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Is this sheer idiocy or 'show off' bravado on the part of NDC to field James Gyakye Quayson for the Assin North Constituency parliamentary by-election?

James Gyakye Quayson James Gyakye Quayson

Sun, 4 Jun 2023 Source: Rockson Adofo

Barely had the Ghana Supreme Court declared the position of James Gyakye Quayson in parliament as illegal hence null and void, then called for his name to be expunged from all parliament documents, barred from carrying himself as parliamentarian representing Assin North Constituency when the NDC resolutely determined to field him on their ticket to contest for same Constituency’s by-election.

He was found to have been holding dual nationality, owing allegiance to both Canada and Ghana at the time of filing his nomination forms to contest for the Assin North parliamentary seat in the 2020 general elections. However, the 1992 Ghana Constitution for the 4th Republic of Ghana does bar anyone owing allegiance to any country other than Ghana, from becoming a parliamentarian in Ghana.

There has been a precedent where the late Adamu Daramani Sakande (Hon.), a member of parliament for Bawku Central Constituency in the Upper East Region of Ghana, winning the 2008 election on the ticket of NPP, was not only removed from parliament but prosecuted and jailed for holding a dual British and Ghanaian citizenship at the time of filing his nomination forms with the Ghana Electoral Commission to contest for the parliamentary seat.

As of writing, a criminal case has been filed in court against James Gyakye Quayson following the Supreme Court’s directive to have his name removed from parliament and barred from conducting himself as a member of parliament.

While the criminal case against him is pending in the High Court, the NDC by their nonchalance and porous understanding of the law, has decided to field him on their ticket to contest the by-election of Assin North Constituency come about as a result of his removal from parliament as stated above.

If the NDC feels that Gyakye Quayson is now a full-blown Ghanaian citizen owing allegiance to only Ghana because of the current successful renunciation of his Canadian citizenship hence can contest for the same seat regardless of the criminal charges pressed against him as are pending in court, I can only pray the court to expedite the trial of his case.

Is it not foolhardy on the part of the NDC to field Gyakye Quayson while a criminal lawsuit has been preferred against him following the breaches of law he committed to contest and win the Assin North Constituency parliamentary seat in the 2020 general elections?

The Constitutional law broken and the case reference or precedent cited above, are too evident and strong enough, to find Gyakye Quayson guilty and send them to jail as happened to Adamu Sakande who suffered deterioration of health in prison, and was consequently pardoned but died later.

If everyone is equal before the law and without selective justice being practiced here, then Gyakye Quayson should surely suffer the same jail fate as Adamu Sakande, but minus death.

Finally, where lies the wisdom of the NDC and their supporting Civil Service Organisations (CSOs) and their so-called academics and legal luminaries, when allowing Gyakye Quayson to embark on the descent of the slippery slope of contesting for the same seat, knowing the criminal charges pending in court against him?

The court should not be seen to be dithering but rather hurry to prosecute and pronounce judgment on the case.

What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

Damn the NDC and their lawlessness! Damn the NDC and their harmful propaganda! Damn the NDC and their abundant lies!

Rockson Adofo, the proud, fearless, and wise son of Kumawu/Asiampa soil, has expressed his candid opinion which he believes same to be right!

Why can’t Ghanaians for once be honest and bold enough to call a spade a spade?

Columnist: Rockson Adofo