Yes, we do, but what is the correlation between the topic of our conversation and your biblical quotation?

Supper: It goes to emphasise that President Mahama had better be a head if he is currently perceived as a wagging tail

Asa: But he can never change. Is he not the very person who said in his book that he has never been able to take decisions on his own?

Supper: You see he is actually a follower even though he is in charge of the presidency.

Kwame: Of course he is. Sarcastically, he claims to be a "dead goat". Dead goats don't fear knife, no matter how they are flayed or cut up.

Asa: Yes, it is all because he can't take decisions by himself and will not listen to anyone either. Like a dead goat, he is insensitive.

Supper: If he were a head, he could take decisions, sensible decisions of course. But because he is not, he keeps messing up in his post.

Asa: Why at all have Ghanaians, intelligent and wise as most of them are, have allowed a wriggling tail to lead them into economic doom?

Kwame: Blame not Ghanaians for his mess, but Kwadwo Afari Gyan and William Atuguba who facilitated his ascendancy to the presidency

Asa: Do we therefore conclude that he is a tail but not a head? Was he not born to lead but to follow like you and I?

Supper: Yes, of course. He is even worse than a tail. For a tail is a shape, but he isn't. Without ability to take decisions you are formless

Kwame: What do you mean by that?

Supper: Oh, have you forgotten the children's play in which rectangle, square, triangle, circle appear and announce themselves as shapes?

Asa: Yes, the triangle will appear, jump around and announce, "I am a triangle"

Supper: Yes, the rectangle will do same and say, "I am a rectangle"

Kwame: Oh yes, the circle will appear, jump around and announce, "I am a circle" with the square saying, "I am a square"

Supper: Yes, but before all that, each one jumps around in turn saying, "I am a shape"

Olu: I have been listening to your arguments. What then is President Mahama? What shape has him, a goat's tail or a human's head?

Supper: He has none, but "Yen ntie obiara" and "dead goat's" syndrome. What shape that is, nobody knows but him

Olu: Assuming he is indeed a tail and a dead got, then Ghanaians have no prosperous future under the administration of such a person

Kwame: What do you suggest we do to him now?

Asa: Just vote him out in year 2016 same as Nigerians have voted out their corrupt, incompetent and clueless President Goodluck Jonathan

Olu: Yes, a self-asserted "Dead Goat" has nothing better to offer to mother Ghana but misery. For a dead goat is unfeeling when flayed

Kwame: Are we all agreeing on campaigning in support of Nana Akufo Addo to oust President Mahama from power in 2016?

Asa: Yes. If we don't, the dead got will rotten to fill the air with a foul stench that will suffocate Ghanaians to death

Olu: No more dead goats at the presidency. No more persons unable to take decisions themselves are to be allowed to lead Ghana

Kwame: Guys, let us call it a day. Time is far spent. If I don't go now, my wife will give me an awful lot of hell for staying late outside

Supper: You and your "wife, wife" issue. We've had more than enough of that. Go and leave us alone to enjoy the dead goat's discussions

Asa: Ei Osofo, are you the one saying that? Wife matters take precedence over any "dead goat's" issues regardless how serious they are.

Olu: Let us actually call it a day. See you guys, tomorrow.

Kwame: See you!

Asa: Adieu!

Supper: Au revoir, à demain!

Off, they were all gone; disappearing from the veranda behind Nana Kwaagyei's building where they had sat all night, too involved in their hilarious conversation.

If President Mahama is indeed a tail, concluding from his inability to take decisions of collective value/interests to Ghanaians, then what stops Ghanaians from thumbing their nose at him and then getting rid of him come Election 2016 as it is the view of the conversationalists?

Rally behind NPP and Nana Akufo Addo/Dr Bawumia to hurl President Mahama out of the presidency in 2016 through the intelligently exercise of your universal suffrage, all ye Ghanaians, clamouring for a better living standard under an incorruptible leader who can be a head but not the tail.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson