It Has Not Been Easy To Be A Columnist Part -2

Sun, 19 May 2013 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

“Ghanaians must have the COURAGE to STAND UP against the EVILS of the Society – If you see people in high places doing something WRONG – report them with out hesitation to the appropriate quarters for ACTION to be TAKEN, but before that, the reporter must MAKE SURE HE IS CLEAN HIMSELF – Ghanaians have been sleeping for far too long CLOSING THEIR EYES TO A MULTIPLE OF EVIL perpetuated against THE STATE by the people at the HELMS OF AFFAIRS. Ghanaians must be bold enough to point out the mistakes of their leaders when they WERE STILL AT POST and not the UNPARDONABLE MISTAKE of being able to say WHAT, WENT WRONG when the SINNER WAS OUT OF THE SCENE”- Who said this? The World President J.J. Rawlings then Chairman of the AFRC Military Junta – see “Daily Graphic – 22nd and 23rd June 1979.

Today, 2013 such Reporters or informers would be sacked outright if they do it because the Boss who you are sending such reports to him for action is himself extremely corrupt – some C.D.R members were sacked for such patriotic reportage and nothing happened to date. Some Bank managers at the Bank of Ghana who RESISTED THE STEALING OF OLD CEDIS during the re-denomination of the cedi in 2007 were sacked while the unlucky ones were shot dead by President Kufour’s DEATH-SQUAD in 2007 before the NPP thugs looted billions of cedis from the Bank of Ghana.

Ah! Hmmm! – The Rest is Now History since the late President Atta Mills told NDC members to LET IT BE and that was it.

I believe it is now TIME TO PASS THE RIGHT TO INFORMATION BILL so that we take care of extreme corruption in Ghana.


When the PNDC decided to return the country to civilian rule in 1992. All ministers of state and their deputies, All Regional and District Organising Assistants of CDR’s were PAID THEIR EX-GRATIA AWARDS excluding those of us at the District Regional and Zonal Secretariat, of the erstwhile C.D.R’s who actually DID THE DIRTY JOB for the PNDC and acquired PERMANENT ENEMIES but did not bring a single PESEWA to our homes. Therefore, in January 1994, I wrote a powerful Article Thus: Rawlings’ House Stinks – FIRING SQUAD OF PNDC MEMBERS LOOMS IF …………..A CONCERNED CADRE PREDICTS. This was the headline on the front page of the “New Spark” Capt Tsikata telephoned Mr. Kwame de-graph Adjei who was the then DCE for Obuasi to enquire about the writer and asked whether I was for the NDC or an opposition member, Kwame Adjei did not mince words when he told him that I am a June 4 cadre, and currently Head of the Arbicom Department since 1983 to 1992 and that I was on secondment from the A.G.A LTD who is very disciplined, principled, honest and strict. The matter ended there.


During the 1996 general elections, I was watching the then candidate J.A. Kufour on his campaign trail which was covered by GTV, but within 2mins the NPP was TAKEN OFF THE SCREENS OF GTV.

However, 5 days later, Jerry Rawlings was also shown on GTV on his campaign trail, and for 6minutes, he was still campaigning through the GTV until 10 minutes before he was taken off the screens of GTV. Do you know what? I quickly drew my pen and wrote to tell Rawlings and the NDC that the GTV belong to ALL GHANAIANS AS well as ALL POLITICAL PARTIES, BUT IT DOES NOT BELONG TO THE NDC OR RAWLINGS since it was not fair for them to treat the NPP that way- of course, “Daily Graphic” flatly refused to publish it for fear of severe reprisals – I went ahead and sent it to the Dare Devil- Mr. Eben Quacoo of the “Free Press” and he splashed it on the pages of his newspaper and gave me a 2feet Editorial on top – He released the story 2days before Rawlings visited Obuasi on his campaign trail. Come and see, a bunch of sycophants including the DCE furiously took me on saying – withdraw the article – “You are against J.J”.- I shot back, - I should withdraw what article. Who is against J.J? I will not withdraw a single word from that article rather, I was going to add more and since the President will be visiting Obuasi, the DCE must lead me to him because if the GTV had not covered the rally of the NPP, how could Ghanaians know and hear what Dr. Nyaho Tamakole and the NPP had in store for Ghanaians when he stated thus: “Tell Rawlings that if he wins the 1996 elections, Ghana will be in flames – on GTV – 1996? Unpublished in a News paper called the “Private Eye” No.219 in 1996. All those who attacked me in 1996 vanished in to tin air in 2001 when the N.D. C. lost the election. Yet, another NPP leading member threatened thus: Even in an ocean of BLOOD, the Alliance would march to the Castle- Charles Biney – see “Daily Graphic” -23rd Aug. 1996. With these explanations, I silenced those sycophants in the Obuasi NDC one Touch. The then Vice Chairman of the NDC in 1996 who also attacked me later defected to the NPP in 2003 when President Kufour visited Obuasi saying that he (the NDC man) has now seen the light.

