Islam has nothing to do with terrorism so let us be weary of Argent-Provocateurs

Mon, 18 Jan 2016 Source: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku

"The president sounded tired yesterday because he is feeling the shock arising from the serious backlash the decision to bring these al-Qaeda terrorists in Ghana has generated; it is clear his security chiefs gave him an advice which was short of how ordinary citizens were going to react. Again, these two people should be kept completely out of public view/engagements and must never be made to speak on radio again" – Dr. Kwesi Aning [tv3 news360@7pm, 13/1/16].

Insensitive media encounter

Now, when these al-Qaeda mass-murderers were granted interview by Radio Ghana, I described it as an act of "UTTER FOOLISHNESS, UNRESTRAINED STUPIDITY and CRASS DISRESPECT TO THE SENSITIVITY of good people of this country"; and this is exactly what Dr. Aning has reiterated. The presence of these two Guantanamo al-Qaeda detainees in our country, has got people seriously worried and I expected that they were kept completely out of public view and total media black-out perpetually placed on them.

I even used the media strategy the British government adopted in dealing with the Irish Republican Army [IRA] at the height of the conflict over Northern Ireland, where there was total blackout on activities of Jerry Adams-led Shin Fein[the armed wing of IRA].I believe the British government adopted that media strategy because IRA was considered an armed insurrection organization whose activities were causing the loss of British lives so a coverage of their activities in the media was considered as the height of insensitivity to the British public.

Ghana’s rudimentary security apparatus

Appearing on Wednesday, 13th January,2016 edition of Joy-FM’s news/current affairs programme, ‘Top Story’, the information officer at the US-Embassy in Ghana, Sarah Stayly, said the US government is confident that the security apparatus of Ghana is capable of dealing with “VERY LITTLE SECURITY THREAT” these two al-Qaeda terrorists pose. What this invariably suggests is that, indeed, these two terrorists who have been clandeinstanly imported into our country, are not harmless as being touted by the president and his horde of insipid propagandists.

So the question then is; with all their highly sophisticated security infrastructure, both the American Senate and Congress, including very representatives of Barack Obama's Democrat Party, voted overwhelmingly to reject Guantanamo al-Qaeda mass-murderers into their communities because these terrorists pose great risk.

On the contrary, with our rudimentary security network which is totally incapable of keeping track on movements of even ordinary Fulani cattle herders, we have imported such al-Qaeda mass-murderers into our country at the complete blind-side of both the parliament and ordinary masses.

Religious bigotry

Now, following the Christian Council's expression of grave concerns over importation of these al-Qaeda detainees into Ghana, there have been counter arguments by some Muslims scholars, which have largely been along the lines of clash of religious beliefs.

Unquestionably, such a development is not a healthy one and I would advise that the debate is tackled, purely, from nationalistic perspective, completely devoid of any dint of religiously bigotry. The good people of this country have always co-existed, peacefully, irrespective of our diverse religious and ethnic diversity and we don't have to do anything to disturb this enviable record.

Indeed, these Guantanamo al-Qaeda mass-murderers are not Muslims but mentally-deranged demons. I therefore urge our brothers/sisters who are adherents of the PEACEFUL RELIGION OF ISLAM, to make the clear distinctively distinctive distinct distinction, in this regard, and reject the deliberate, shameless and wicked attempt by NDC elements to infuse religious tension into the raging storm over the terrorists they [NDC] have clandestinely imported into our dear country.


I would also like to take this opportunity to advise those who might be harboring any intention of hiding behind the current raging storm over these two imported al-Qaeda terrorists, with diabolic motive of inflaming religious tension, to think twice because the matter is a very sensitive one and a possible fall-out might spill out of control.

And to the media, a great deal of circumspection must be exercised at all times. Reckless acts of sensationalism where premium is always placed on screaming-headlines at the detriment of silent developmental issues, which has unfortunately become conterminous to the measuring-rod for popularity of media outfits and their programmes, must be checked with utmost alacrity.

Terrorism is not Islamic

To my fellow Ghanaians of the PEACEFUL ISLAMIC FAITH, my very humble piece of advice shall be: never fall prey to any of these radio presenters who lack the intellectual capacity to focus on critical issues affecting the very socio-economic existence of Ghanaians, and therefore always love to hide their ignorance behind a veil of pitching together, people with sharply divergent views on matters, with expressed purpose of knocking heads together and generating unproductive heat in the process.

Our common-goal

Indeed, as Ghanaians, we have a common-goal [destiny] of building a peaceful, safe, prosperous and equitable society for ourselves. Our views on matters may differ, from time to time, but that is what makes us human with our thinking-cups very much in-place since we shall cease to be a functional society, the very minute we all start thinking the same on every single issue.


Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei

Aide to Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-addo

[The NPP Flagbearer]

Columnist: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku