Is there any sane person in the NDC folk?

Wed, 22 Feb 2012 Source: Adofo, Rockson

I have lately been suffering from sleepless nights all because I am cogitatively seeking answers to the question, "Is there any sane person in the NDC folk?" I shall welcome answers volunteered by discerning Ghanaians to help solving my nightmarish determination to finding whether or not the NDC as a party, or a group of persons, abound in intelligent persons or is overflowing with complete fools.

One may wonder why I have come to inflict such needless insomnia on myself. It is all because I am obliged to solve an enigma at all costs. The enigma is the title for this write-up. As you will bear me out, enigmas are always difficult to solve hence the excruciating pain, constant scratching of head and ruffling of hair that I have brought to bear upon myself.

The NDC top brass with their multitude of foot soldiers are apparently confused. They are wandering aimlessly about in the political wilderness. They are no different from the confused rivers meandering in the Amazon forest like a slithering serpent with its head freshly severed. They are as though groping in the dark searching their way out of the political mess they have themselves caused.

The NDC party Chairman, Dr. "Nana Okum Kra" Kwabena Agyei claims to possess information about ongoing irregularities in the NDC. He believes the revelation of the information can disintegrate the party and affect President Mills' government woefully. The recently expelled Attorney General, Martin Amidu, of the Gargantuan Crimes infamy, also has information enough to send cold chill down the spine of the NDC, particularly, President Atta Wayo Mills. President Mills claims to have had no advance knowledge of the payment of that gargantuan GHC58 Million judgment debt to "Swindler" Alfred Agbesi Woyome. Little did Mr President know that Economic and Organised Crimes Office (EOCO) was going to expose his lies sooner at their sitting in a broad daylight? Twice, the liar tried to block the payment but in vain because he is just a puppet and is sleeping at the oars.

Bernard Allotey Jacob asserts on air to be privy to damaging information about Auntie Ama Benyiwa Doe, the Central Regional Minister. Allotey says for the sake of the NDC party, he will withhold the information from the public domain as its revelation has the potency to chase the NDC out of power. Has that information partly to do with the allegation that she fed her husband rat poison (nkura aduro)? Just a few days ago, the four musketeers, Ato Ahwoi, Kwamena Ahwoi, P. V. Obeng and Totobi-Kwakye, the irresponsible corruptive driving force behind the wheels of the screeching-squeaking NDC government, made their own infamous assertions. People from within the NDC are accusing them of various crimes of which if they refuse to desist from, they, the named musketeers, will defend themselves by revealing incriminating information. The list of NDC people claiming to possess damaging information on NDC but refusing to reveal them is growing rapidly.

Some NDC goons who are but a lot of fun entertaining Ghanaians with their, if you do no stop doing this, I will tell the public that, mentality. All that intelligent people can make out of the NDC is that they stink of corruption. They are inextricably mired in corruption. We have to help them out of the murky corruption in which they are stuck and still sinking deeper and deeper without any attempt to wriggle their way out. They love being corrupt.

The NDC folks, who after engaging in dubious acts and it backfire on them, always come out crying foul. Ghanaians should join me to obtain the supposed secret information from the persons who by their dubious actions are costing Ghana millions of gargantuan money.

Not all those assiduously lying to help President Atta Wayo and his bunch of corruptible entities to win re-election are sane. They need their heads re-examined in case they are having tumours in their brains. Why should any normal person with enough grey matter in their skulls dare campaign for the most corrupt government in Ghana's history to win re-election?

Many Ghanaians think information is expensive so they are trying ignorance hence accepting the lies the NDC are churning out.

Please join me to say, "Atta Wayo beko, obeko opposition".

Rockson Adofo . .

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson