JSC Atuguba's court : Ghana's last line of defense..

Mon, 26 Aug 2013 Source: Yahaya, Tanko Ali

There comes a time in history when destiny grants

opportunity to privileged citizens, to execute a legendary decision,

to rescue their Country men from state of despondency.

Ghana's economy is in turmoil, not because the beleaguered

economy is cursed, as Bishop Duncan Williams superstitiously wants

Ghanaians to believe, but it's because of crass corruption.

Endemic corruption obviously, engulf a nation, when

reckless individuals take over the reigns of governance.

It's a pity that, the 'meat' that feeds the nation, had

been plundered to the bone, by government ministers turned judgement

debt 'contractors', who are specialized in creating, looting and

sharing of the common wealth of Nkrumah's Ghana.

The boot lickers, greedy bastards and babies with sharp

teeth, with their venomous tongue, had silenced the very 'monster'

that taught them 'positive defiance' and 'boom' speeches.

The 'democratization' of violence that Rawlings imbibed

in the NDC, as a political culture, is in manifestation, through the

NDC foot soldiers, who defy presidential appointments with vandalism

by setting both party and governmental properties ablaze with


The NPP has become a 'benevolent' opposition party,

kowtowing to the dictates of 'unlawful' act by the police, to curtail

their constitutional right to demonstrate against corruption and

mismanagement. After the Nation's "meat" had been pillaged to the

bone, the executive is trying hard to consume the marrow, leaving the

Ghanaian labour force at the mercy of "tightening the belt", for a

better day to come, but come it will not, until those who commit

pillage under the guise of GYEEDA, Tree planting, and guinea fowl

rearing, face the full rigours of the law, in accounting for those

millions of tax payers money.

The clergy, seems to have been cowed to submission, since the "block master", who double as the "chief idiot" tagged them as "criminals in cassocks". No wonder, the

clergy is advocating for peace, and consciously ignoring the call for Justice, in order not to provoke the acidic tongue of Asiedu Nketiah.

Among the religious leaders, we are privileged to have had his eminence, the national chief Imam, sheikh Nuhu Sharubutu, who stood tall, by boldly calling for Justice which is the vital ingredient for peace building.

The legislature had been tainted with questionable characters like Ebo Barton Oduro, who believed that WOYOME, even deserve more than what was dubiously paid

to him for no work done.

The public accounts committee with it's symbolic hearing, is nothing but a toothless bull dog. The least said about the chieftaincy institution, the better.

The media is alleged to have been rented by the highest bidder,as Randy

Abbey and Alfred Oguame have changed their political views to the amazement of many a Ghanaian.

The electoral commission, which is required by the constitution to be neutral and impartial, has demonstrated to the world, through the electoral petition hearing that

they were already in bed with the NDC.

No wonder, the counsel for the E.C, Quarshie Idun, collaborated with both the counsel for JM, Tony Lithur and counsel for the NDC, Tsatsu Tsikata to form

the "tripartite" committee to frustrate the petitioners in order to cover up the rot in the 2012 elections.

The disgraced chairman of the electoral commission, Dr.Kwadwo Afari Gyan,

blasphemously attempted to use the "finger of God" church to deceive, and he was exposed big time to the glory of the lord.

In my view, the supreme court is the nations last line of defense.

J.M will scheme, but Allah is the best schemer.

I do hope and pray that the verdict that will come out of the election petition will reflect our motto of "freedom and justice", which is the catalyst for peace.

I yearn for a verdict that will leave the foot print of the Atuguba's court in the "judicial sands" of time.

Thesouls of the "martyrs of the rule of law" like the late Justice

Koranteng Addow, Cecilia Sarkodie, and Agyapong, will be pacified, when the verdict reflect the "truth" that instigated their martyrdom.

Once again, I do hope and pray that, Dr.Kwabena Agyei's "many ways of killing a cat" and his threat to purge the judiciary will fall flat on the face of a verdict that will revolutionize the entire electoral system in Ghana, Africa, and the world in general, and send a strong signal that, never again in our history, should narcissist, intransigent, whimsical, and capricious electoral commissioners, including their officers, take our electoral process to ransom.

To quote Martin Luther King Jnr, "Injustice any where, is a threat to justice every where".

Tanko Ali Yahaya,

Independent Minded Zongorians.


Columnist: Yahaya, Tanko Ali