Stop brewing trouble

Thu, 5 Sep 2013 Source: Kusi, Duncan

It is so sad that after Supreme Court ruling, some people have also started brewing troubles.

Some social commentators, politicians as well as others in higher offices of the country are trying to refuel unquenchable political flames in the country. This is not in the interest of the country.

Although the supreme court has finished its work, it does not mean that we are far from election troubles.

Those who are going round with loud voices against the petitioners should stop doing that. It is dangerous to the country. It can easily plug us into unexpected explosions.

We should understand that some people were not enthused with the Supreme court ruling but they have accepted it for the sake of peace.

If those who are going round with loud voices to condemn the petitioners for wasting Ghana's time do not stop what they are doing, the country could be sparked into troubles.

The Petitioners had every right to seek for judicial review and that would have jeopardised our fragile economy and augmented political tension in the country.

Petitioners considered all those things before taken a bold decision to give up so we should rather thank them than accusing them.

It has happened in many countries and it can happen in Ghana too.

Those who are engage in such activities know themselves I do not need to mention their names, but the word to the wise is enough.

President Mahama should call them to order and allow the sleeping dogs to sleep and stop brewing troubles.

God bless Ghana.

Columnist: Kusi, Duncan