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Thu, 12 Apr 2012 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

And Turn Into Cpp, If You Bring Down Mills In 2012 – Part 2

After taking on J.J. Rawlings the founder of the NDC in part one of the above article, former president Rawlings has put on record that he will be leading a CRUSADE across the country’s villages and towns against corruption within the party, the fat cat is now out of the bag.

According to Kofi Adams, the spokes person of the former president, he explained that Jerry Rawlings would use a political movement to wage an anti-corruption crusade against president Atta-Mills government.

The former president would be pointing out to the electorate the flaws and corrupt practices of the NDC government as the party campaign team would also be moving around seeking a RENEWED MANDATE from the same electorate. How will things look like when Rawlings mounts a political platform to campaign against his own POLITICAL MENTOR and occupant of the Castle – the seat of Government in Ghana instead of rather campaigning for him to win the 2012 general elections? It is too bad; MILLS MUST SIT DOWN WITH RAWLINGS for the sake of millions of NDC supporters including this writer.

Mr. Kofi Adams further went on to state thus: “Look, if they want to create a party and then TURN ROUND and say he (Rawlings) is the one creating a PARTY, so he should go for it, it won’t happen. (See Daily Guide – Monday, April 2, 2012 page 3) oh! I see. Are these the main reasons why several petitions sent out through the party structures from aggrieved party supporters in the various constituencies are always rejected by the Regional and National secretariats since 2009 to date? Is the NDC now trying to implement the infamous “Wiki Leaks” revelation where the NDC leadership planned to collapse the CPP and the PNC and merge it with the NDC and reject the Rawlings philosophy and practice the Nkrumah ideology as far back as 2008? Can’t Dr. Kwabena Adjei’s letter written to the sitting President dated January 10th – 2012 which correctly highlighted the true state of the NDC party nation wide NOT BE TAKEN SERIUOS BY THE RULLING GOVERNMENT? Was that the main reason why Rawlings told party supporters during the June 4 celebration in 2011 in Kumasi that, if his wife did not win the elections at the Sunyani congress, THE INEVITABLE WILL HAPPEN.

Is the in evitable about to happen within the NDC now? Are these the reasons why hundreds of “NDC members” who did nothing to bring back the NDC to power are well resourced, given appointments, in government leaving several hard working members and cadres who worked day and night to bring the NDC to power in 2009? Should we sit down un-concerned and allow politicians to GAMBLE with our precious lives always because of political power? Infact, when a party forms a government THE TRUTH IN SOMETIMES COULD BE SUBVERSIVE – HOW SAD. WHY SHOULD WE ALLOW THE NPP TO WIN IN 2012?


What exactly will happen if the Mills campaign team moves round to seek a renewed mandate from the electorate, and Rawlings goes to tell the same electorate that the Mills government is very corrupt, and full of “liars” and “greedy bastards” who are in sensitive to the plight of the masses in Ghana? Well, if you sow the wind, you will reap the whirl / wind alright.

Without the support of the people we are nothing. With this nasty state of affairs in the NDC, we must thread cautiously in order not to die a foolish death. Frankly speaking, NDC IS AT THE cross roads and so the 2012 general elections is NOT AFOREGONE CONCLUSION AS WE ARE MADE TO BELIEVE, because we would be facing the election on an extremely DIVIDED FRONT, if these Two GENTLEMEN FAIL TO UNITE; just because of this frosty relations between Mills and Rawlings, most NDC Constituency, Regional and National Officials behave as they like, and their behaviour does not reflect what the NDC stands for at all but who will speak against such behaviour? Who will then work with hunger in such a very hostile political terrain to campaign for the NDC in 2012 if UNITY IS ABSENT? It will become an “Operation Cold Chop” for Nana Akuffo Addo and his NPP to sweep the votes in December 2012 since Ghanaians would not see the NDC as a serious governing party. Rawlings stated in Kumai an June 4 2011, that “the choice of Mills was a mistake in 1996” – who forced him to single handedly chose Mills without consultation that year? It is his own cup of tea and he must drink it. CAST YOUR MINDS BACK to the year 2000.

It is a matter on record that Comrade Goosie Tannoh boldly led the cadres to break away from the NDC leading to the formation of the National Reform Party, which brought down the great NDC to its Knees and he lost to the then candidate J.A. Kuffour in December that year, and so no matter how Rawlings campaigned that year – the NDC had to go, and to Hell, we went.

In the year 2004, Dr. Obed Asamoah who was so peeved by the refusal of Mills’ to select him as his Running mate also hoarded millions of NDC party, “T Shirts and selected NPP members as Polling Agents, and asked NDC members to vote for their Members of Parliament and leave Mills alone because he was Not a winnable candidate.

The NDC again lost that elections no matter how hard Rawlings campaigned that year the NDC had to go again, and to Hell, we went. Today, both Goosie Tannoh and Dr. Obed Asamoah are well placed in the Mills government.


Now the Battle line has been drawn for the soul of the NDC between Rawlings and Mills as predicted as far back as 2008.

Dear reader, kindly try your best and find out this movie entitled “Africa Elections” In that movie, Rawlings is captured rigorously campaigning for the then candidate Mills to win the 2008 general elections, and in one instance, you will see Rawlings dozing out of fatigue and sleepless nights.

Rawlings virtually carried the whole NDC on his BACK to VICTORY in the 2008 general elections and Mills won that election in 2009. Rawlings was the first person to go to Tain with Hon. Johnson Asiedu Nketia and they invited Nana Akuffo Addo to meet them there for the final show down in that constituency, little did Rawlings know that there was a very secret plan to turn the NDC into the CPP by collapsing both the PNC and the CPP and do away with his ideology including, June 4th of Probity and Accountability and all the aims of the 31st, December revolution without his consent – This is the Genesis of the Mills – Rawlings Risky Feud – Somebody Stabbed Somebody at the back and was it or is it fair? We live to see the end results. The 1992 constitution gives the state the mandate to cater for Ex-Presidents and their wives until they die. They enjoy free electricity, water, health care etc. thousands of cadres who sacrificed extremely for 10 years 1982 – 1992 without rewards and continued further until 2000 when Rawlings left office.

The constitution did not cover the cadres. Today 2012, some of the cadres are now 59 years and 62 years old, and Jerry Rawlings will be 65 years in June 2012. Should the remaining surviving cadres remain paupers until they die?

The down fall of Mills is the down fall of Rawlings because he made Mills who he is today. Is Rawlings listening to me very well? I shall return when the need arise.

Ex-President J.A. Kuffour is now your BEST FRIEND, try and ask him the reason why he said that he would be happy to become a Messenger in a ruling party than to be a General Secretary in an opposition party – he said this just two years after leaving office in Jan, 2009.

Is anybody listening – I beg to drop by Bic here – Aluta Continua!





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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement