Jerry Rawlings' $89,000,000 Ananse Web of Nothingness!

Sat, 6 Jun 2015 Source: Prof. Lungu

Approaching 4th June...Accra is flooding, a GOIL gasoline station at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle is burning to the ground, and over 150 people are reported dead or dying, most of them as they sought shelter from the rains and the perennial Accra floods.

But, Mr. Jerry "Accountability" Rawlings took $71,000,000 to solve the perennial flooding problem in Accra.

Mr. Jerry "Accountability" Rawlings was never an Engineer, a City Planner, a Hydrologist, Environmental Scientist, or Construction Engineer, by profession at least.

But the politician, Mr. Jerry "Accountability" Rawlings, in 1996, surely received the $71,000,000 loan from the World Bank to hire enough of those professionals to solve the perennial Accra flooding problem.

Now, Mr. Jerry "Accountability" Rawlings is telling Ghanaians about his wish for a bulldozer to demolish buildings and structures.

Dear reader, $71,000,000 in 1996 would be worth as much as $108,610,110 today, in 2015, 19 years later.

So, our question is, what exactly did Mr. "Accountability" Jerry Rawlings and his P/NDC government do with all that money, and for what result? What exactly did Mr. Rawlings spend all that money on, and where are the records and receipts?


1. Worldbank Original Notice, Press Release No:96/20AFR.

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