Is there not a cause to rant?

Wed, 6 Dec 2017 Source: Ace Anan Ankomah

Ace Anan Ankomah traces the happenings in this country in which we live in it through the years. In these pages are a compilation of some of Ace’s thoughts, arguments, discussions, suggestions as well as an outright venting of his spleen on the bizarre deeds we are sometimes obliged to be watch, by virtue of being in this geographical location. Ace does not mince his words nor hold his fire on the things everyone wishes someone would confront.

Is There Not A Cause…To Rant? is not your usual or regular book. The book is divided into four parts. The first part deals with multifarious issues that demand our attention in the nation of Ghana. The areas of discussion travel the continuum: from what you expect to what you did not imagine. You will understand when you start to read.

Part Two of the book presents brilliant speeches the author delivered to different and unrelated graduating students. This section seems to reverberate Proverbs 24: 6 that “by wise counsel thou shalt make thy war,” and will be part of the multitude of counsellors in which you will find safety. Each speech has a different flavour, yet they all remind you of the author’s personal mantra:

If others sit, stand. If others stand, stand out. If others stand out, be outstanding. If others are outstanding, be the standard. In the third part of the book, we are ushered into poetry full of emotion! This author must be a wordsmith, you’ll say! This may well be your initiation into loving poetry.

Part four is a bank of Ace’s reflections and debates on serious topics emanating from education, history, and leadership. He also gets into deliberations on both local and foreign politics. He takes us on a journey into his mind to give us a tour of his thoughts on various issues. My guess is that, even if you do not agree with him, you are likely to appreciate his thoughts.

Unquestionably, this unputdownable book is an intricate potpourri of blocks of knowledge, explanations of complex legal and constitutional issues, a pointing-out of the obvious, a revelation of the not-so-obvious political and leadership matters we are confronted with, and a persistent nudging not to allow ourselves to let what we’re blessed with as a nation decay. This mélange of intelligent thoughts is delicately threaded together with humour as well as a clear desire to tease.

You will encounter a few local Ghanaian phrases as you go through this book. Some are slang and others are rendered in local Ghanaian languages. They are phrases best rendered in those languages and I’m sorry for those who may not be able to appreciate these phrases; so spiced for effect. Methinks there couldn’t be better phrases where they appear.

In answer to your ‘may I rant…’ question you so often pose: a resounding ‘Yes, you may!’ … and for all you do for God and country, “Gratias Maxime Agimus.”

Columnist: Ace Anan Ankomah