Is your cell phone bugged?

Sun, 17 Nov 2013 Source: Quaye, Stephen A.

Are you aware that most of these touch screen phones that have flooded the electronic market of late does not provide any sort of protection for you the user?

Yes, no security because there is no privacy period.

If you doubt my claim, then let me ask why the German Chancellor Angela Merkel called the U.S. President Barack Obama to demand explanations over reports that U.S. National Security Agency [NSA] was monitoring her mobile phone as reported by The Guardian newspaper in October 24, 2013?

Again if you doubt my claim, then what made the French president Francois Hollande to express his deep disapproval amid claims that American spies secretly listened into 70.3million private phone calls in France over less than one month?

President Barack Obama has assured Angela Merkel the German Chancellor that her phone will not be monitored says the white house.

This was in reaction to claims reported by Miami Herald newspaper that U.S. surveillance of the German Chancellor’s phone calls started way back in 2002.

Alleged bugging or tapping of cell phones of 25 leaders in the world by NSA was recently revealed by leaker Edward Snowden which has created questions about trust between affected world leaders and their American partner.

Here you go as I can see you nodding your head to give indication that you now believe cell phones can not provide full security because there is no privacy.

The just dismissed deputy communications minister, Victoria Hammah, has blamed her cousin for recording her conversation on telephone secretly. That could be possible because we are in advanced telecommunication technology age.

But what she failed to tell the whole world was whether she was aware that someone was watching her. In fact whether a big brother somewhere was spying on her and listening to her conversation as alleged NSA spies did to 70.3million private phone users in France.

Who listened to her conversation, why did the person listened to her phone conversations and by what means the conversation was recorded?

Either by a tape recorder or through her smart iphone we need to know since there could be a possibility that some one listened to her conversation and leaked it.

Victoria Hammah has to call for further investigation to get to the bottom of what has become common in Ghanaian politics as VIKILEAKS as to that of America’s WIKILEAKS by Edward Snowden.

By what means the conversation was recorded, the question will drill deep to find out what type of telecommunication device she the minister used. Is it an ordinary flip phone like my from the dollar store or 1 MILLION DOLLAR latest iphone that made her have the whole world in her hand?

Latest complaints by many users of smart phones has it that those touch screen phones or electronic devices are either connected to a satellite whereby registering your phone number a code is entered that makes it accessible by intelligence capos who eyes and ears are wide open.

Do not take my word for it that I am aiding suspected criminals with guidelines as to how to outwit the peace officers. Far from it.

But you will remember that after the assassination of the late fugitive Osama Bin Laden by U.S. Navy Seal, one of the stories that came out was that Osama Bin Laden was able to hide from America and the whole world because he never came close cell phone, laptops or any sensitive electronic device that could be used to monitor his movements.

To conclude, let me give you empirical evidence that with touch screen phone, iphone you could be easily traced, monitored and apprehended if wanted that do not provide security for users.

A Scarborough dentist Sheryl Lipton accidently forgot her iphone in her car when going for a run when thieves smashed her window and stole the phone.

She called Toronto Police for help but to no avail as they were “dismissive” of the situation. Then she remembered she had Find my iphone enabled and managed to track down her stolen phone to the shops at Don Mills Mall, as told to the Toronto Sun newspaper.

“I went online and located my cell phone at the shops at Don Mills”, she said. I called police and told them the situation but they said that there was nothing they could do. I explained the situation and the location of the phone.

“As I approached the mall, the WI-FI indicated the person or persons had left the mall and were now across the street she said. The find my iphone app showed me exactly where the phone was and there were three men in their 20s or 30s, some over six feet tall lurking in the lane way of an apartment building, shaking hands and one getting into a vehicle.”

Lipton approached the tree men and demanded her iphone back and one of them admitted they had purchased the phone for 80 dollars earlier in the morning. She showed them the knew pass code to unlock the phone, the men knew it was hers and gave the phone back to Lipton

with all these information given you, you must be careful about what type of phone you use in this advanced technological age, know how to use those phones and be alert that a big brother somewhere might be watching and listening to your conversation so watch who you talk to and what you say.

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Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.