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John Dumelo Story (Part 1): A case of political witch hunting

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Fri, 31 Mar 2017 Source: Daily Post

By: Daily Post

The seizure of a vehicle used by handsome and popular Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo, has been at the top of celebrity and popular discussions since last week. Indeed, the dark forces of politics and fake news have added their own twist that has played right into the hands of haters of the immediate past regime.

Let's unravel the story as our investigations have revealed. The ace actor has been saving up to buy an SUV for many months now. Last year he agreed with a car dealer to put a down payment on a Toyota SUV and defray the payment over an agreed period of time. The deal is struck, and the car is released to Mr. Dumelo. Under the agreement, he was to be given the documentation for the vehicle after payment is completed.

It happens that Dumelo is an admirer of President Mahama. He used his newly acquired vehicle, effort and resources to campaign to have the President re-elected. Dumelo as a person of principle did not hide his admiration for President Mahama, and did not try to reap the best of both worlds as several celebrities did. He was open and forthright and campaigned openly for the President. During the campaign he was vilified and received hate messages from the political forces of darkness.

He was called by so called "well wishers" on both sides of the divide who had come together to end President Mahama's spectacular run. He was advised to end his endorsement of President Mahama because the political elite and their international partners had decided that "Mahama must go."

The dealer in question was asked by National Security to import some vehicles. Upon arrival of the vehicles, National Security takes delivery of a part of the consignment for supply to agencies under the National Security Secretariat. Our investigations show that even with regard to the vehicles that the NS took delivery of, payment has still not been made to dealer by the Secretariat as at the time this paper went to bed yesterday. What was the dealer supposed do with the rest of the vehicles they were no longer interested in? It was agreed that he could sell the remaining vehicles and recoup his money.

Dumelo is only one of several people who purchased these extra vehicles. While Dumelo has no paper because he had not completed payment, government too has no paper proving ownership of the vehicle in question. Government has not paid for it and indeed expressed no more interest in taking delivery of those vehicles that they had made the dealer import.

Dumelo is not the only one who acquired one of the remaining vehicles. Over the next several weeks, government is going to go round harassing innocent citizens and retrieving these extra vehicles and holding them up as proof that some government vehicles were stolen though the powers that be know for sure that they never paid for the vehicles and actually expressed no more interest in acquiring them.

NPP fake news factory have also put an additional twist to the story. Dumelo never said anywhere, at anytime, that the vehicle was given to him by the former 1st Lady. It was added by the NPP fake news team and made to go viral in the social media alongside the main story, to make it even more salacious. The car was also not being repainted as they would have the public believe. The vehicle was due for its regular checks and Dumelo left it at the workshop to be serviced while he travelled abroad. It was while it was at the workshop the NPP thugs went and seized it.

This event also reveals the continued undignified disgraceful conduct of the British High Commissioner, Jon Benjamin, in his recent tweet while on his way to attend the outdooring of a child of one of the President's relations. His sarcasm in taking a swipe at Dumelo without knowing the full facts of the matter is a shame to British diplomacy and absolutely unbecoming of an envoy of Her Majesty the queen. Ghana has fresh memories of such an envoy and it is true when they say history repeats itself.

Columnist: Daily Post
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