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Is the Ashanti Regional Minister a Liability or an Asset to NPP as a Party and a Government?

Simon Osei Mensah 009 Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei Mensah

Wed, 19 Sep 2018 Source: Rockson Adofo

From the persistent irascible character depicted by the Ashanti Regional Minister, Hon Simon Osei-Mensah, I am obliged to come out with this publication. Who should I ask, and who will answer, the question, “Is the Ashanti Regional Minister a Liability or an Asset to NPP as a Party and a Government?” He is noted for reacting spontaneously irrationally to situations otherwise demanding prudence. Such a behaviour has the potential to cost the NPP as a government and political party, the affection of many a discerning Ghanaian electorate.

He is on record to have stormed a church in an angry mood similitude of a male gorilla marking and defending its territory by knocking over a musical instrument. In a machismo manner unbefitting of a Regional Minister, he ordered the House of Bethel Ministries at Anwomaso High Tension to cease what he perceived as their noisy church service. Instead of behaving that irresponsibly, could he not have told them gently to reduce the noise, or called in the police to stop them if that was the lawful and mature way of getting his wish done rather than acting beastly as he did?

In another occasion, he sarcastically insulted some Kumasi market women analogizing them to the goat and finally suggesting to them to go and sell cocaine if they aspired to earn more money. Just a few days ago, when the Ashanti Regional NPP radio phone-in serial callers burnt their cell/mobile phones supplied to them by the party for being neglected since NPP came to power despite the tedious work done by them to help the party come to power, Simon Osei-Mensah who has outgrown his senses, acted in his usual ill-mannered way. In the end, he had the shameless gut to tell them and the nation that if he loses his job over their noisy agitation, he will not eat stone. This means, he is well loaded with fast buck so he will eat sumptuously till his last breath.

Who in Ghana or the world over that as poor as they are, eat stones for their breakfast, lunch or dinner? Does this man have any grey matter in his cranium at all, or does he think Ghanaians are his pot chamber that he can shit or piss into as and when he likes?

Should a politician talk like this, as though he is suffering from diarrheic farts? Does he care if NPP lost any future election? If he were to care, he would not at any least opportunity insult the intelligence of the very electorates that voted NPP to power to earn him his position that has bestowed on him power and money that he is using stupidly.

I, like many other persons, contributed my widow’s mite to help bring NPP to power because we needed a clean break from the corruption and insults that had become the baneful traits of the NDC. Subsequently, I find it difficult tolerating the repetition of same disgusting attitudes that resulted in the quest by Ghanaians to vote for a change of government from NDC to NPP.

I personally find Hon Simon Osei Mensah totally a misfit in his post as a Regional Minister. Therefore, His Excellency the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, had better sort him out before he causes irreparable damage to the image of Ghana and the electoral chances of NPP in any future elections.

He has absolutely no right to disrespect Ghanaians in the manner he is currently carrying about himself. Why is the President finding it difficult to discipline this wayward entity calling himself a Regional Minister?

The NPP radio phone-in serial callers’ action of burning their cell phones has my fullest support. How long will they stay silent to be treated in that inhumane manner of total neglect by the very people their sweat and toil helped to bring to power? I am happy that they have realised it is silly on their part to continue with that denigrating status quo hence BURNING the mobile/cell phones. Next time, they will exercise the power of their thumb to effect changes as they may see fit.

A word to the wise is sufficient.

I promise on my honour to be on the case of this irreprehensible macho man calling himself Simon Osei-Mensah. He must be ready for me. Should I ever hear him behave in his bushman’s mannerism, I will make sure he lives to regret the day that he was born. Enough is enough with his nonsense!

Columnist: Rockson Adofo