John Mahama Moves Into A Poultry Farm

Thu, 7 Feb 2013 Source: Sayibu, Akilu

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When former President Kufour deemed it extremely necessary to construct a Presidential Palace for Ghana, the NDC which was in opposition then, described that singular act as misplaced, unnecessary, bogus and wanton waste of state resources at a time Ghanaians were suffering.

To the NDC, it was most unpardonable for the NPP and Kufour to embark on that project when most Ghanaians could not afford the basic necessities of life. When the structure was completed leading figures of the NDC described it as a poultry farm and it was to be used exactly for that.

The truth however was that, the edifice was beautiful and well constructed to accommodate the Presidency. Propaganda however did not allow the NDC to move into the building.

The news now is that, President John Mahama whose election is currently an issue at the Supreme Court of Ghana has indicated that he will move government business to the edifice, which was widely termed a poultry farm, on 7th February 2013.

The question to ask now is that what has changed? Where are they going to put the fowls should they eventually take over the poultry farm? The other question is that, has the living condition of Ghanaians now improved? What I can say is that, the NDC and John Mahama are taking occupancy of the place at a time living conditions of the average Ghanaian has moved from worse to deplorable. Farming has collapsed, businesses have buckled, and parents are currently unable to pay their wards’ school fees, prostitution in on highest level in Ghana, fire-outbreaks on daily basis.

Nearly Sixty years after independence from our colonial masters, we are faced with both water and electricity rationing. Our roads are bad, teenage girls are being raped. The official information is that 10 girls are raped in Ghana every day!

People are dying because they can’t afford to pay their medical bills and the current news in Ghana is even that bombs are being planted at places in Ghana. There is massive corruption in Ghana and as of the time of typing this script some officials of the NHIS in the Northern Region of Ghana have been sacked and under investigations for “stealing” Billions of the old Ghana Cedis. This is the state of the country at the time John Mahama is moving to the poultry farm. Is he now the chief poultry farmer?

The NDC must apologise to Ghanaians for taking us for a jolly ride (credit Asiedu Nketia). They should be bold to tell Ghanaians that we lied to you when we assembled all those adjectives to describe the Jubilee House now Flag-Staff House as not only a death trap but a poultry farm.

In other words do those who took the decision to have John Mahama operating from that “death-trap” want it to collapse on him?

The lesson John Mahama and the NDC should learn here is that, if you throw a ball to a wall be ready to have it back to you and you alone. Thank God their propaganda has caught up with them.

And next time I am on that road I will stop to buy some fowls.

Akilu Sayibu

Email: Akilu.Sayibu@live.uwe.ac.uk

Columnist: Sayibu, Akilu