Jerry John Rawlings - A Final Review

Wed, 7 Mar 2012 Source: Gyimah, A. P.

Office of Special Investigations

Special Crimes & Transfer Unit

7th March, 2012

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ATTN: Nana Akwasi Rawlings a.k.a. Nana Jerry John Rawlings

Your Residence

The Ridge

Accra, Ghana

West Africa

Ref: DOB - 06-22-1947 – The Beginnings of All the Troubles in Ghana –A Final Review

Dear Nana Akwasi Rawlings a.k.a. Mr. Jerry John Rawlings:

Your file has been referred to me for a final review and possible transfer to the President of the United States of America and Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron (your father) of the United Kingdom.

You are on suspicion that, as an adult, you have more than repeatedly disrespected the laws of Ghana.

Principally, you have previously been investigated on various felonious crimes you are alleged to have committed from June 1979 to date: arson, mass murder, aggravated murder, rape, treason, terrorism, threat, financial fraud, stealing, etc…

This review will determine the merits of your developments across the Ghanaian life span.

On or about the 3rd of February, this year, Mr. Ernest Owusu Bempah, communications director of the so-called Friends of Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings (FONKAR), the infamous and dishonest political organization formed to disturb the President’s peace of mind and progress making activities, issued an ultimatum to the President demanding he [the president] arrest and prosecute some members of the national administration, including the erstwhile Attorney-General, Mrs. Betty Mould Iddrisu, within a week, or else he [Ernest Owusu Bempah] will organize the youth and take to the streets. He also said that he would go on a hunger-strike if the president failed to meet his [Ernest Owusu Bempah’s] demand. He further stated that without you, Nana Akwasi Rawlings, Dr. Attah Mills was nobody and could not have become president. This is an ill-mannered and aggressive approach on the presidency and is highly unacceptable in democratic communications. Nana Owusu Bempah, like any other natural citizen, can make a request to the president in a civilized, respected and peaceful manner, not to order him through threats and intimidations to do anything. Reports indicate that you are behind this treacherous pronouncement, contrary to traditional reasons or rationales for the ‘Big Fives’’ invitation of Mr. Kwame Nkrumah to return home from abroad to join them to form the ‘Big Six’.

The Mr. Ernest [Nana] Owusu Bempah’s criminal behavior attracted the National Patriotic Party’s (NPP) youth organizer, Mr. Anthony Abayifa Karbo, who, on the morning of February the seventh of the year (7/02/2012), also issued a similar provocation to the president via Adom 106.3 FM radio. He added that the president be arrested for prosecution.

On the February 28th, Mr. Ernest Owusu Bempah thoughtlessly repeated himself on Adom 106.3 FM, Peace 104. 3 FM, Rainbow Radio London, and Rainbow Radio International in Accra at different hours in the day. On top of this, he appeared on Ghanawaves Radio in Germany from Ghana (I mistakenly did not record the date) with the same pursuit as his priors. His language as directed against the president was appalling.

Please tell your ‘macho’ (violent) boys that a sitting president is not arrested, he is impeached. After impeachment, if the crime for which he was impeached applies to the letter of the law, then, Parliament turns him over to the police for prosecution. If the spirit of the law applies to the crime, Parliament may sanction him, let him go free, or turn him over to the police. Do you understand?

If Mr. Ernest Owusu Bempah hunger strikes and dies as a consequence, the president is not responsible; you are; and Ghana does not lose; it stands to gain. After all, you Nana Akwasi Rawlings, in your attempt to fight against dying of your starvation, have caused a significant number of Ghanaians to die from starvation, instead. So, what will be the difference if Ernest Owusu Bempah starves to death?

Again, please be told that Dr. Atta Mills was destined to be president. It is not true that you made Atta Mills who he is today. Who are you to make Atta-Mills who he is today? Atta-Mills has never defrauded innkeepers to get food to eat. As a boy, he spent time learning in school, obeyed his parents and teachers and successfully made it through “A” Level education. In the late sixties, he was at Oxford University, preparing himself for what the Almighty, the good people of Ghana, and the stupid Major Boakye-Djan and co., the foolish Sergeant Alolga Akatapore and co, and the late statesman Major Courage Quashigah and co. had destined for him. Not surprisingly, while in Oxford, he was awarded a scholarship to study law in Stanford University, and, at age 27, Oxford awarded him the degree of Doctor in Philosophy. Both of you attended Achimota Secondary School at about the same time. Consequently, at age 33, Dr. Attah Mills could provide his lady with “Chop Money” every morning, to make food available on the table, without resorting to defrauding innkeepers with firearms to get food to eat and his residence well furnished.

The two men’s actions constitute threats and intimidations - criminal offenses under your patronage. This Office does not entertain crimes of criminal threats because they are violent crimes. If you continue on to organize your violent boys in this manner they will be arrested for investigation and prosecution of rendering criminal assistance to you. You will also be severely punished by the youth and young men of the republic, similar to recent developments in North Africa because they are tired of you. They need improvements in their lives because your militia tactics over the generation have failed them. I hope your so-called illegitimate and undesired son-in-law advises you to stay away from politics for good, a piece of advice I would have given you if I was your son-in-law.

It is not a matter of whether or not they have evident cause that is worth their freedom of speech, but it is about how they put forward their bargain to the President.

These kinds of communication modes show Ghanaians’ lack of good moral character, disrespect for the aged, statesmen, and lack of good ways of educating the young minds of the fatherland. You have been quoted for being behind these irresponsible behaviors of the youth and young men in the country since the last 30 years. The captioned population has not seen any improvements in their lives, as a result of your infringements.

It appears you do not have a good knowledge and understanding of life. You do not respect the law and rights of others. You are not able to demonstrate mature judgment in areas of your personal and national interests.

How do you make money to pay your “macho boys”?

I must inform you that this Office cannot tolerate this kind of your political investment and economic protection maneuvers in the land, anymore. Your erratic behaviors and activities cannot be called useful; they are harmful to Ghanaians. Your 20 years’ rule of terror to eliminate your hunger and poverty and your additional 10 years’ misconducts have brought Ghana to this level – mass murdering of Ghanaian leaders, attempted murder of Ghanaian leaders, no development, nationwide fraud, nationwide household poverty, nationwide unemployment, nationwide armed robbery, nationwide rape, nationwide murdering of men and women, nationwide arson, nationwide violence, nationwide tribalism, and, in general, nationwide lawlessness, particularly abuse of language, if you may permit me to add more. All of this has helped to create fear and panic in Ghanaians; consequently, your name, Rawlings, is known in every Ghanaian household as a bad name. A supporting example is that, the late Professor Albert Adu Boahene, a statesman, was reported to have named his household dog, Rawlings.

You and your cohorts do not want to genuinely engage yourselves in hard work to acquire wealth, but to take from Ghanaians the least they have worked hard for, with firearms and pens.

Many were those who thought that you invited Mr. Ernest Owusu Bempah from London to help you to establish some degree of order that would create a new respect for you to match your “self-imposed status” in the land. Your manners are contrary to this. Your demeanors are strongly opposing development activities in Ghana and beyond, and continue to affirm your human rights abuses. You have the laws in your hands because Ghana is yours. Your father brought Ghana to West Africa. Is that not correct?

You have 60 business days from the date of this notice to submit any information you may find helpful in the review process that may stop any transfer proceedings of the case against you, for good. Any information you provide must contain details on how you will behave yourself in the country for the rest of your lifetime. You may communicate to this Office through your attorney or the media, but not through Justice, as you did not give me Justice – your only true savior you have mismanaged. Justice could have changed my mind in less than a second.

Please, feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding this matter.

Also, I have computed your date of birth using several methods to determine the day you were born, and to access the cause of your erratic or natural behaviors. Eventually, I had to log on to the World Wide Web, using common year approach. It came out that you are Sunday born. Therefore, effective immediately, your Ghanaian name is Akwasi Rawlings. Jerry John Rawlings is your English name, okay? If you do not want your Ghanaian name to be used for official transactions, please address it to this Office as soon as possible. You are a common year born, not a leap year origin. I shall consult Ghanaian elders to address me on behaviors of people born on Sunday, to help me make a final decision at the end of the review.

Lastly, from now until the final review is concluded and a decision made, do not violate any of the laws of Ghana and abroad. If you are in violation of any law, notify this Office within 48 hours unless you are experiencing an unusual occurrence(s). This includes arrests that may not lead to prosecution or conviction. Disregard infractions.

The following addresses clarify that 1947 was a common year, and its June 22, Sunday.


http://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/repeating.html?country=1&year=1947 Click on 1947)



Thank you and good luck.


Mr. A. P. Gyimah

Senior Special Investigator, Special Crimes

Columnist: Gyimah, A. P.