Is the NDC’s Brouhaha over Mills’ Sickness sensible?

Mon, 25 Jun 2012 Source: Adofo, Rockson

I get sick to my stomach when I read and listen to the submissions by some NDC sycophants on President Mills’ health. Such submissions of defence, accusations and counter accusations do not make sense in my ears. I suppose they do not make sense to any sensible person.

Many an NDC activist, sympathiser or guru has come on air to lambast the NPP flag-bearer, Nana Akuffo-Addo Dankwah, for wishing President Mills speedy recovery. They claim Nana Akuffo-Addo intends malevolence by wishing our President, His Excellency Professor John Evans Atta Mills speedy recovery. They assert President Mills has not declared to anyone he is sick but only that he was proceeding to the United States to attend a routine medical check-up. The understanding of these individuals hurling accusations all over the Ghana radio airwaves is that one only wishes the other speedy recovery when the patient has declared to them he or she is sick. Since President Mills has not declared he is sick, there was no need for anyone, regardless of their status, association and closeness to President Mills to express any wishes of speedy recovery under any circumstances to him. Whoever does so is simply being mischievous, they conclude.

From the above, an infant can even tell how senseless these NDC people awash in propaganda are. Let me pause to ask them a few questions before proceeding with my brain-piercing statement to prove how intellectually weak and nonsensical they are. If one goes round telling people he is going for a routine medical check-up in a foreign land, what does it suggest to you? Secondly, do we announce to the world when we are attending routine medical checkups? What is the intention of the person informing his compatriots he is flying outside the nation to attend medical checkups?

Do you travel overseas at the tax payers’ expense to do simple medical check-up where there are abundant doctors in Ghana to carry out such simple medical exercises? Unless it involves the use of special machines Ghana does not have, that so-called routine medical check-up must be performed in Ghana. If the person is paying for the cost himself or herself by flying overseas for the routine medical check-up, then in this case I have no objection. On the other hand if the check-up involves the use of a special machine of some sort, then the person is sick of some illness that requires expert’s scrutiny hence, the use of such special machine.

If you inform me you are attending a medical check-up whether routine or otherwise, without expatiating on the subject, my first impression is, you are suffering from some illness that needs monitoring by periodic checking. What then is wrong about me wishing you a speedy recovery?

For the attention of the reading public, it must be noted that individual’s medical history remains private but not that of the President. Ghanaians have the right to know at each moment the state of the President’s health.

President Mills has not been healthy ever since he assumed the presidency of Ghana. It is only a fool that prefers to behave like the proverbial ostrich who does not know about this. This is the reason why he has not been performing his functions dutifully to the expectation of Ghanaians. This is why every Tom, Dick and Harry in the NDC are usurping his executive powers and do not listen to his instructions. If he was strong and healthy enough, he would surely not allow for such weaknesses, corruption and lawlessness in his government and party. It is only common sense approach that you become nonchalant, getting less involved in activities in order not to worsen your health when you are not all that healthy. The more you involve yourself in strenuous daily or routine activities when you not healthy, the more you hasten your journey to the grave. President Mills from empirical observations has been stringently adhering to this good sense approach to things when one is not physically healthy.

The NDC can continue to live in the Fools’ Paradise, tickle themselves and laugh, practice cheap politics, they will be chased out of power come December 7, 2012 by the power of the people’s thumb. There should not be any sympathy vote for the NDC as corrupt, incompetent and lawless as they are.

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Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson