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Is the national democratic congress an ewe party ?

Is the national democratic congress an ewe party ?

Mon, 7 Oct 2013 Source: Amankwanor, Roland

(PART 1)

The New Free Press after a careful investigations spanning 6 months, talking to various Ghanaians in the political establishment and former June 4th movement members, cadres and socialists has come to the startling conclusion that the National Democratic Congress is a political party hugely dominated and controlled by Ewes and we make no apologies in making this assertion. The untimely death of Professor Kofi Awoonor has revealed the true foundation of the NDC and its dependence on the Anlo state for its existence and survival as a party.

The treatment and cold shoulder given to President John Mahama and the current plotting by members of the party to field an Ewe presidential candidate to restore to glory the domination they once held under former President Jerry Rawlings during the 19 year PNDC/NDC years gives credence to this fact.President John Mahama must really watch his back!

They are also mortified with the meteoric rise of Johnson Aseidu Nketa who is determined to end ewe supremacy and together with the Ahwoi brothers, form a Brong/Fanti/Sefwi/Gonja axis codenamed “Kalakuta” to control the direction of the party. In the words of Dan Abodakpi, it cannot be allowed to happen.

The roots of today’s NDC began with the formation of the Asigame protocol signed by Brigadier Kattah, Captain Kojo Tsikata and Professor Kofi Awoonor in 1976 after a failed coup against General Acheampong in 1975. After their release, they swore they would impose Ewe hegemony over the land and their opportunity came with their foot solider Flt Lt Jerry John Rawlings who was remote controlled by them for 19 years until they set him free in 2000 when the NDC lost the elections.

The New Free Press can reveal that there is a power struggle on-going within the well known and much feared Dzelukope, Woe,Kedzi Srogboe and Keta mafia on the decision by certain family members to bestow the future of the clan with the untimely death of Professor Kofi Awoonor who until then was the spiritual father and counsellor, to Koku Anyidoho, the former Head of Communications under President Mills instead of Afesti Awoonor. Koku Anyidoho is seen as the heir apparent to the future of the mafia and this has angered the likes of Dan Abodakpi, Kofi Portuphy and Sylvanus Tamakloe, a security operations official at the Osu castle. Most of them thought the honour would go to the son of Tsatsu Tsikata but he was rebuffed because he had chosen a career as a musician. Most also see Koku as Intellectually bankrupt and a buffoon who cannot mobilise the clan to mount any serious challenge to restore their domination of the NDC.

Sika Awoonor the daughter of the late Professor declined to be part of this saga as she who is looking after the business and commercial interests of Captain Kojo Tsikata and her late father Kofi Awoonor in Angola and South Africa.

The Anlo domination of NDC politics would not end as the new generation led by Koku Anydoho, Alex Segbefia, Kobla Fiagbe,Stanislav Yao Dogbe, Ludvig Hlordze, George Lawson, Eric Ametor Kwame, Sika Awoonor, Afesti Awoonor, Ezanetor Rawlings, ,Jeremiah Rawlings Jnr and many others are determined to control affairs of the party either from the frontline or behind the scenes

The naked tribalism in appointments, patronage and cronyism that existed during the years of Rawlings when the likes of Colonel Joshua Agbotui, General Arnold Quainoo Colonel Mensah Gbedemah, and the entire history of the NDC as a political organisation is a serious threat to Ghana as a nation state.

Also it has been noted that the NDC will never appoint any of its members to sensitive positions if one of the parent or grandparent at least is not from the Volta Region.

Another strategy over the years used by the Ewe NDC is to recruit members of Ewe extraction who have Akan names to give a semblance that they are broad based but they are still Ewe.

This sort of diabolical politics has been used over the years to marginalise Gas, Fantis, Ashantis, Kusasis, Guans, Nzemas and other Ghanaians from other tribes and use them as some sort of slaves to make up the numbers! This must be utterly condemned by all!

Stay tuned to part 2 as to how the National Democratic Congress manages to win elections in Ghana so easily and how the 20 year spiritual pact made with some West African neighbouring heads of states is affecting the fortunes of the country.

Roland Amankwanor

Alhaji Suraju Musah Mohammed

New Free Press

Kotobabi Abavana Down


Columnist: Amankwanor, Roland