Is it any wonder to see a traditional chief endorse Mahama

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Mon, 10 Oct 2016 Source: Adofo, Rockson

By Rockson Adofo

President Mahama is overtly, but not covertly, dishing out posh V8 cars and Chevrolets to some traditional chiefs across the length and breadth of Ghana in what clearly constitutes undue influence on them.

The acceptance of such cars by the chiefs who have subsequently declared their unflinching support for the President in his bid to seek re-election must understand their action to constitute a breach of law. They have accepted bribe from the President, if I were to be frank with them.

Why were the cars given to them in the first place? Why are the cars being given to them at the election period? Why do they declare their support for the President after accepting the car gift which is clearly a bribe?

Since the President, his NDC government and party have declared themselves as “Yen ntie Obiaa” and “Ye be dii bi keke” group of bandits who have total disregard for the laws of the land, I shall at the moment not show any interest in discussing the infringements they have caused, but the actions of the chiefs following their acceptance of such bribe-induced cars.

This publication is directed at the subjects of those paramount chiefs who have accepted freebies from President Mahama and have subsequently reassured him that the entirety of their subjects and themselves will vote massively to re-elect him for a second term in office as the President of the Republic of Ghana.

I would understand the chiefs voting for President Mahama because they have sold their conscience for cars. They have been bought over by the presentation of free cars to them as mentioned above. However, for them to assert with authority that their subjects will all vote for President Mahama is what I find completely bizarre.

How do the cars and other personal gifts accepted by the chiefs from President Mahama and the NDC benefit the ordinary subject walking down the streets on empty stomach? Does it make them proud that their chief is driving a posh V8 car while they are walking down the streets dripping with sweating in search of food to eat and a job to do?

I am sure no sane person in this modern world will be proud of that circumstance unless the person is still living in the Stone Age when Ghana was a total monarchy with chiefs having the power to behead their subjects or banish them from the land of their jurisdiction.

Dear Reader, if you were a subject of a King or a chief who has taken a car bribe from say someone, and he asks you to sing the praises of that person whereas the car does not benefit you in any way, will you do exactly as he has commanded you? I am sure you will not, regardless of the fact that he is your chief.

Similarly, will you go and cast your one and only fate-determining or life-changing vote for President Mahama because your paramount chief who has accepted a personal car gift from him asks you to do so?

Let us assume that Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, the inseparable “Yen ntie obiara” buddy of President Mahama gets more freebies from him. He often flies out of the country aboard the President’s brother’s jet. He has his daughter adulterously impregnated by someone from the presidential family. If such a King asks you, a poverty-stricken Ashanti subject, to vote for President Mahama, will you do as he has commanded you?

Why would you if you have no share of the personal benefits he is receiving? Therefore, all the subjects under the chiefs who have accepted car bribes from the President should not vote according to the directions issued to them by the chiefs.

You are all suffering economic hardships due to the poor management of Ghana by the President and his Ministers who are as well overflowing with corruption. As some people do overflow with wisdom, the chiefs are rather not only full to the brim but also, overflowing with foul corruption.

Most of the present day Ghana chiefs are a total disgrace. Unlike their ancestors or predecessors who have passed about a century ago, who were selfless and had the collective interests of their subjects at heart, some of these modern day chiefs are selfish and pure crooks.

I shall plead for the exercise of reasonableness when the subjects are casting their votes on 7 December 2016 to elect a President for Ghana. They should consider their personal or individual circumstances as well as their future and that of posterity before they cast their vote. They are not to do as their selfish bribe-taking chiefs tell them.

Lest I forget, about a week ago, I heard in the news that a paramount chief in the Eastern region keeps playing what is a game of “hide and seek” with the Member of Parliament for that area.

When the MP who is from NPP is inaugurating any project he has carried out in the area, the public will attend but the chief won’t even though, he is always invited officially. When the chief on the other hand is doing anything, whether it is a traditional festival or whatever, he does not invite the MP.

According to the news presenter following their investigations, the chief confirmed that a neighbouring paramount chief has been given a posh car by President Mahama so he too needs one. This is the reason why he is avoiding the MP in attempts to convince President Mahama to see him as a supporter or a member of the NDC to be influenced to give him a car.

Look at this rubbish. Indeed, such chiefs do not deserve the respect given to them if this is the way they are going to behave while their subjects are suffering in their majority. The subjects require selfless and credible leadership by our traditional chiefs and public sector servants, with President Mahama included.

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson