It Has Not Been Easy To Be A Columnist Part -3

Mon, 20 May 2013 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

If you see people in high places DOING SOMETHING WRONG, report them without hesitation to the appropriate quarters for action to be taken, BUT before that was done, THE REPORTER MUST MAKE SURE HE IS CLEAN HIMSELF-J.J. Rawlings – June 22nd 1979.

It is un ethical, ungodly and very shameful on the part of those who go on air and broadcast unsubstantiated allegations against innocent hard working Ghanaians just because they are your political opponents. For heaven’s sake if you have NO PROOF, please never go on air to destroy the hard won reputation of any Ghanaian.

If you have no proof, never publish falsehood against any Ghanaian just because you know HOW TO WRITE and grab a pen to publish TRASH, FAT LIES and false statements in order to cast a slur on your political opponents. A clear example is what I read in the “Daily Graphic”- Saturday March 9, 2013 where the Fast Track High Court has imposed a GH¢68,000 fine on the Editor of the Ghanaian Lens newspaper for DEGRADING THE IMAGE OF A FORMER MINISTER OF DEFENCE, DR. KWAME ADDO KUFOUR. The court also gave the Editor 30 days to RETRACT and APOLOGISE ON 3 OCCASSIONS for defamatory remarks he made against Dr. Kwame Addo Kufour where he is reported to have stated on ADOM FM- a private radio station that Dr. Kwame Addo Kufour was nick named “20%” who demanded and received 20% OF ALL CONTRACTS AWARDED AS KICK BACKS. These are the main reasons why I am strongly advising columnists in the social media to avoid publishing falsehood against our political opponents without ANY PROOF you see, power to the people will forever remain A MERE SLOGAN until the long oppressed masses legitimately seeking SOCIAL JUSTICE and ECONOMIC FREEDOM learn to INSIST on their Social, economic and political rights without looking up to the so called PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS calling themselves DEMOCRATIC INTELECTUALS who can easily BRING MANNA from heaven in less than 2 years after being elected into office. Whatever gains that the 31st December revolution HAS ACHIEVED as the civilian President of Ghana will be meaningless unless societies, institutions, Youth Clubs and revolutionary organs in particular take a cue from the former revolution leaders and help the SECURITY AGENCIES, especially the Narcotic Control Board to fight and expose drug barons and other criminals since we live in the same communities with them instead of remaining CRIME SYMPATHISERS by becoming APATEHTIC in this country.

The security Agencies notably the Police, CEPS, the Army, Immigration, BNI, NACOB all ACT ON INFORMATION IN ORDER TO COMBAT CRIME in the COUNTRY and ABROAD in order to enable sleep after a hard day’s work and go about doing your business and other economic activities daily without looking over your shoulders because of FEAR.

At times, I meet several people who always say that “Politics Is A Dirty Game, so they don’t like politics. This is ignorance because EVERY HUMAN BEING IS A POLITICIAN UNTIL HE/SHE DIES AND IS BURIED because the struggle for EXISTENCE in this world is in itself POLITICS and that is the reason why we have the slogan “WE ARE ALL INVOLVED IN BUILDING THE FATHER LAND. Good government will never come about through EXTERNAL PRESSURE; it requires Justice, equality of opportunity and choice. These things can only come from WITHIN A COUNTRY and each country MUST DECIDE for itself exactly how it is to be achieved. The most important thing is THE PEOPLES WILLING NESS TO CHANGE and take the best ideas from what ever source and apply them where and how they WORK BEST. Frankly speaking, every objective columnist have to step on BIG TOES and I stepped on one of such BIG TOES IN 2010 or there about, and for the purpose of this article, I will call him Mr. First Man who was a Deputy Chief Executive Officer of a very large corporation since 2009. He was loved by over 90% of his employees including this writer. Then one day, he was invited to deliver a lecture organized by his POLITICAL RIVALS who had wanted his POSITION. While addressing the people, his tongue slipped and he condemned the behavior of his workers who were being maltreated by some Junior managers of the giant corporation and they started speaking ILL of him for over 3 weeks. This writer then went to Accra and booked an appointment with the CEO but for 3 days I could not Get him. Do you know what I did? I came back to Obuasi and wrote what I had wanted to tell him personally in his Accra office and within 2 days he was scheduled to visit Obuasi to address a durbar organized by chief’s in his honour – The Damba Festival, he could not come but he sent Hon. Rashid Pelpuo, the MP for Wa central – that is also the constituency of his writer based in Obuasi. After the durbar, my MP told me that the Deputy CEO told him that I have written a very POWERFUL ARTICLE AGAINST HIM, I REPLIED THAT the Deputy CEO, Mr. First Man is a powerful man, and so he deserved that POWERFUL article, because immediately he read that article, he never condemned the AGIGTATING WORKERS OF THE CORPORATION UNTIL HE NOW BECAME THE FULL CEO OF THE LARGE CORPORATION to the surprise of MOST GHANAIANS who never thought he could soon be promoted to that position by the Board of Directors of the giant corporation in 2012 to finally become the FULL CEO in the corporation.

I am however, very happy that he took my rich advice in good faith because I never hated him and did not write that article out of malice at all, more so, he is a cadre as well as his new deputy CEO, so more grease to his elbows and may God bless him most abundantly. The second clash was when I wrote in 1991 that the CDR’s was a MASS POLITICAL ORGANISATION in the pages of the “Pioneer with the late Ewusi Brookman as its Editor. This man questioned the erstwhile PNDC Chairman to confirm or deny what I wrote and Rawlings did not mind him at all. Yet the third clash was to do with the late Samuel Ennin together with Mr. Joseph Boampong, former MCE of Obuasi under the NPP administration as well as Mr. Oduro Sabriga, former Headmaster of Christ the King Secondary School and we started the first Newspaper Review in Obuasi and whatever I said on air was always read on air as a headline news the following morning to the annoyance of Mr. Sam Jonah former CEO of AGC and the NPP financer, not knowing that I was rather digging my own grave as I was denied by promotion for so doing. Why somebody should be punished for his political beliefs.


The C.D.R’s projected NONENTITIES to FAME and dressed KNOWN CROOKS with SAINTLY GARBS all in the name of National Reconciliation, but what do we see today under the NDC with the late Prez. Mills as the then leader of the NDC. Mills did no Evil, saw no Evil and heared no Evil while some political vultures descended heavily on former cadres (the erstwhile CDRs) like carcasses. We all suffered to bring the NDC to power and ALL DOORS WERE CLOSED TO THE CADRES with some later day saints in the party bragging and boasting all over the country – saying. You are a Rawlings Boy- you wont Get anything etc. etc. and the Obuasi MCE even had the guts to report this writer straight to the National Security that I was rather destroying the NDC in Obuasi just because he is personality supporting his childhood friend who is the Constituency Organiser in Obuasi to divide the party which he succeeded in dividing leading to the NDC losing both seats in Obuasi- as most branch Executives refused to meet the Parliamentary candidate of the NDC during the campaign if he should come along with John Ackah – the organizer Mr. John Ackon the MCE is a dishonest serial liar who can lie through his teeth, and because of that, nobody will buy his name for GH¢1.00 because of his extreme greed and divide and rule tactics ever since he became MCE in May, 2009 as he will always see something BLACK and decide to call it WHITE. For all you know, I don’t write by heart, I don’t cast a slur against peoples hard won reputation but what is wrong is wrong no matter the political persuasion of the one who did it. He will go down in the annals of Obuasi NDC history as the first MCE to destroy the party in Obuasi since its inception in 1992. To be brutally frank, the great NDC was cruising to a very Humiliation Defeat under the late President Mills if he were to be alive in 2012 and the political criminals now leading the NPP would have taken over and used the OIL MONEY TO CORRUPT THE MILITARY, THE POLICE, THE JUDICIARY, THE MEDIA, THE PUBLIC AND CIVIL SERVICE and RULE GHANA FOREVER. Therefore anybody in the NDC who is NOT COMFORTABLE with the articles. I have been writing in the social media have NO LOYALTY to the NDC and his loyalty to the great NDC should be questioned since we now have people who are HALF NPP and HALF NDC in the party who pretend to be ardent NDC members who are prepared to die for the NDC just because the NDC is in power. This is false.

Had President John Mahama not emerged as the Presidential Candidate of the NDC to lead it to victory, the party would have been in the process of writing its handing over notes by now with GUNS POINTING AT THE LEADERS. for who will suffer insults, work a round the clock for the party to come to power only for all doors to be closed on them, while most Constituency Executives as well as some MMDCES fall over each other to destroy cadres who are the foundation of NDC? When Rawlings launched the 31st December Revolution in 1981 and wanted young men and women to join the Peoples Defence Committees (P.D.C’s) and Workers Defence Committees (W.D.C’s) in 1982 – those who could NOT STICK THEIR NECKS OUT TO BE COUNTED AS P.D.C’s and W.D.C’s are today behaving as if those of us who sacrificed to built the NDC for them to join later are now useless- They lie bad. This is the reason why I stated that it has not been easy to be a columnist.

President Mahama upon his confirmation as the Presidential Candidate of the NDC after the death of Prez. Mills, quickly recognized the important ROLES played by the cadres in the party and used them – he again appealed to most floating voters, as well as most Youth Groups in the country and all these led to his easy victory after 3 months of hectic campaign, he did not even have time to visit several constituencies after electrifying the great NDC in 2012 but he won in a ONE TOUCH style to the annoyance of the ever determined, ever aggressive and violent tribal warlord always on war path who was SO OVER CONFIDENT of winning the elections and becoming Ghana’s President. How could Nana Akuffo Addo campaign on the TAINTED LEGACY of that HOPELESS President who handed over unwillingly to the late President Mills in 2009? How could he campaign on the tainted legacy of a so-called President who used the Judiciary to ILLEGAL jail his political opponents in the NDC only to pardon all of them after they have all finished serving their jail terms just because his Asante/Akyem Party, the NPP had lost the 2008 elections? The NPP leadership were so stupid enough to expect the people of Volta Region to vote massively, for them after the NPP government had jailed prominent lawyers, MPs and public servants from that Region after using the judiciary to prefer false charges on them only to release them after they had served their jail terms with one of the Hon. Victor Selormy even dying in prison. Yes, I hail from the Upper West Region and I am based in Obuasi since 1973 – to date 2013, but I ensured that the NPP had 6 votes in a cluster of villages adjoining my village which is just 5 miles North of Wa the Regional Capital. Those 6 people who voted for the NPP are those who have been stealing our cattle, sheep, goats and fowls for sale all the time. NO TRUE NDC MEMBER WORTH HIS SALT WILL FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE IN READING MY ARTICLES ever since I started writing as far back as 1984 to 1992 and continued up to 2013, so if you hate my articles, simply remove your eyes or burn the sea and if you like you can go to Hell as the corrupt military Heads of State did on June 1979 at the Teshie Military Range. Is that clear?

If you can eject your landlord from his own house that he built, then you can also remove the cadres from the NDC. Is anybody listening? I am done, “Jaanbie Iwaii” - “Aluta Continua!









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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement