J.J Was Right, The Castle Vultures Killed Mills

Sat, 28 Jul 2012 Source: Sarpong, Justice

Sarpong, Justice

Why are we blaming Rawlings for telling the truth? Why do we as people hate to hear the truth?Rawlings is not my favourite person when it comes to politics and though he might have been too blunt in the way he communicated his message, he was right. Rawlings said;

"Had Mills "done something wiser" he could have survived - Rawlings

For telling the truth, Rawlings received condemnation for almost 95% of close to 600 of respondants who commented on the said story. Is it because people hate Rawlings now even if he tells the truth we don't listen anymore? Lawyer Sam Okudzeto said the same thing like Rawlings and almost 95% of respondants agreed with him.

"We’ve Been Careless About Prez Mills’ Health" - Okudzeto

I tend to agree with the two gentlemen that, Mills did not tend to his medical care as he should and there is enough blame to apportion to many people including his own brother Dr Cadman Mills, JJ Rawlings himself and the head of Mills family(ABUSUAPANIN) Why am I bringing the head of Mills family into this? I was listening to the Peacefm Radio the day we lost the President and the Radio station was interviewing people from various places in Ghana. They interviewed this man called Kwesi Atta who identified himself as the head of Mills family and he said, "Ghana got exactly what they wanted". When the Peacefm man asked him to expatiate on what he said, he accused NPP and mentioned Ursula Owusu as the people to blame for Mills death. That was really harsh coming from somebody supposed to know better. Those who could be blamed for Mills death is Mills himself, his wife Naadu, his head of the family, Cadman Mills, the Ahwois and those Aides at the Castle.

According to Rawlings, as far back as when Mills was Vice President, he was sick and work intermittently in three hours increment. Mills couldn't put in eight hours of work due to his health and Rawlings knowing this still went ahead and imposed Mills on Ghanaians, he should be ashamed for using Mills for his political survival. What kind of deal did he enter into with Mills when he imposed him on Ghanaians? Was Mills supposed to serve just one term and back Rawlings wife Konadu as the NDC Presidential candidate?

What about Mills family? Were they not aware the man was sick and instead of advising him to resign or at least opt not to run for a second term and seek long term medical care instead backed him to run for a second term when Mills could hardly stay on his feet. They were all thinking about the perks of the office of the Presidency and the financial benefits they were enjoying.They were careless and callous about his health condition. The ones I blame the most are the Presidential Aides who put a lot of pressure on President Mills. They knew Mills was sick and intended to keep him that way so that they will act in his stead as 'Presidents' making decisions. We all got to know this when Koku Anyidoho 'sacked' the ECG Boss of Ashanti region in the stadium light fiasco. Mills has then gone incommunicado for close to a month despite problems in the country. When he finally emerged, he was on his way to USA for 'medical check-up'. Before then, the Castle, according to Koku himself and his INFORMER newspaper leaked Mills death rumor which they later blamed the office of the Vice-President for. They blamed NPP initially for it but the truth that runs marathions instead of lies that run sprints finally caught up with them and Koku and his people confessed that it was the Castle that was playing political games with Mills health.

Whose idea was it that Mills should jog on the tarmac at Kotoka International Airport when he returned from USA after his infamous medical check-up? The man was not well and these People pressured him to run sprints at the Airport to prove his fitness.? Would they have done that to their own father's or family member who just returned from a Doctors office? Why did they rush him back to Ghana when it could have been better for him to stay in USA and seek long-term medical care? These people were just thinking about the financial benefits to themselves with Mills as the President.Mills was their meal ticket and they were not going to leave no balance on this meal ticket until every dime is spent and they spent every dime on this ticket by working a sick man to death, they should be ashamed of themselves.

Mills went into his usual'AMELIA' position when he came back and when the grumbling started about where Mills was, his Aides immediately pumped him with enough steroids to wake a dead horse up and arranged for him to inspect the Accra Kumasi road and within a week, Mills was dead.

Why did Rawlings say that Mills might have lived for six to seven months if he has been wiser? Some People who were privy to Mills health condition were 'feeding' Rawlings what his Doctors in USA might have told him because when it comes to Cancer, Doctors can tell you how long you got left on this Earth to live. Below is what one popular forum contributor wrote the day President Mills died and he was right on the money.

Author:TROUBLE-MAKER Date:2012-07-24 14:59:14 Comment to:Breaking News: President Mills is dead

You idiots knew the president was seriously sick and close to death,but you asked him hang-in there for your selfish gains to try and win the next election for you to remain in power.That`s what it is and nothing else. The humane thing to do was to tell this honest man to resign on health grounds and take things easy. How can you guys live with this if you have any conscience? Those close to the president knew what I am talking about. The first time a sitting president died in this country,all thanks to the goons who pushed him to the limit. President Mills,may you rest in peace.Now you can have a good rest knowing that you worked hard right to the end of your presidency."

President Mills should have been advised to resign and hand over to President John Mahama to execute the rest of his mandate while he received proper medical attention but those vultures and hyenas at the Castle will not allow President Mills to do what was best for him personally but rather they pushed him to hang in there and go through the elections hoping he will win a second term and guarantee them their jobs. Now that Mills is dead, is Mahama going to keep these boys at the Castle, especially Koku Anyidoho, Ofosu Kwakye and Nii Vanderpuije?

President Mills was a good man, humble with integrity but he surrounded himself with thieves and as a President, maybe because of his health which prevented him from paying attention to the affairs of the country, failed miserably as a President.

Justice Sarpong

Houston, Texas


Columnist: Sarpong, Justice