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Is the fear of a new voter register by the NDC justifiable?

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Thu, 6 Feb 2020 Source: Rockson Adofo

The NDC in their collectivity, led by their leaders of all shapes and forms of corrupt characters, in their usual preposterous vehemence, are crying foul when the Electoral Commission took a firm decision to organise a new and more credible voter roll for Election 2020 and onwards. They have sinc3e been organising public demonstrations and threatening to burn down Ghana should the Electoral Commission proceed with her avowed intention.

I can hardly get my head around what the objective of the NDC is, protesting against the noble decision taken by the Electoral Commission headed by Mrs Jean Mensah. I can only say that the NDC as a political party and a group of people are simply behaving stupidly, maliciously and criminally. Period!

What is wrong about compiling a new voter register devoid of the inundated irregularities as is obvious with the current one? At least, one thing I know as coming from the horse’s own mouth, Mrs Charlotte Kesson-Osei, Amadu Sulley, her Deputy for Operations or whatnot, was transferring illegal votes during Election 2016. What were those illegal votes for and where was he transferring them from and to where? Where from the said illegal votes and why and how did they become illegal? What was his motive for transferring such votes and who paid him to transfer them?

For the fact that illegal votes were transferred with or without the consent of the Chair of the Electoral Commission, as well as the Supreme Court ruling in favour of Abu Ramadan when he took the Electoral Commission to court seeking that the voter register that contains ghost names be abandoned for a more credible one to replace it, I can declare on these two reasons that the current voter register is not fit for purpose hence must be replaced.

Are the Electoral Commission importing or purchasing new biometric machines with facial and finger prints in-built recognition capability able to tell the members of NDC from other Ghanaians to tag them for rejection come election day? If there is no such incorporated mechanism or software to detect NDC people to deny them voting rights come election day, then I say all the arguments being advanced by NDC to reject the new voter register are neither here nor there.

Their fears emanate from hallucinations of the Akan saying, “Atwetwa mmene biara suro ayeya nnda” (Anyone infatuated with slitting people’s throat is scared of laying down flat on their back” or better put, “a criminal is always suspicious of others for being criminals or afraid of other criminals”).

The NDC faithful with their leaders including Abbas Nuruddin in Kumasi, Asiedu Nketiah, that criminal Samuel Ofosu Ampofo et al, are not making any sense to me at all when they say they doubt the credibility of Mrs Jean Mensah, the Chair of the Electoral Commission. What has she done to be doubted, if the NDC could answer me? Has she asked those to register people in May 2020 on to the new voter register not to register NDC people?

Has she ensured that a new super NDC-recognition-for-reject software is programmed into the machines to reject their votes on the election day? If none of these two possibilities is the case, then the NDC fear is unfounded and it is simply the culmination of their usual wickedness of winning elections through malpractices.

They are talking about the cost and how the money involved could have been used for something much better. What could be much better than having a genuine and more acceptable voter register that will be without ghost names, without names of foreigners who are not Ghanaians by birth or naturalisation and without multiple registrants? The new register is value for money in the long term if the NDC never knew that. Do they know that the government has a duty of care to Ghanaians as an employer has an obligatory duty of care to their employees? Ghana government will have to bear the responsibility of caring for hundreds of thousands or millions of people who are not Ghanaians but for the selfishness and wickedness of the NDC to win elections, they had registered on to the electoral roll and by default have become Ghanaians.

The NDC claim Mrs Jean Mensah is in bed with the NPP. This argument sounds silly to say the least. What has it to do with compiling a new voter register as long as every Ghanaian is invited to register their name on to it?

The NDC are seen not to make any iota of sense at all. Do they think they are born to rule all of the time? Do they think they are born to be heads but not the tails? Do they think they can continue to rule Ghana from the back seat, thus opposition? I bemoan the softness of the NPP for being overly democratic as though, they invented democracy to allow the NDC to perpetually fool about, flexing their corrupt muscles all of the time.

Finally, the fact that the current machines and the voter register have been used to elect the current government and the current Assembly Members with the claim that the election results were 99.9% credible do not negate the factual sense of calling for a more credible voter register. The fact that the machines are working but their brand has gone out of production is more than sufficient reason to declare them obsolete to call for new and more advanced machines.

I rest my case.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo