John Mahama Bullshits Ghanaian Audience in…

Sat, 22 Jun 2013 Source: Adofo, Rockson

As the NDC are notorious for practicing selective justice, we saw an extension of their ludicrous policy come into play on 15 June 2013 in London. President Mahama on his recent visit to Britain on invitation to show his face to the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, at the preparatory to the G8 meeting, had the occasion to meet Ghanaians residing in the United Kingdom.

He made sure, as usual, to meet only those Ghanaians belonging in the NDC family or those openly expressing sympathy for the roguish NDC party and government. I understand one Kuku Spencer of Naspa radio, London, who entered the premises (High Commission (Consular office) in Highgate - 104 Highgate, London N6 5HE) without accreditation was ordered to leave the venue pre-arranged for the President to meet his selected few Ghanaians.

Kuku Spencer is purportedly identified and tagged as a sympathiser of NPP through his radio programmes hence, an enemy of the NDC revolution of perpetration and perpetuation of thievery, corruption, lawlessness and election rigging. It took a lot of pleading and interventions by either one alias Godfather or Frank before Kuku Spencer was allowed a seat in the meet-your-President meeting.

The above is anyway irrelevant to the motive of this publication. I am more interested in exposing how clueless and the difficulty of comprehension of issues of national interest by President Mahama. Although young and born after Ghana acquiring her independence, John Mahama has not been able to avail himself of all the opportunities available to make him a great leader. He has probably mastered only in the areas relating to corruption, a stigma that renders African leaders useless in the eyes of their White cotemporaries.

According to an invitee of the NDC family, a question was asked to know why Ghana for the past few months has been facing critical power shortages resulting in incessant unannounced power outages locally termed as "Dumso Dumso".

President Mahama, sorry to say, made a big fool of himself, displaying his ignorance, amplifying how clueless he is on matters of national interest as deduced from his response to the question. He said, according to the NDC invitee-apostle, "We have only realised that there are many young boys and girls now using their own television sets in Ghana, drawing more electrical current than we knew of. Additionally, the entire electricity transmission and service cables have not been replaced since they were first laid by the government (Volta River Authority - VRA) or the Ghana Electricity Corporation since the days of Dr Kwame Nkrumah. These are causing the power problems in Ghana".

I do not blame President Mahama for telling this bullshit to equally clueless NDC audience. Much as what he is saying may contribute to power outages which this time around is not down to the dwindling volume of water in the Akosombo Dam that often leads to load shedding, the President is not aware of the actual cause of the horrendous power outages facing the country. I am sure he had not sought any technical advice from Tarzan, the supposedly Energy Czar. Before making his statement, the President should have known that people at any least opportunity may query him about the infamous "Dumso Dumso". He should not wait to be taken off guard by such likely questions.

I shall advise the President to say as following in any future interaction with people when similar question on the electricity supply arises. "My predecessor governments have sought to provide electricity supply to almost every nook and cranny of the country. They failed to ensure the proportionate generation of megawatts of electricity to meet the scale of expansion as embarked on. Therefore, our electricity consumption has outstripped our current means to supply commensurate electricity. Then he has to say, we are now in a process of exploring alternative sources to augment our electricity supply, e.g. Bui Dam, Aboadze Thermal Plant, Solar energy etc. He should not be mentioning many people having television sets as a perfect excuse for the electricity problem staring Ghana in the face.

I do not want to sound too technical to confuse my readers or frighten off the President himself. I will therefore not discuss inductive loads, resistive loads and cable resistances and how each case impacts electricity consumption.

The President should come again as his explanation on "Dumso Dumso" sounds too crude in my ears. Be that as it may, why could he not use the money his Mills/Mahama and Mahama/Arthur-Amissah-led NDC governments are fraudulently paying out to companies and individuals with whom they may have entered into secret pacts, to replace the transmission cables?

It hits me hard to see the NDC government depleting the coffers of the nation, paying out dubious judgment debts of which they are themselves beneficiaries. Upon all this, many idiots, nation wreckers and insatiably greedy bastards are supportive of such acts that have the potential to retrogress the socio-politico-economic development of a nation.

Those that applauded and concurred with the President when he was bullshitting them are now vociferously saying some NPP supporters they preferably call "al Qaeda", came to the premises to disturb their purposeful meeting with the President. Oh, what miserable sods the NDC audience was! They are calling the concerned Ghanaian citizens that demonstrated against the corruption, election rigging, lawlessness and nonchalance by the government when Ghana is burning as "al Qaeda".

Anyway, that is what you get when an "Akonfem President" presides over "Nkonfem meeting" with "Nkonfem" in attendance. Can "nkonfem" come out with anything sensible other than to fly to Burkina Faso from the Northern region?

I dedicate this article to all those concerned Ghanaians that participated in the London demonstration that saw President Mahama becoming an instantaneous stammerer, trembling from head to toe.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson