NDC: The Way Forward After The Sunyani Congress Part 4

Wed, 12 Oct 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Those who now pledge their unflinching support for president Mills and even swear to die with him were the very people who suggested that the NDC must conduct an Emergency Congress because Mills was a sick man and they were praying for his death in order to READ lengthy TRIBUTES measuring five feet at his funeral grounds, praising him to the High Heavens as a Great Statesman but since they were not God, the man recovered and bounced back to win the general elections in 2009 which shocked Kufour’s NPP that they are still dazed since 2009 to date 2011. It is very dangerous to be a sycophant because all those who gained immensely from Rawlings are his No. 1 enemies today. Every true Cadre or die-hard NDC member in this country has a TRACK RECORD. Jerry Rawlings single handedly chose Prof. Mills because of his extreme patriotism and honestly when he was heading the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Cadres who resisted the action of Rawlings were dumped in BNI cells and military guard rooms to whip them into line. Comrade Goosie Tannoh boldly broke away and formed the National Reform Party and the NDC lost the 2000 elections. Again, in 2004 Dr. Obed Asamoah packed thousands of NDC “T” shirts in a big ware house and refused to release them to be distributed to party supporters while urging NDC Supporters to campaign for their members of parliament since Mills was Not a winnable candidate, and the NDC lost that election Too, but finally our determined professor again contested the 2008 election and won with a small margin of 40,000 voters. Here too, Dr. Obed Asamoah came out to publicly support the NPP’s Nana Akuffou Addo. Professor Mills in his campaign trail since 2004 have suffered dearly in the hands of the violent prone NPP to such an extent that electricity were always switched off on the instruction of NPP DCE’s to prevent him from addressing party supporters. He was undermined in 2004 at Ho when he wanted to use the Volta Star Fm to thank the Voltarians – the NPP announced an un heard of term called “Political Off season”- that was the first time since I was born that I heard such a queer term from the mouth of a vicious President like J.A. Kuffour of the NPP.

If you are in opposition, you go to the people and convince them by telling them what your party will do better than the in cumbent government and if you are in government, you then explain government policies to the people in order to remain in power, but this is not, and can not happen because of infighting – some of us did not know the reason at all – for the Party was more united in opposition not knowing that the DIS-UNITY, POWER STRUGGLE, Character assassination was the result of the attempt by the TOP LEADERSHIP OF THE NDC WHO ARE STRUGGLING TO DEFINE ITSELF as a party independent of personalities and SAYING THAT THEY MUST FIND A WAY OF to manage THE POLITICAL FORCE OF RAWLINGS – I beg to ask, is that part of the NDC party manifesto? How did that issue crop up in 2008 at all? What are the motives of this suicidal agenda? Let me point it out to you that the NDC is very lucky to have Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings contesting the sitting President otherwise the NDC was rather going to face a very humiliating defeat in 2012.

The 10 Regional Chairmen were all deceiving and misleading the President that all is well, while the opposite was the case while the NDC was dying slowly like an AIDS patient and would have died never to resurrect again unless 50 to 60 years time because that Militant Anarchist leading the NPP would have systematically wiped out the NDC by any means necessary because they don’t believe in democracy, they only believe in vindictive tribal politics since 1951 to date 2011, I mean members of the Danquah Busia tradition which is todays NPP now in opposition. As we continue fighting each other like crabs in a bucket in an attempt to find a way of managing the political force of Rawlings which is impossible – the NPP is fast making in roads in their campaign for their 2012 “All Die Be Die” election. General Mosquito and his group must stop their impossible agenda and reconcile with Rawlings and the NDC to win the 2012 election without any Run-Off.

We must Retire Nana Akuffo Addo in 2012 to enable him to go and relax at Kyebi under a shady tree and start licking his “All Die be Die” injuries forever because unlike the NDC, these power hungry NPP leaders will never allow him to contest as their flagbearer again in 2016 at all. The President was compelled to travel through out the whole country to campaign and he really saw what was happening at the grassroots, so the party must rather congratulate Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawllings and we Hit the ground running for election 2012. Nobody hate Mills or his appointees, so why this acrimony in the Party?

We must blame the NDC leadership because posterity will not forgive them if they close their eyes, plug their ears and seal their mouths and allow the NDC to lose in 2012 as people are bitter, disillusioned and helpless just because of the leaderships’ impossible attempt to “manage the political force of Rawlings – we never gave you such a mandate- stop it and we reconcile and re-organise the NDC for the task ahead in 2012.


I read a banner headline in the “New States man” – an NPP mouth piece with the title “Mills under Fire” – When I read it, Mills was quoted as saying that the nations politics is very polarized and ethnically divided and that the “Great Ashanti Project” is terrifying” the NPP Youth Wing wanted President Mills to explain what this so called “Ashanti Project” was and what it is made up of to the extent that it terrifies him. The Kumasi Asafo, Anloga, and Sofoline interchanges have been terrifying him. That is the answer – case closed

I am done “Jaanbie Iwaii” Aluta Continua






Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement