It could have been worse

Kobina Ansah White Kobina Ansah

Fri, 28 Sep 2018 Source: Kobina Ansah

Some situations can make us feel worthless. Circumstances can make us lose very ounce of hope we ever had. We imagine how much trust we have lost in people. We think about where we could have been. We compare what our peers have been able to achieve to ours and it makes us feel left behind. Truth, however, is that no matter what… life could have been worse. Cheer up.

The story is told of a man who was involved in a ghastly accident and rushed to the hospital. His family was by his bedside when he regained consciousness. They had so much pity for him. Guess what. With the little strength within him, he whispered, “It could have been worse.”

Awestruck, his wife whispered back, “You almost killed yourself. Your bones are fractured. You have bandages all over.” He smiled, “As long as I have life, it could have been worse!”

Once in a long while, we ought to encourage ourselves that no matter how bad our situation is, it could have been worse. Despite how hard times may be for us, we need to pat our own selves in the back and say, “It is well. It could have been worse.”

A pending divorce? A pile of unpaid bills? Broken dreams and shattered aspirations? Well, it could have been worse. It always could have been worse than what it is now. Encourage yourself. Cheer up and move on.

No matter what, our bad will always someone’s best. Our bitter situation is, at least, someone’s dream. So… when it has all been said and done, we ought to be grateful to God, cheer up and forge on.

Your faulty, rickety car is someone’s dream. At least, you could start your dream for it to fail. Well, another elsewhere has never been able to start hers because there is no capital. Where you are today, at least, is her dream. You lost a parent and are so broken over it? For your information, some orphans never met their parents!

I have come to appreciate this basic life principle of “It could have been worse”. No matter the vicissitudes, I should be able to smile. No matter the storms, I should be able to calm myself down, whispering, “Charlie! It could have been worse!”

If you lost a great deal of money in a business venture, fret not. It could have been worse. You could have lost your life. Regardless of how bad your circumstances are, always know it could have been worse. As long as you have life, you haven’t experienced your worse yet. You can still dream again. Life has many chances. You can still take one.

No matter how bad what happens to you is, imagine the worse of it. That could have been you right there. Always cheer up because it could have been worse!

We can’t control what happens to us but we can control how such affects us. We can’t control life but we can control its effect on us. We always need to make a conscious effort not to make life’s happenings get to us. No matter what happens, we can only smile because it could have been worse.

When we approach life with the mindset that nothing can break us down, whatever regardless, we always will be victorious. Whatever life throws at us, we should be able to walk over them because the worst has not yet happened. The tears. The regrets. The pain. They all could have been worse.

When we fret because we expected things to get better, we should also know that those same things that happened could have been worse. When you get disturbed because of some promotion you were denied, note that it could have been worse. You could have been sacked all the same. Whatever happens, we still need to forge ahead anyway.

Our lives could have been worse than what it is today. Our governments could have been worse. That bad marriage could have been worse. That bad job could even have been worse. Strive to be better. However, on your way to better, remember where you are now could have been worse.

Strive to have a better job. However, each month you receive that measly salary, be grateful. It could have been worse. All another person elsewhere has been praying for for the past years… is an appointment letter; any appointment letter. That job may be your worst. It’s, however, another’s best.

As long as there is life, there is this hope for things to get better. Even if they don’t, don’t give up on yourself. Don’t give up on your dreams.

When bad situations come knocking at your door, go open it up. Smile and face them squarely. It could have been worse that what it is.

Columnist: Kobina Ansah