Is our president a colonial dictator?

Akufo Addo Ouattara Flagstaff The president should be told to fix our economy

Wed, 18 Oct 2017 Source: Azeko Razak

I have always known this. Indeed, a simple assessment of the President's demeanour would put you on same wave length. The grandeur, showmanship and dictatorship is glaring for all.

Sadly, the colonial master managed to leave an indelible mark in our sociopolitical governance. Look! Just plan a visit to a rural community in Ghana with a light skinned (white) person. In fact, prior to your visit, get the community information center announce your visit and see the number of children and adults alike that would line up to welcome your guest.

Are you then surprised to see our school pupils, teachers, ministers made to line up in scorching sun just to throw a wave at a visiting President? No! It is in us. That is our national psyche. Our President approves it. He enjoys the show.

These pupils were supposed to be in class learning. At least, lessons on the founder of Ghana. This is in my interest because of late, depending on the background of the pupil you ask this question, you either get a response like Dr. Kwame Nkrumah or DR J B Danquah. This implies our education needs quality face lift and not whole sale free.

As for the 110 family and friends they would continue to use our tax money irresponsibly. If I'm asked my opinion on parading ministers on the street to welcome a President of another country, I would say it is the weakest decision from a weak spine. It is a national disaster! I had a fair share of it at my own corner. A doctor friend of mine called from the Netherlands to mock me.

Prior to the 2016 elections, the commonest vocabulary was incompetent.

Majority of Ghanaians bought into this well preached rhetoric. So I asked if this was the competence they promised. Sorry! But it was deceit. The gross incompetence was first shown during his inaugural speech. You vividly remember what happened? Plagiarism. Hahahahaha

The president should be told to fix our economy, stem down his parallel forces (invincible forces), reduce electricity and water tariffs, and construct our roads and schools.

It is not surprising to hear any average NPP communicator wanting to link all our problems to free SHS. The current shape and form of the free SHS is not sustainable and lacks quality variables.

I solemnly pray that we individually get over this national shame. The president should also stop the showmanship and fix our problems.

Mr President, it is October and which past appointee are you prosecuting?

Ooh I understand the game. You are waiting for a special prosecutor? Just a gossip, the lawyers say you need a referendum to amend article 88.

Columnist: Azeko Razak