Isaac Osei CEO Cocoa Board -Matters Arising

Sat, 29 Sep 2007 Source: Mensah, Yaw

Now the man with the terrible derivative writing style has made his point and has few questions for Edward Oduro, the self-styled Public Relations Officer for Isaac Osei. You have bitten more than you can chew on this one, I can assure you.

Question 1 - I have today met Mr George DRAH, who was the Subin Constituency Secretary at the time mentioned in your response and enquired about Isaac Osei's membership since 1992, Uncle George categorically says he has never met Isaac Osei. Hmm, nsem beba dabi. VETTING AWAITS YOU.

Question 2 - Why didn't H.E. Isaac Osei get the UK & Ireland to issue him with a new membership card? Why did he have to wait till being recalled? Or was it because he decided to pursue the MP ambition enroute to being recognised by the party?.

Question 3 - Nana Otuo Acheampong of Ghana Review Fame is an NDC sympathiser according Ampratwum Sarpong, former London Chairman, that's why Ampratwum boycotted Nana mother's funeral and urged fellow members to boycott it? Why didn't Otuo Acheamong include the London branch on the list of Associations on the funeral brochure? Please do not bring yourself.

Question 4 - Where was Isaac Osei born then? You appeared quiet on the subject, Edward Oduro.

Question 5 - Isaac Osei can contribute all the COCOBOD money in Subin, the delegates will reject him because they can see through him as a political opportunist. Others have contributed before him. The current Subin executive have been taking money and gifts from everyone who dares express an interest in the seat. Go to SUBIN and find out, that's why they were almost kicked out in the last constituency elections.

Question 6 - On the gentleman you referred to in your last paragraph as also aspiring to contest Subin, be rest assured that we are fighting him too and he has not responded to our emails yet for fear of being battered before the real contest. We are aware of his quiet campaings in the constituency. Why does Isaac Osei think it is that particular gentleman behind my crusade against him.Did you offend him during your tenure as the UK envoy? Perhaps, we would contact his supporters to find out what he has against you. I will debrief you on anything I find from that camp when you reply to my second letter.

I wish to inform Isaac Osei that, it was the garrulous Kwaku Ampratwum-Sarpong, aspiring Mampong MP, now posted to somewhere in Asia because he is so shallow, who was discussing Isaac Osei's treatment of him as London branch Chairman last July in Accra to some NPP gurus. I was in the next room eavesdropping on the conversation, so advise your boss Isaac Osei to watch him with eagle eyes, wo kyen wo yonko a, wo tan wo. Stop targetting the innocent on this, aboa bi beka woa, na efiri wo ntoma mu. A WORD TO THIS WISE IS IN THE NORTH.

Also, you said if Isaac Osei should decide to contest tthe seat, he would annex it. You did not sound too certain about him standing. Advise him to stand and not to quake in his boots. WE WILL TEACH HIM SENSE.

To set the the record straight, I AM WHO I AM and very concerned about Isaac Osei and his ilk, that is all. I attended Bekwai SDA Secondary School and completed in 1982. Entered Prempeh College for my sixth form. My mother is deceased and hail from Ntonso in the Kwabre district. I reside at Ward 7 in the Subin Constituency and attend ward meetings regularly. I AM A PASSIONATE SUPPORTER OF THE INCUMBENT MP, HON S.K. BOAFO. S.K. BOAFO FEELS BETRAYED BY YOUR CLANDESTINE ANTICS TO UNSEAT HIM, THE ORGANISERS BRIEF HIM EVERYDAY AFTER MEETING YOU. THE CONSTITUENCY EXECUTIVE ARE ON THE TAKE, SO WATCH OUT.


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Columnist: Mensah, Yaw