(3) On the third issue; I replied Dr. Bilson, who was showering underserved praises on the late “General” Afrifa in the pages of the “Triumph Newspaper” – and all of a sudden, the family of the late “General” led by one Mr. T.E. Attakora of P.O. Box 117, Mampong/Ashanti threatened fire and brimstone by declaring WAR on ME, thinking that I was just an ordinary party supporter of the NDC led by Jerry Rawlings and I gave him the shock of his life when he even threatened court Action against me on the front page of the “Triumph newspaper of 22nd – 28th Sept, 1993, accusing me for CASTING A MISCHIEVOUS SLUR ON THE REPUTATION OF THE LATE “GENERAL” AFRIFA BECAUSE HE WAS” INNOCENTLY MURDERED” ACCORDING TO HIM. Mr. Attakora and his family were rather shocked when I gave them a FITTING REPLY AND DARED THEM TO DECLARE THEIR SO-CALLED WAR ON ME AND WE ALL SEE. Did they know the number of innocent men, women and children including my three uncles and my father in law-General Bawah who were shot dead in that bloody coup de’tat led by Brigadier Afrifa who led the coup together with Col. Kotoka both of whom promoted themselves to FULL GENERALS OF THAT C.I.A. Sponsored, UP backed illegal coup that overthrew the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah? Well, I was an adult and a Young Pioneer Cadre from 1959 – 1966, so I am not a small boy for anybody to threaten me with Court Action whenever I publish the truth and mention the names of their relatives DEAD OR ALIVE – Didn’t some Asante Chiefs organize a Huge Durbar after that bloody coup an decorated “General” Afrifa as an “Okatakyie”- to wit, a warrior for rather murdering hundreds of innocent men in uniform, women and children when he named his Military Junta as the National Liberation Council which was a THROW BACK to the murderous National Liberation Movement based in Kumasi and chaired by the Senior Linguist of the Asantehene from 1954-1956? I went on further to tell Mr. Attakora who wrote that war like article on behalf of the Afrifa family that I have NOTHING AGAINST THEM, but I knew their late son, Brigadier Afrifa who staged Ghana’s first most bloody coup de’tat on 24th Feb. 1966 and was even decorated by some Asante Chiefs with the title Okatakyie” – to wit-a warrior and went on to SELL OUT 68 FACTORIES built by Dr. Nkrumah which were all in full operation in Ghana under Dr. Nkrumah’s CPP government from 1957-1966.

These factories were all sold to the U.S.A whose C.I.A operatives master minded that bloody coup de’tat in Feb. 1966.

He went ahead to dismantle the Gold Refiney set up at Tarkwa which was 90% complete at the time of Nkrumah’s violent removal from office because Dr. Nkrumah was on their Necks that was what Afrifa stated in his book entitled “Operation Cold Chop.

Readers would like to know, on whose necks was Nkrumah sitting on? Answer. The Asante Akyem politicians who are now leading the blood soaked tribal grouping called the NPP today 2013. As a former Young Pioneer Cadre, I had and still have a very BIG PROBLEM with “General” Afrifa even though he is dead and gone to HELL of course, and this is because, as a former Head of State, he once belonged to the STATE until he disgraced himself and FACED THE FIRING SQUAD in June 1979. My rejoinder to Mr. Attakora and his family members was published on page 2 of the “Triumph” newspaper dated October 5th – October 11th 1993 where I told the family members of the late “Gen” Afrifa that I was not going to withdraw what I wrote about Afrifa today, tomorrow, the day after, the morning after and forever-The matter was put to rest that year. Why, The whole Asante/Akyem politicians leading the NPP are professional COURT POLITICIANS and that explains the reason why they have rushed to the Supreme Court expecting the 2012 elections to be overturned in favour of their TRIBAL WAR LORD ON WAR PATH and this MAY RATHER LEAD TO NOWHERE. When General Afrifa handed over to Dr. Busia in 1969 on a silver platter after Busia contested the “1969 elections” against his own shadow and won in a “landslide” – Afrifa later became a Member of Parliament for Asante Mampong in 1969.

My 4th encounter was with Nana Obiri Boahen of the NPP who wrote an abusive article about me with the heading” Sangaparee’s Bunkum and Balderdah” which appeared in the “Guide newspaper”- I read that article in 2001 when Ex-Prez-Kufour, the tall liar just took office and descended heavily on him too and the matter ended there since I never heard of Nana Obiri Boahen again.

Before then, I had earlier clashed with Mr. Kakra Essaumah, his brother Collins Essaumah, Kweku Baako Jnr. The late Lawyer Obeng Manu- a.k.a Mandela.

The Right Rev. Asante Antwi, the late T.H. Ewusi Brookman-former Editor of the “Pioneer” in Kumasi the late Samuel Ennin, Mr. Haruna Atta of the “Statesman” – now Editor of the “Accra Mail” – The foul mouthed former Ashanti Regional Minister who have just been relieved of his post and succeeded by Comrade Samuel Sarpong currently on transfer to Cape Coast when the minister once said that He could not work with Rawlings Boys – I asked him to Resign because the late Pres. Mills was imposed on the NDC by force in 1996 by the very Rawlings he did not like. Sir. Dr. Sam Jonah-NPP financer and my former C.E.O,. The late P.A.V Ansah of the University of Ghana. Infect when he died, I attended his funeral at Saltpond and visited the famous 29 Prabew Street” at Saltpond under disguise because I would have been swallowed ALIVE by the political cannibals in the NPP if I had identified myself to them. I however ate and drunk with them while most of them were complaining BITTERLY about the articles I have been writing in the pages of the “Ghanaian Voice” they never knew that they were dinning right there with Clement Sangaparee – their TORMENTOR at Saltpong.

Once again, I clashed with Kofi Coomson, Publisher of the “Ghanaian Chronicle” who will never pay his workers well but splashed over 3 billion in his bid to become a parliamentarian and the NPP ditched him at the Constituency primaries in Takoradi– you do all these while your workers suffer with their meager salaries- why oh! Why – Mr. Coomson?

Therefore, I am not a kid and will never be a kid if some people with chains of degrees decide to gang up and attempt to threaten or intimidate me simply because they are Professinal Lawyers, hopeless former Presidents like J.A. Kufour the tall liar, or some fabulously rich chiefs in the country who will not treat their subjects fairly but rather decide to wade into politics – if you do that to me in the political arena, I will make MINCE MEAT of you no matter who you are, and finally send you packing with your tails in between your legs running fast away from my presence NEVER TO RETURN. This is because chains of degrees does NOT MAKE ONE A GOOD AND SERIOUS POLITICAN, If it were to be so, then Dr. K.A. Busia would have TURNED GHANA AROUND in just 2years because of his academic records, but he messed up the country and had to be booted out of office by the Military in 1972 is that clear? So what are these shameless, vicious, tribalistic and visionless Asante/Akyem politicians talking about instead of honouring themselves by accepting a belated defeat by congratulating our Baby faced President of the Republic of Ghana? Before I conclude this article let me remind the NPP that: What is coming, is coming, and what will happen, will happen after the Supreme Court judgment. The NPP is very Excellent in opposition where they rightly belong, so let them remain there for another 30 years or more.


Sycophancy has been one of the most DEADLY VICES since the era of Kwame Nkrumah of blessed memory, it led to his violent overthrow on 24th Feb. 1966, “General” Afrifa stepped in his shoes after being paid millions of US dollars to overthrow him-he later suffered not only from sycophancy but sabotage on top which led to the killing of “Gen” E.K Kotoka by Lt. Arthur, Moses Yeboah and co in April 1967. Dr. Busia suffered the same fate when he paid himself 5 years salary advance in 1971 and dissolved the Trades Union Congress (TUC). “General” Acheampong suffered the same fate when he became a National Womaniser between 1977-78. Gen. F.W.K Akuffo overthrew Acheampong in a Palace Coup but had to also suffer the same fate because he could not stop the massive corruption within the Ghana Armed Forces because he was himself very corrupt. Former AFRC Chairman J.J. Rawlings took over in one of the bloodiest coups against the Military on June 4, 1979 and succeeded in cleaning the MESS halfway before handing over to Dr. Limann in Sept. 1979 but quickly had to come back to form the PNDC government in December 1981 and finally brought Ghana to democratic rule in January 1993. What is now happening among NDC members in Accra and the various Regions within the great NDC party in government? Most ardent NDC members and cadres are being injected again with poisoned Pull Him down Degrees, amidst the manufacture of fat lies, vilifications, wild allegations, character assassinations and what have you just to satisfy their selfish ends- Let them Bring it on and it will soon fall flat on their innocent faces. Why should we fight like crabs in a bucket after the sweet victory of the NDC in 2012. These characters MUST CLOSE THEIR RANKS for the 2016 one touch victory or have themselves to blame in future. Can the president employ all the over 5 million people who voted for him in 2012? It is just not possible, so let us be ware or vicious sycophants in the system. Enough is Enough.


You see, in discipline is an UGLY VICE and it grows to its APEX when people placed in responsible positions and who are expected to exhibit MATURITY and HIGH SENSE of JUDGEMENT COUNTENANCE SUCH POSITIONS. The NPP is Ready to kill people for power whenever they are in opposition. So you must be ware of it.

All NDC members must close their ranks and help the President to remove thousands of STREET CHILDREN FROM THE STREET instead of adopting Pull Him Down Tactics Among ourselves for if we are in power and are still behaving this way, what do we expect the NPP to also do? As for these street children, THEY EAT WHEREVER THEY FIND FOOD AND- SLEEP WHEREVER NIGHT MEETS THEM. HOW SAD? Is anybody Listening? I am done, “Jaanbie Iwaii” - “Aluta Continua!









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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement