J.J Rawlings Peace Meal Is?

Fri, 16 Jul 2010 Source: Quaye, Stephen A.

From: Stephen A. Quaye, Toronto- Canada.

Not for once have I ever smiled over the numerous mischievous acts and omissions carried by certain section of the public in the country against the former president of Ghana Mr. Jerry John Rawlings.

The insults against his personality, the total condemnation of his person and the blind accusation of the backwardness of the way the country is being ruled from his time in office to the time he exited office should end by now.

It is not fair for a section of the public to always ensure that they fire tantrums and vituperations against the former first gentleman of our dear country Ghana. Whatever he did wrong we must also remember there were certain things he did right too so we should not allow the wrongs he did over cover any single thing he did but also commend him for what he did right too.

The same people helped him to rule the country under the PNDC/NDC administration which saw him serving two terms of office as the president of the land. If today they have fallen apart with him, they should let him have his peace of mind.

Other than that if we allow the insults to him by a section of the public continues it will create furor in the country which could be deadly to contain.

Yes there have been certain situations where he has expressed his opinions in a way that the people thought he could have done it a better way than how he did it. That does not mean if he was wrong we should use hard words on him since that does not correct any mistake.

From the way things are happening, it points out to the fact that the former first gentleman is not happy enjoying his life after have spent close to twenty years in stirring the affairs of the country.

Spanning from razing down of his Ridge residence, appointment of team B ministers in President Atta Mills government, seizures of toilets by NDC party foot soldiers, failure by his staunch NDC members to celebrate June 4 with him, running of the economy and the selection of possible candidate to contest the 2012 elections on the ticket of the NDC have all been bothering them.

But none of these one will believe is bothering him and giving him more headache than the way his housing issue has assume a certain height that dirty politics are being read into it.

On Joy F.M. News file on Saturday July 10, 2010, I was particularly happy to listen to Mr. Egbert Faible a panelist on the show said no matter what has happened we must house the president and other panelists agreed to that.

No matter what has happened wrongfully during the time of former president must belong to history simply because the reconciliation commission which was set up by former president J.A.Kufuor, healed all the wounds and united the nation.

If not former president Kufuor, would not have expressed his sympathy to his colleague former president Rawlings when news broke out that his Ridge residence had razed down. In all fairness this indicated an extension of hand of friendship and brotherliness which we must commend the gentle giant for doing that.

Former president Rawlings things good about the country because he is a true citizen of the land therefore he should not be made to suffer from stress of not having peace of mind but rather be embraced by every individual by working hand in hand with him to develop the country.

On the side of the former president Rawlings, it must be made clear to him that he will not have his peace of mind unless he seek forgiveness from the entire people of the land and try to forget of the past just to heal the wounds.

It is clear many individual Ghanaians are prepared to live in harmony and join hands with the former president to undertake non governmental organization activities to help the poor but do not know how to win Mr. Jerry John Rawlings to their side because may be tagged as Pro NDC people.

At this point, let me commend the Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu, for making series of attempts to patch the two former presidents. He has been doing a great job and must be praised for that, anyway he is called “KING SOLOMON”.

It will not be out of place for one to suggest that the renowned clergy men that God has blessed the country with compliment the effort of the Asantehene by preaching forgiveness to the two gentlemen to win their hearts for Christ and push the agenda of unity to them which I believe they will accept and become united.

Mr. Jerry John Rawlings, a fine gentleman, very outspoken former president, a politician, responsible father and very friendly as well as jovial,[NOT ONLY BY THE ATTA THE MOTUARYMAN STORY], peace meal at this moment in life is to forgive and forget which is the only way to better life and to heaven as Christians believe.

Ghana needs Mr. Jerry John Rawlings therefore the humble plea for him to eat the peace meal which is forgiveness.

Columnist: Quaye, Stephen A.