Jake is the epitome of Kufour

Jake Otanka Chairman Npp

Thu, 22 Aug 2013 Source: Bannerman, Nii Lantey Okunka

Jake the Cheat is Crying About Election Cheating: Kufour’s Vulture Capitalism!!!

Recently, a High Court in Ghana ruled that Jake Obetsebi Lamptey should be given the keys to a house he purchased from Kufour’s government when he was part of the cabinet and indeed chairman of the NPP (ruling party). Personally, I have no qualms with the decision of the Court. A court has the responsibility of assessing facts presented to it and applying the law. A court decision may be legal and therefore technically correct, however it may not meet the morality test. Today, I am here to question Jake’s morality and also the legality of the sale by Kufour’s government.

I first want to remind everyone that Jake is a very shady character. This is the same man who claimed to have bought prime government real estate for $400,000 from Kufour’s government. The land in question was market valued at that time for at least $5 million or more. Where did Jake find the money to purchase this land if indeed he did? This is even more troubling because it happened at a time when he, Jake, could not account for stadium disaster funds he was entrusted with. Jake turned around and sold prime government real estate to the Mormons.

How did Jake come to educate his daughter on full scholarship at Bringham Young University owned by these same Mormons in America? If this is not quid pro quo, I don’t know what is. Here again, one can observe a pattern! Jake loves buying government property at rock bottom prices and flipping it for a killing. Those who know Jake very well, will testify that he is an opportunist ballon d’Or. Indeed, he is what Rick Perry, governor of Texas, will term, a “vulture capitalist”. Can anyone explain to me/us why Jake is not in jail?

Obviously, the attempt by President Mills to stop this broad daylight robbery has not worked. The real issue here is the process leading to the purchase. With majority in parliament, is the NDC not able to invite or drag Jake, if need be, to a hearing focused on how he was able to purchase a government bungalow while a minister, occupant of the said bungalow and chairman of the NPP? Why is the NDC not able to investigate what is obviously a corrupt act? Could it be that the NDC is involved in similar corrupt acts and therefore entertains fear that its hypocrisy will be exposed? I don’t, for the life of me, understand how Jake can get away with this crap. Stopping the sale is one thing but investigating and prosecuting this con man will be the cherry on the cake. How is it possible that people can steal blatantly from Ghanaians and still walk free? Where does the temerity to steal openly without fear of repercussion come from? Why can’t Ghanaians do a thing about the status quo?

I have no doubt that a thorough review will show clearly that Jake used his power and influence within the NPP to shamelessly procure this state house. If everyone were to buy government assets that they’ve used while in office, what will be left of government assets, if any? If this is not greed, what really is it? What makes this public servants believe that they can take with impunity from the masses? What really has Jake done for Ghanaians to deserve this treat? Here you have one of the most incompetent and useless ministers to ever grace Ghana but he wants to have the best that Ghana has to offer? What results did Jake achieve for the people of Ghana? Name one!

My fellow Ghanaians, are we all not witness to the current law suit filed by Nana Addo, Jake and Bawumia? What is the basis of their law suit? Is cheating not the crux of the matter? Is Jake not claiming that the NDC and the Electoral Commissioner teamed up to cheat him and the NPP brigade? Is Jake not claiming that something that belongs to him was taken illegally by the sitting president and his party? Ok, let’s apply the same logic to how Jake came to procure the said house from the government. Is Jake not cheating the people of Ghana by buying their property in an underhand way and cheaply? Cheating by any means is wrong. Therefore, if Jake can go to court to seek redress in an election based on cheating, then the government of Ghana must seek redress for the people based on cheating. This purchase is wrong and must be reversed at all cost.

How can or should, a sitting minister, buy government property? When and how was the property advertised? Was the said property open to public bidding? Did Jake buy this house as the highest bidder in a competitive bidding process? Was the bidding process transparent and fair? Is this what the phony market champion NPP party see as free market capitalism? Use, buy cheap and keep! Is the latter the existing mantra of the NPP? Come on now!

Government acquires property because there is a need for it. If at any point in time the need does not exist, government has the right to dispose off the property so acquired. All over the world, government property disposal is governed by protocol, ethics and rules. In the USA for example, federal, state and local governments all have elaborate policies on how to dispose off property. If the government wants to sell a house, it has a process that takes into consideration notification of the public, public auction by an independent auctioneer and transfer of the property in question transparently. The goal here is to sell the property at the best price that benefits government in the most transparent and fair way. No federal, state of local government employee can secretly buy state property under the table. This behavior is reprehensible and downright illegal.

Shouldn’t it be a crime for a sitting member of Ghana’s government to buy state property under the table? I mean have these vermin no shame at all? What was Kufour thinking when he approved the sale of this house to his minister? My gawd! What kind of morals governs Kufour’s mindset? Was Kufour not aware of the impending sale? Is this not clear testament of the moral character of Kufour’s government? Did we not see this same mindset govern the sale of luxury cars imported for Ghana@50? Why do these people think something for nothing is a great way of life? Now the NPP wonders why its legitimate cries of corruption towards Mahama is not getting the traction it rightfully deserves! Ghana is in big trouble! There is no doubt that Jake could never have procured this house if he was not a member of Kufour government. No way! Indeed the evidence of the latter assertion lies in the fact that Jake is not able to evict Nii Lante Vanderpuye from the said house because the NPP is not in power.

My friends, is there anyone with conscience in the NPP party? Is there anyone in the NPP party that sees this bungalow brouhaha as testament of bald faced corruption in Ghana? Why can’t any of these NPP leaders get up and say publicly that Jake should give back the house to the government and get his money back? Does the NPP think it will be taken seriously if it continues to turn a blind eye to such blatant corruption and injustice? Is the NPP quietly saying that the sale of government property to its party member is ok? Has Jake and his phalanx not looted enough to build their own houses? Are these not the same individuals, who, indoctrinated by their parents, vilified Nkrumah? Unashamedly, they are selfishly stealing whatever is left of Nkrumah’s good deeds. These pot bellied maggots have no shame and they will feed recklessly, even if they burst and die, while feeding. Ghanaians across party lines must stand up and stop this daylight robbery.

Some of you might say well Jake is not the only one in this quagmire. Great! Let's focus and use Jake as the scapegoat. Once we strip him of the house, we can go after all others, including NDC officials who continue to loot the coffers. There are other areas of concern that must be investigated as well. These areas of concern include the use of Ghana@50 to steal La lands, the sale of Legon University land, and shady deals governing the oil dig in Ghana. We must investigate all these immoral, illegal and anti public interest acts. Sadly, the corrupt NDC is not able to effect any investigation.

I am still waiting to see if there is any Martin Amidu in the NPP. Someone within the NPP who will not only condemn publicly these shameless acts, but move to reverse them through party channels, public processes, the court system and an unending morality campaign. Who has the chutzpah within the NPP to fight for mother Ghana? Anyone?

Nii Lantey Okunka Bannerman (Affectionately dubbed as the double edge sword and now tagged as Santrofi Anomaa) I don’t give them hell, I just tell the truth and they think it is hell---Harry Truman

Columnist: Bannerman, Nii Lantey Okunka