Is The NPP Warning President Mills To Stop Chasing Them?

Fri, 23 Apr 2010 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has warned the ruling NDC government and the Attorney-General Madam Betty Mould Iddirisu to desist from what it termed the political persecution of its former ministers of state who have been put before the Fast Track High Court set up during Ex-president Kufuor’s administration to jail all leading members of the NDC as well as former NDC ministers from 2001-2008 with the former first lady, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings spending the whole eight years going to and from the Fast Track High Court in Accra.

Who told Jake Obetsebi Lamptey that the NDC has no credible evidence to prosecute these former ministers of the NPP for causing financial loss to the state? Now that the NPP is in opposition, it is now an offence to drag their former ministers to court and if they are sent there, it becomes “political persecution” and NOT lawful prosecution, isn’t it?

Wonders will never end, because every cut-throat fears to lie flat on his back. Jake, is it painful? Do not cry over spilled milk because you can’t collect it back into the tin.

Frankly speaking, the former first lady Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings would have been jailed by Kufuor’s Fast Track High Court with trumped up charges if the NPP had won the 2008 general elections, just to cut Rawlings to size and provoke him. Mr. Tsatsu Tsikata was also jailed and he would have died in prison like Victor Solermey if the NPP had won the 2008 elections.

The two of them were granted an unconditional presidential pardon by ex-president Kufuor when he realized that the NPP was booted out of power and rejected totally by Ghanaians – what a cowardly ex-president.

If they committed NO OFFENCE, why did you waste state resources and wasted everybody’s time and energy to drag these innocent people to court for 8 solid years?

Mr. Obetsebi Lamptey also alleged that, it was former president Rawlings who instigated the prosecution of the former NPP ministers, it is NOT true, but rather it is the people of Ghana who demanded that president Mills must stop being angelic and prosecute the NPP administration. Let me remind Jake Obetsebi Lamptey that the former NPP administration treated all former NDC ministers under Rawlings as common criminals and described all NDC members as thieves from 2001 – 2008. We now want to show Ghanaians who the REAL THIEVES and CRIMINALS are; so Jake must stop complaining and accusing Jerry Rawlings because he is innocent. Nobody is chasing the NPP, but the law is rather chasing them.


Listen to what Mr. Jake Obetsebi Lamptey, National Chairman of the NPP who is complaining today and warning the sitting president, said when the NPP was in power in 2004. ‘The objective of negative propaganda is to create confusion, low moral, eroded confidence fear, uncertainty discord, disunity within the opposition (NDC) party in order to reduce performance to our advantage.

To this end, ALL PROPAGANDA must be conspicuously directed at the NDC. Our propaganda philosophy is that a relent less, sustained and ever increasing psychological effort should be made against the NDC at ALL PLACES and at ALL LEVELS to ensure the disorganization and possibly break up of the (NDC)party.

Our objectives are to win the presidential election with 55% of the vote cast, and 120 seats in the parliamentary elections.’’ This was what Jake stated in a written letter to the Late Major courage Quashigah of blessed memory. (2) At the launch of a new newspaper’’ The Heritage’’ Jake Obetsebi Lamptey, then minister of information warned the paper that it would NOT SURVIVE if it went about its work like other existing newspapers, therefore somebody should complain and not jake.

With this warning, most leading members of the Ghana Journalist Association had been bought expensive 4x4 cars and well cared for by the NPP government from 2001-2008. Many of them had compromised on the ethics of the profession and kept their mouths shut on serious issues the public ought to be informed.

From Jan.2001-2008, the only OBJECTIVE newspapers were the’’ Ghanaian Voice’’ and the ‘’Weekly Insight’’ and they did not enjoy any smooth cash flows in their businesses as their materialistic colleagues because they refused to be bought by the fascist NPP government which wants to be told only what they want to hear, they proceeded to hear it, acted upon what they have heard’ as if it was the public opinion and then organize well attended press conferences to praise themselves to the High Heavens. This is Jake Obetsebi Lamptey, the so called democrat for you.

The AUTHOURITY BEHIND all the political harassment of the NDC ministers and leading members from 2001-2008 was president Kufuor himself who was and is still a vicious tribal bigot with his eyes green with envy, hate and vengeance.

The press, as the Fourth Estate of the realm DID NOT make good of their special responsibility to ensure that there was a viable and virile opposition so that democracy thrived from 2001-2008. Instead, they supported the then NPP government’s IMPOSSIBLE ATTEMPT to annihilate the formidable opposition party, the NDC with a view to creating a de facto one party state as the Hon. J.H. Mensah limited at. That would have been very dangerous for Ghana if they had succeeded in doing so.

Dear reader, these are the main reasons why I describe Ghana’s media Houses as the fake Estate of the Realm, most of them hate the truth because of sheer cowardice and opportunism, we are cursed. When the NPP won their UNDESERVED power in December 2001, ex-president Kufuor issued a directive through the ministries of Foreign Affairs and the interior that all former NDC ministers under Rawlings must seek permission before they could travel out of the country and there was a list at ALL the MAJOR EXIT points where innocent citizens travelling outside Ghana were STOPPED after they have been suspected of having NDC sympathies, and they were releared ONLY after CLEARANCE from the Castle, while others were prevented from travelling altogether.

Those who suffered under that directive include the following former ministers under Rawlings.

1. Kwame Peprah - Finance Minister

2. Kwesi Ahwoi - Chief Executive of Ghana Investment Promotion Centre

3. Yaw Boamah - Vice chairman of NDC

4. Dr. Ato Quarshie - Minister of Roads and Highways

5. David Adom - Commissioner of Internal Revenue Service

6. Simon Abingya - Deputy Minister of Mines & Energy

7. Fred Ohene Kena - Former Minister of Mines & Energy

8. Nii Adjei Okaini - Former CEPS Commissioner

9. E. L. Quartey - Former Managing Director of Ghana Airways

10. J. H. Newman - Chief Executive of COCOBOD

11. Tsatsu Tsikata - Chief Executive of GNPC

12. The late Edward Salia - Former Minister of Transport

13. Mr. Ken Dzirasa and several others.

In fact, what was ex-president Kufuor’s NPP government AGENDA for Ghana?

Answer; the imprisonment, elimination of leading NDC members and former ministers for the NPP to remain in power for 30 years, they lie bad. Mr. Obetsebi Lamptey, you have NOT SEEN ANYTHING YET, there are MORE TO COME, so simply shut up and stop breaking the ear drum of peace loving Ghanaians because what goes round comes around and what is good for the goose is equally good for the gardener. This is a tip of the ice-berg Madam Betty More Grease on your elbows.

It is a fact that whenever the NPP is in opposition and the NDC is in power, they see the world as a TRIANGLE, but when the NPP is in power, then the world becomes ROUND, how sad.

Jake Obetsebi Lamptey, come again, I am waiting for you and I will surely match you boot for boot, word for word and coma for coma, you will NOT be allowed to get away with your negative propaganda and treachery against the NDC this time round, because from Ghana’s independence in 1957, a period of 43 years, the NDC under J. J. Rawlings left a debt of only four (4) trillion cedis the NPP teased and mocked at all NDC members, but in only eight (8) of Kufuor’s NPP from 2001-2008, they let a 100 trillion cedis debit without even paying for TOR DEBIT. This is criminality of the highest order – shame unto the NPP.


All media Houses

Aluta Continua!


Clement Sangaparee

Municipal Organizer

United Cadres Front


Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement