It’s a lie to say in Ghana every President is given 8 years in office

President John Mahama Sworn In President John Mahama

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 Source: Adofo, Rockson

There is a false campaign message in dissemination throughout Ghana by the NDC that in Ghana every President is given two consecutive four-year term in office. This information meant to deceive the electorates must be treated with the contempt and scorn it deserves.

They try to say that former Presidents Rawlings and Kufuor were each given two four-year terms as it is the rule in Ghana so it is the turn of President Mahama to have his second term in office to bring his presidency to eight years same as the two mentioned previous presidents.

If the ongoing rule in Ghana is as alleged by the NDC folks, then what at all is the need for spending huge sums of money organising presidential elections every four years instead of asking the sitting presidents to continue automatically until they have spent eight years in power?

In the 1992 Republican Constitution, it is nowhere stated that a sitting President must be allowed an automatic second two-year term to enable him or her spend a total of eight years before he or she vacates the presidency. However, the Constitution guarantees the sitting president the chance to contest a re-election for a second four-year term in office.

It depends whether the citizens would vote to re-elect him or her depending on how better or worse he or she has performed during his or her first four-year term in office.

Therefore, those NDC people going round saying the electorates should vote for President Mahama because every Ghana President is allowed eight years in power is absolute nonsense. If their assertion that every Ghanaian President and, or those going by the name JOHN are always given eight years, why then are they campaigning for President Mahama but simply not confirming him President for a second four-year term?

Ghanaians, are you ready to vote to re-elect President Mahama for a second four-year term in office in the face of his obvious cluelessness, perpetuation of corruption, cronyism, nepotism, practice of selective justice and indirect encouragement of lawlessness?

He is using the country’s money and resources to do whatever he likes as though they were his personal property. Is he not using State’s money to purchase cars and houses to give to his cronies like Akua Donkor, some chiefs and other NDC party members including that uncivilized attempted murderer called Salifu Maase alias Mugabe of Montie FM radio?

Check this web link for a video recording on how President Mahama is dishing out cars and houses in gifts to his collaborating accomplices as if they were tomatoes purchased cheap on the market.


For me personally, from the way President Mahama has mismanaged Ghana, helping Alfred Agbesi Woyome dupe Ghana out of GHC51.2 million; SADA stealing, but claiming to have wasted millions of Cedis planting trees in the three Northern regions during the dry season, GHC33 million spent on rearing guinea fowl that ended up flying to Burkina Faso to return to Ghana no more etc., he is not worth voting for, to govern Ghana for any further four-year term.

He is simply a waste of space hence a goner!

Ghanaian electorates, please do not accept aprons in exchange for your precious life-changing votes. What is one apron able to do you in the face of the economic hardships the President through his mismanagement of the affairs of Ghana and his apparent perpetration and perpetuation of official corruption has brought to bear upon you?

You just think about it. Please, vote for a change for a better Ghana.

Madam Akua Donkor is with President Mahama in the Volta region campaigning for his re-election. She had been given two brand new cars and a house in a plush area in Accra. You have been given only an apron or a machete (cutlass) or a few kilos of rice and a can or two of Geisha, but you have one vote same as Akua Donkor.

Ask yourself why she has that much, and you, the insignificant gift as has been given to you as listed above? Is it not an insult to your intelligence?

If you deceive yourself by the offer to vote for him and NDC, you will end up suffering for the next four years and you will pay a million times dearly for the negligible gift he gives to you which probably has come about through stealing from the State coffers.

As I write, a price hike in petrol of about 11% has been announced with car fares going up subsequently. The prices of all goods will go up following that. As long as you buy anything or travel on a bus or in a car, you have started paying dearly for the apron you have accepted as gift from President Mahama and the NDC.

Let us all be as wise as the serpent and as vigilant as the hawk.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson