Is the African Union relevant?

African Union Relevance The importance and independence of its member states should stand tall and be fought for at any time

Tue, 28 Nov 2017 Source: Issah Fuseini in Effiakuma

Personally, I did not see the relevance of Africa Union (AU). The purpose of Africa Union is to achieve greater unity and solidarity between the African countries and Africans. To defend the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of its Member States.

To accelerate the political and social-economic integration of the continent. What integrity are we protecting now? Are we protecting our sovereignty and territorial as promised by the African Union? The number one priority of this Union was to protect the territorial bodies across African.

The importance and independence of its member states should stand tall and be fought for at any time.

The fight against these inhuman behavior must not be a duty of one country, it should be a collective and collaborated efforts of all Africa leaders to stand against the barbaric treatment melted out to our blood brothers on migration for greener pastures.

I called on the government to force Libya government to issue a statement of condemnation before any action could be taken.

One of the aims and objectives of Africa Union is "An integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa, driven by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force in global arena", the question to ask is, have these inhuman behavior or treatment towards African immigrants started today? Have they assessed themselves to find out whether they have achieved the above aimed.

If it is to gain respect, the AU needs to adopt clear parameters on what is expected of member states that sit in its councils.

Clarifying the parameters for democratic governance will enable the AU to reject or expel non-compliant members. More so the AU needs to send a message to Westerners and any would be aggressors that it is not just an annual convocation of lily-livered men but principled, independent leaders ready to defend their continent and member states from any aggressor.

The need for this cannot be over-emphasised given revelations coming in recently.

There are so many reasons attached to illegal immigration, as well as immigration in general, is overwhelmingly upward, from a poorer to a richer country.

[1] Reasons for taking a risk of living illegally in another country are not only the expected improvements in income and living conditions, but also the hope of eventually being allowed to remain in the country legally.

[2] as there may be a path to becoming naturalized .

[3] Living in another country illegally includes a variety of restrictions, as well as the risk of being detained and deported or of facing other sanctions.

There have been campaigns in many countries since 2007 discouraging the use of the term "illegal immigrant" because of it implications.

They are generally based on the argument that the act of immigrating illegally does not make the people themselves illegal, but rather they are "people who have immigrated illegally", that is why the law prescribed that when such people are caught they should be made to face the law rather than subjecting to instance justice.

In the United States , a "Drop the I-Word" campaign was launched in 2010 advocating for the use of terms such as " undocumented immigrants" or " unauthorized immigrants" when referring to the foreign nationals who reside in a country illegally.

So United State of America thought it wise to abrogate the word *ILLEGAL* and change the name to *UNAUTHORIZED*immigrants, what about Africa Union who are suppose to fight tireless for teeming youth who are caught on the trap.

Columnist: Issah Fuseini in Effiakuma