Joe, Patience please!

Joe Mettle Obinim Musician, Joe Mettle

Wed, 17 Jun 2020 Source: Samuel Osarfo Boateng

This weekend has seen a flurry of rivalry among artists. I guess the Corona season is giving some of our artists the luxury of time to test their rivalry skills. Whilst I think ‘beefs’ sap the energies of our artists, I equally think they are necessary as they keep the wheels of our industry grinding.

Besides, through beefs, some artists have been able to announce their presence in a most forceful way.

We have seen beef all around. In fact, the phenomenon is no alien to our industry but what was much particularly interesting about this weekend’s own is when the beef is stirred by a gospel musician.

I wished I had enough time to be more thorough in my analysis but recently, I don’t have much time, so you may kindly forgive me if I go straight to the point. In fact in this post, I have only sampled some of the views I have shared on this matter, across some social media platforms. Please note also that I use names with a lot of hesitation in my articles, only trusting on my viewer’s currency on this but am sure whoever follows the news knows what appears to be a raging beef between two Ghanaian gospel musicians.

So this is what I have been saying about the issue.

Every artist, however, spiritual you are, go through some frustrations. From the people who will not support you to the people who will remain quiet, waiting for you to make it before they show their support. Maybe we all know enough of Joe because, he has more media attention and mileage but if you knew what this lady has been through, maybe we can understand her rant. I consider her rants as a verbal frustration…she is indeed frustrated and understandably so. She has remained one of the consistent artist and by the standards of the people she appeals to, she has some serious hits which should give her some recognition, but unfortunately, I am not sure she has that recognition yet.

Many of the gospel musicians in their closest say worse things about each other, and I know that as a matter of personal experience. Maybe where and how she chose to do her’s is wrong. Indeed, Joe has gone through a lot but we may also not know what she has been through. When people are frustrated over something, let’s allow them. Being spiritual doesn’t make us immune to being frustrated about things and this is scriptural. Joe, David, Moses and all the people, who even walked directly with God, at some point voiced out deep frustrations, which we modern Christians may want to misconstrue as nonspiritual, if not carnal.

Gospel music is spiritual but I think we forget that once it is in the public space, it becomes competitive. I am not sure Joe will be a happy person, if he doesn’t get all the recognition he has, after all, he has been through. That doesn’t also mean that no other gospel musician who doesn’t have Joe’s current influence is less spiritual or talented and if we will be honest we will know that expressing frustration doesn’t make one less spiritual.

That is why in my sympathetic realm I can agree when she will make a statement out of frustration. And for those who think Gospel music and for that matter gospel musician should not be competitive, please be advised that the people who invest their monies, energies and space into these gospel musicians are not altruistic.

Infact, some do expect some commercial returns. To this extent, it will be erroneous to think a gospel musician want to be out there only because of the gospel.

I know lots of these gospel musicians say more than this against Joe in their closest but unlike their colleague secular artists, these guys will dare not take on the media, which is lopsided and biased when it comes to music. That is where the real issue is.

Just last Friday, Kidi was caught pant down on Twitter as having, made some derogatory remarks about Sarkodie some time back, which he apologized for. What does it tell you? It should tell you that artists who don’t get the recognition they think they deserve are more likely to become bitter and that’s natural.

What I don’t like about her statement, however, was how she tried to undermine Joe’s talent. She could have said the media pays more attention to Joe, which is true but to question how many songs he has and impugn that he can’t write English song, except to sample songs from some churches, is way overboard and something I cannot associate with. So while I will not begrudge her expressing her frustration, I equally don’t support the fact that she will blame her misfortune on an innocent artist, who appears to be media’s favourite.

So let’s support this lady and any other Ghanaian artist with prayers, and support because, it is not easy coming up.

Again I will also encourage my brother, Joe, to be patience as he deals with all the pressure that will mount on him to respond to this ranting. I want him to consider this as one that is borne of frustration and not malice.

Columnist: Samuel Osarfo Boateng