It is only by grace

Gracee3 Without the grace of God, one will always toil or labour in vain

Tue, 28 Nov 2017 Source: Simon Aikins

Sometimes I wonder why and how I am still alive and enjoying life to the fullest. Man has been through struggles in the last few years but I am able to sleep very well as though there was no tomorrow. I may not be enjoying an opulent and impeccable lifestyle but there is always joy like a river in my soul every blessed day I wake from my tattered mattress. What is the source of my joy? It is none other than the Almighty God. He has been my strength and saviour in all situations.

You were involved in a gory accident and almost all the passengers either lost their lives or sustained various degrees of injuries but you came out unscathed, i.e. no fractures nor even a scratch. Do you think it is by your strength?

In your family, all the women either marry late or end up as spinsters the rest of their lives. Those who even get married, are divorced halfway through the journey and others to are not able to give birth. You married early and to the man of your dreams, enjoying your marriage and giving birth for fun and with ease. Do you think it is because you are more beautiful?

There is a vicious disease outbreak on your continent taking the lives of people and your country is spared knowing very well that it would be very difficult to contain the outbreak if it befalls your nation. Honestly, do you think your country is well placed than others?

Many companies are folding up due to our ailing economy. Retrenchment is on the ascendency. Your company is on the verge of folding up and some workers have been sent home and you know you are the least qualified but you are still at post. Are you better than them?

You applied for the same job with people who are more qualified and experienced than you but you were offered the job. It is possible you did very well at the interview session but do you think you were extremely better than the others?

I believe we have achieved certain things we know were beyond our imaginations. Have we wondered how we were able to surmount such obstacles? We have been aided by a hidden hand and that hand obviously belongs to God. It is by His grace and mercies that we are where we find ourselves. Honestly, you look at yourself now and wonder how you have been able to climb higher in life as against your humble beginnings. You can have all the academic credentials, riches, beauty and fame but without the grace of God, you will always toil or labour in vain. May His grace locate you wherever you find yourself.

Columnist: Simon Aikins