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Is the popular and famous Ghanaian musician Kwame A-Plus such an Idiot?

Aplus 800k Kwame Asare Obeng

Wed, 30 May 2018 Source: Rockson Adofo

I truly like people who stand up tall to be counted on issues that affect their individual, or the collective, interests and human rights of them as a people and a nation. I like them more if they stand up to bullies, corrupt officials and individuals who think and conduct themselves as if they were born to lord themselves over others as they like when they like.

Kwame A-Plus has been one of such bold persons who expresses their views without fear or favour. However, he marvels me by some of his statements which have begun to raise doubts in my mind about his level of intellect, integrity and his social and political aspirations.

I am supportive of him when he comes out audaciously to challenge those in higher positions he perceives, or he is convinced, to be masterminding and orchestrating corruption in Ghana to ultimately cause the downfall of Ghana as a nation and a people. However, to make it one’s duty to slander people at the instigations of such people’s political or personal enemies is the height of stupidity. Therefore, for Kwame A-Plus, a maverick Ghanaian musician to come out to say that some NPP members were waking him up in the morning in the heat of Election 2016 asking him to maliciously defame then President Mahama tells me how idiot, naïve, ignorant and a complete illiterate he is.

He is able to compose nice songs but he lacks the ability to reason intelligibly as a person but to succumb to the manipulations of others. For saying that he sees no reason why the Communications Minister, Mrs. Ursula Owusu-Ekuful, is threatening to sue him whereas upon all how he maligned then President Mahama, it never occurred to the President to threaten him with a suit tells how little-minded, unintelligent and complete idiot Kwame A-Plus is as far as I am concerned.

Why did he become so easily maniable to be used to peddle lies about the former President if that is what he means to tell Ghanaians? The fact that the former President did not sue him does not mean that he has the right to continue peddling lies and his seeming stupid antics about/on anyone with impunity.

He comes across as a disappointed person who could not achieve his aimed objectives with the advent of NPP to power. I cannot tell if he had a secretly signed contract with the NPP to be offered something if they won but the NPP have failed to honour their part of the agreement hence taking them on, and to the cleaners at the least opportunity.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully support him for taking on corrupt politicians but he should be mindful of not to assassinate their characters if they have done no wrong. If he knows that one has indulged in some nefarious activities because of their status as highly-placed politicians or whatever, then yes, he can hold them accountable. Nevertheless, to accuse people for the fun of it, or hoping to get away with such allegations of falsehoods against them if that is proven to be the case, is just too silly of him.

He is a young man so I have the duty to chastise him and then to allow him to drink from my overflowing fountain of wisdom. Subsequently, I shall advise him to make sure whatever he is saying against or about anyone is the truth that when he is called upon to prove it, he will be able to. If he has any contract with NPP, he must find a better way of going about getting them to honour their part of the terms of the contract. He can continue to take on the corrupt politicians using the social media and his songs, for that he has my blessings. He should not allow people to push him around to defame others when he knows what is saying about those persons is not the truth but absolute lies to please others. He is old enough to think for himself and must know that the very people who incite him against others will abandon him when he lands in hot waters. He must be mindful of what he says and does. He should not allow people to dictate to him as to what to do and say about other people at his age of about thirty plus years.

I wrote this article when I turned on my computer and found the contents of the underlying web link on Ghana web this morning, Wednesday, 30 May 2018 headlined, “You are a thief; I will not apologise - A Plus to Ursula Owusu”.


Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Rockson Adofo
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