It's time to bury the grubby populist view that the NDC has nobody except Mahama

John Dramani Mahama1212 John Mahama

Sat, 29 Oct 2022 Source: Dela Coffie

Well, there you have it, folks.

Mahama had his say on our economic situation, and the reactions have been explicit.

While some people have latched onto the details including his style, his poses for the camera, his haircut, and his demeanor towards the Ohene Konadu Auditorium event, large swathes of the voting public and the NPP elements are basically having a field day, reminding us of the Mahama presidency - They tell us he was once on the hot seat and was practically found wanting on all the challenges he eloquently spoke about.

Indeed this is the common theme that runs through most of the responses to Mahama - Yes, there are genuine issues but Mahama has no moral worth to speaking.

In other words, the NDC has every right to keep pushing the narrative that the NPP has failed but Mahama with his well-rehearsed flaws isn't the one to lead that conversation.

And more to the point, he has been president before and there is a reason he was voted out of office - the mismanagement, the blatant and repeated short-sighted political decision-making, and his gluttonous self-indulgence - People really haven't forgotten how Mahama's first stint worked out.

It's however shocking how many NDC folks including supposedly well-educated ones share this delusion that Mahama still enjoys popular support.

Just look at it from this point of view: A huge stinking turd that took months to dislodge now climbing back up the drain to take up a position in the nastily wallpapered toilet bowl again.

At what point does the Mahama cheerleading gang stop pretending that his return to the NDC ticket is compatible with the party winning political power?

At this juncture, it’s a win-win for the NPP irrespective of their challenges in government - People have little faith in the NPP but when they look across to the opposition, they don't see a way out, and the status quo of six(6) years seems a better option than letting in those on the other side of the political spectrum.

Consequently, the NDC needs to modernize thoroughly and prioritize political power by having an honest conversation around an alternative to Mahama - It's time for the party to roll back all the mollycoddling of Mahama, and ensure that the right leadership takes control of the party.

Let this sink in for a minute!

Columnist: Dela Coffie
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