Is Rawlings Supportive of the Noxious Corruption

Wed, 25 Feb 2015 Source: Adofo, Rockson

...in Perpetration by President Mahama & the NDC?

Mr "altruist" Rawlings is known to hate all acts of corruption with the scorn they deserve. He is on record to have openly executed through firing squad in 1979 former Heads of State and Government Ministers for their involvement in various perceived acts of corruption. Among those that he executed in his capricious moment of hallucination, madness and tribal bigotry, was one Vice Air Marshal Boakye, a completely innocent Member of Government. He was only killed for genuinely borrowing then 50,000 Cedis from a bank.

However, the crimes of which the former Heads of State General I. K. Acheampong, General Fred Akufo and Brigadier General A. A. Afrifa and other members of Government were executed completely come to nothing when compared with those obviously being committed by, and under the watch of, President Mahama. Those crimes were not even up to 10% of that being committed by the NDC gurus and faithful with President Mahama himself inclusive. Has Rawlings seen it, or he has chosen to bury his head in the sand like the ostrich as though, nothing is happening because it is his own created party whose members are wreaking such economic and financial havoc on Ghana?

I hope he is not being a wicked hypocrite who believes in the "Animal Farm" slogan of "Two legs bad, four legs good" where in the end, the animals on four legs turned out far wicked than man (Mr Jones) that they revolted against, and evicted from the farm. From his depicting consent amidst total silence, he is rightly behaving hypocritically mischievous same as the animals, the pigs of course, in the story of the Animal Farm as narrated by George Orwell.

On the other hand, could he playing safe by copying the three wise monkeys who say, "See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil?" Is he scared of the NDC members who have cultivated a disgusting attitude of attacking him whenever he chastises some members of the ruling party for being corrupt?

He never spared former President Kufuor or the late President Atta Mills. Why is he sparing President Mahama, giving him the leeway to continuously commit unpardonable acts of harmful corruption against the nation and the citizens of Ghana?

With all the rots engulfing the NDC as prevalent under President Mahama, former President J. J. Rawlings had wanted his wife, Mrs Agyemang Konadu Rawlings, to re-join the party. How does he give moral justification to this suggested or attempted move by him to reunite his wife with this stinking NDC party and government?

With Rawlings keeping total silence while President Mahama and the NDC have plunged the nation into an economic abyss, one is only left to query his integrity. Is he being fair to himself and the nation?

The blood of those that you killed in the name of your sloganized, but failed, flagship policy, "Accountability, Probity and Transparency", is baying for revenge. You killed them for nothing or simply out of envy, if you fail to condemn President Mahama and his government in the strongest words ever used against nation saboteurs.

For the sake of the easy understanding by the public and my fans, please allow me to define Mr Rawlings' policy as stated above.

ACCOUNTABILITY is the state of being accountable, liable, or answerable. (Someone who is accountable is completely responsible for what they do and must be able to give a satisfactory reason for it)

PROBITY is complete honesty

TRANSPARENCY is the quality of being done in an open way without secrets

Do we see the current John Mahama/Arthur-Amissah NDC-led government conforming to the distinguishing NDC policy held dearly to the heart by former President Rawlings?

Please Mr Rawlings, wake up from your comatose for President Mahama has steered Ghana into a dangerous socio-economic ditch. Does President Mahama make you proud by his actions and inactions?

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson