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Fri, 13 Sep 2013 Source: Yahaya, Tanko Ali

When the general secretary of the opposition New patriotic party was summoned to the Atuguba`s court on contempt charges, Most unsuspecting Ghanaians were of the view that the Atuguba`s court was poised to crack the whip and give a competent, fair, and bold judgement.

But little did we knew that Atuguba`s out burst was meant to cow opinionated Ghanaians into submission, in order to insulate it's verdict from criticism.

Unfortunately for the Atuguba`s court, It`s "darling boy", Tsatsu Tsikata (the thief) who is also an ex convict and a wife snatcher, has opened the flood gate for personal attacks on the bench, when he singled out Justice Anim yeboah and took him to the cleaners.

By Tsatsu's logic, JSC Atuguba,sule Gbedegbe, and sophia Adinyira's judgement were clouded by their appointment to the highest court of the land by the N.D.C government.

In any case, the were six of the judges who were appointed by president kuffour,but most of them voted against the petition.

Thanks to a senior lawyer like Tsatsu,we know realise that the verdict of the supreme court was based on politics and loyalty to a one's political party, but not on facts of evidence before the court.

Anyway, I dont't blame Tsatsu the thief, for that reckless, contemptuous, infantile and illogical comment he made about Justice Anim yeboah. I blame the Atuguba's court for pampering and tolerating Tsatsu's "hogwash", throughout the hearing. It was an open secret that where as, philip Addison, was treated with an iron gloves, Tsatsu the exconvict, on the other hand was treated with toddler's gloves. Tsatsu was not cautioned when he yelled at lawyer Addison to "shut up". Thanks to these glaring biases against the petitioners, a criminal like Tsatsu was granted the latitude to accuse the petitioners of an unsubstantiated criminality, concerning the P.K.M.G (apologies to JSC Atuguba) audit.

Tsatsu the exconvict went further to accuse the judges in an open court of giving a retrogade instruction, and the only reaction from the bench was please "are you angry"?

Tsatsu once even defied the order from the bench to continue with his cross -examination of Dr Bawumiah, and Atuguba's court yielded to Tsatsu rebellion by rising up prematurely.

When Tsatsu intentionally, failed to submit his written address in time, in his Communist inferior tactics, the Atuguba's court left Tsatsu off the hook, with a flimsy excuse that the sins of a counsel should not be visited on his client.

And Mr Bernard Mornah, an N.D.C stooge, in P.N.C, who doubles as the Number one "stomach-politician" in Ghana, stated categorically on Radio Rwanda ( Radio gold ) that just like the issue of the sins of counsel and his clients, the sins of a presiding officer shall not be visitesd on the voters. And Atuguba endorsed this logic in his verdict. When the counsel for the petitioners Mr Addison, ran out of time, in his oral address, was he allowed by the bench to continue, by their own standard that they set? Wasn't the sins of Addison visited on to the petitioners when the bench stopped him from going further in his oral address? John Mahama was all over the place bragging that the Atuguba's court shall come to no other conclusion but to re-affirm his "error" presidency, and Atuguba found nothing wrong with that. The bench only see, hear, and speak evil when a member of the opposition talk. I was clear in my mind that different strokes were used for different folks, depending on one's political affiliation.

My advise to the N.P.P is to shun the judiciary, and put their destiny in their own hands, by planning how to fight the N.D.C and their partners in crime, which is the eletoral commission, right at the polling stations to the collation centre, and the strong room. The E.C and "error" president Mahama have already planned how they will rig the 2016 elections, and the N.P.P must also plan to beat them to their own game, if they yearn to attain power in 2016. Some people are mightier in their fallacies, corruption and farce, and more over, they are beautiful in their errors. Let's leave the Atuguba's court to it's conscience and porsterity.

Almost all the institutions of the state had been compromised by the highest bidder. The opposition parties must rather "die" to save the future generation from this pillage and recklessness, than to live as unpatriotic cowards.

In the words of Napoleon Bonnaparte, "Among those who dislike oppression are many who like to be oppressed".

Tanko Ali Yahaya,

Independent Minded Zongorians. Skiliwonda@gmail.com

Columnist: Yahaya, Tanko Ali