Opinions Fri, 12 Jun 2015

Is this the africa we hope for?

Africa! Africa! Africa!!!

My heart bleeds for this great continent of ours. As I look to the south, north, west and east, I ask whether Africa has a future. Is this the continent that we inherited from our forefathers? What crime has Africa committed? Is Africa truly independent? These are questions that tickle in peoples mind anytime they hear about Africa. I do not believe this is the continent we inherited neither have we committed a crime but simply our leaders are just figureheads with no authority to take decisions on their own.

We often hear African leaders say “the future of Africa is bright”. I am tempted to ask “When is the future?” 20 years ago we were told the same thing and we still hear the same old story from our leaders today. Why is the brightness and prospect of Africa not now?

African leaders have sold the sovereignty and resources which others fought for to the western world. The most surprising is the exchanging of their independent ways of thinking for money. African leaders have failed in addressing the numerous challenges facing the African continent. All that people know about Africa is poverty, war, killing, and diseases. If things must work again in Africa, the youth must rise and fight the injustice that has bedeviled the continent. The youths are no longer the future leaders as they are made to believe. They are the leaders of today not tomorrow. The youths must rise and get involved in solving societal problems for the betterment of Africa and the world at large as there is no better time than now.

Africa is not dead but rather asleep. No foreigner will wake Africa from the long sleep. It is the duty and responsibility of the indigenes of Africa. The continent has all it takes to develop and become a purely independent continent.

Long Live Africa



UG student

Columnist: Adanya, Evans