The Effective Propaganda

Mon, 24 Oct 2011 Source: Bortey, Borketey

Thinking by now we would have woken up from our slumbers then another doom befalls our land again. If we had forgotten I mean no harm to draw your memories back to the 50’s and 60’s when Colonialism was no more but the worst enemy emerged: Imperialism. The former enemy we were all aware of it even if distance afar. The latter, bears the same skin colour, eat the same local food as we do and the worst of all is born on the land as all of us but still is willing to sell the nation for the selfish ambitions. This is the neo-evil we fight today as Africans.

Firstly, if you are an African and you condone the recent event that took place on Thursday 20/10/2011 in Libya then you’re a “sell out”. For the “African Union” this is a failure, a big blow and indeed confirms that this organisation is simply USELESS. If you’re an African leader, know that you’re not immune from the evil within because you refused to help. For the President of the AU it’s time for my readers to judge where your fate lies.

I thought by now we could have learnt from some past events when the “masters” used the Divide and Rule method to dominant our people and resources but unfortunately the African never learns. For your information, Libya is not the first to experience the so- called revolution as the West term it and it will not be the last.

The United Party then the main opposition party did all it could to block independence, of which the then Gold Coast was fighting for. They used all sort of flimsy excuse claiming we were not ready to be independent. The question I ask is who was trying to stop us gaining this independence, our kind, our own which is the Imperialist. That’s the new evil, the Imperialist.

In Congo, Patrice Lumumba after becoming the legally elected Prime minister after an election was toppled only ten weeks later. On 14 September, a coup d’état organised by Colonel Joseph Mobutu, a man who rule the nation with iron fist to the extent that when he was over thrown the nation as a whole owed him money, what a joke? Again the Imperialist was at work.

For Libya, its leader was giving so many names including the “mad dog” because he had the balls just as his predecessors: Nkrumah and Lumumba, to tell them in their faces that the African was capable of handling its own affairs. Today we have the National Transitional Council working hand in hand with the British and the French: Imperialism at work. To mention a few of his contributions to nation building three traditional parts of the country which are Tripolitania, Fezzan and Cyrenaica, Gaddafi managed to emerge all together for the sake of unity. Oil wealth has enabled Libya to pursue projects such as agriculture development and the Great Manmade River in the Sahara desert. You can check out this project. The same country under Gaddafi is the only country that provides housing in Africa for the people and the only African country that is debt free.

For four decades he ruled and we all support the fact that it was time to go but can you compare his works with Ben Ali of Tunisia, Mobutu of Congo, or Mubarak of Egypt? His contributions to the African Union was outstanding and the desire to move the continent forward was his dream and passion because he saw this evil coming but again he was betrayed by his own fellow Africans with the excuse that he was propagating or promoting an Arab agenda.

Indeed the propaganda no doubt has worked on all grounds be in north, south, east or west on the continent of Africa but the sad part of all is the fact that lessons haven't be learnt yet. I wonder if Africa could ever unite, oh what a shame? The horn of Africa is suffering from famine; instead resources are diverted to Libya for fighting. If the continent was united we would have our own army to intervene in this conflict. If we were united a diplomatic process could have prevailed for a solution to this problem. Now do you think the European Union would sit adamant for North Korea or China to attack any of its members? Yet we sit quite and watch while our own is battered left, right, centre because we don’t have the balls. I guess if you did you pay the ultimate price. Enough of my views but to set the record straight the difference between the uprising in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya is that the former two demonstrated but for the latter, they armed themselves first to attack the government.

Now, if you're a government what would you do if you have some small section of a town attacking a government property? To relate the Benghazi protect to Ghana is simply by saying for instance people in Kumasi out of Ghana only attacking the government and to your amazement this small group earn the backing of the Western powers.

Today, they honour Nkrumah, apologised about Lumumba's assassination and very soon Gaddafi will be rewarded as well, mark my words.

The "effective propaganda" is indeed working can't you see..... ?

They called Nkrumah a Communist, Lumumba a Soviet and Gaddafi a “mad dog”. Ok I’ll leave it here….


Borketey Bortey


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Columnist: Bortey, Borketey