Open Letter to Dr Obed Asamoah

Tue, 11 Oct 2011 Source: Bediako, Alexander

Open Letter to Dr Obed Asamoah, the Life Patron of DFP

Before I proceed with the substantive issue I would like to “welcome” you back, Dr Obed Asamoah. Congratulation for passing a successful resolution that allows you the opportunity to rejoin the NDC, ‘home sweet home’. Also I will like to refer you to the story told by Eric Blair (George Orwell). I mean the story of the Animal Farm. In that story Old Major narrated his dream to the rest of the animal family. They were inspired and encouraged and hence took the advice of Old Major and eventually overthrew the ‘corrupt’ human regime of Mr Jones and his associates. All other events that followed, whether good or bad were attributes of Old Major’s dream to its fellow animals.

Our status today as an NDC party really started on Tuesday 15 May 1979 and was initiated by Flight Lieutenant J. J. Rawlings. He was arrested, tried and sentenced to death by firing squad. Rawlings was released from cell by fellow men in the military who shared in his vision for the country Ghana. That day was Monday 4 June 1979 and within four months the country was handed over to civilian administration headed by Dr Limann on 24 September 1979. The Third Republic was formally inaugurated in Parliament House in Accra.

The very reasons for which the revolution took place started showing their ugly heads just over two years into Limann’s administration and on 31 December 1981, like Old Major, Flight Lieutenant J. J. Rawlings had this to say:

“Fellow Ghanaians, as you will notice, we are not playing the national anthem. In other words, this is not a coup. I ask for nothing less than a Revolution, something that will transform the social and economic order of this country. Fellow citizens, it is now left to you to decide how this country is going to go from today. We are asking for nothing more than popular democracy. We are asking for nothing more than the power to organise this country in such a way that nothing will be done from the Castle without your consent and authority of the people. In other words, the people, the farmers, the police, the soldiers, the workers – you, the guardians – rich or poor, should be a part of the decision-making process of this country”

When all these were happening, when people’s life were at risk, where were you Dr Obed Asamoah? Your attitude could only be described then as those of Benjamin in the Animal Farm. NDC could not have been formed without these events. In fact, these events eventually gave birth to the NDC as we know it today. The Founder is Flight Lieutenant J. J. Rawlings, whether you like it or not. Who are you coming to fool? Do not let our effort to consolidate unity among rank and file of the party degenerate. If your coming back to the NDC is not genuine, then you must rethink because you would face a fierce resistance.

It is important to note, as you make these unguided comments, that the evolution of contemporary viable democracy in Ghana today was started by an action of a single man and supported by ordinary men and women for political space and voice. Please if you want NDC to move forward then you will be welcome. Without you we have survived but I also believe you have contribution to make but your first pronouncement is unhelpful and unfortunate. I hope you will not take my anger at you personal but as your watch word for the rest of your stay.

By: Alexander Bediako.

Columnist: Bediako, Alexander