John Mahama conned by his in-house maffias?

Wed, 22 Jun 2016 Source: Asamoah-Ababio, Kofi

Mr. John Dramani Mahama, born on November 29, 1958 at Damongo in the Northern region, a native of Bole-Bamboi, who also happens to be the first gentleman of the land is struggling from within, he is in a bout with his own coven, making it difficult for him to prioritize the wellbeing of his fellow countrymen.

Besides, if a man is being rummaged by his own demons, there is likelihood that he can’t muster guts to focus on the ball.

Haile Selassie, ruler of Ethiopia for forty or so years, beginning in 1930, was once a young man named Lij Tafari. He came from a noble family, but there was no real chance of him coming to power, for he was far down the line of succession from the king then on the throne, Menelik II, but when he chanced on the opportunity, he did more than what was expected of him. Whether the crown was bestowed on Mr. John Mahama from above or, it was fortuitous, we don’t care; all we care about is for him to stop doing the unthinkable.

Theodore Roosevelt once said: "perhaps there is no more important component of character than steadfast resolution." The boy who is going to make a great man, or is going to count in any way in after-life, must make up his mind not to only overcome obstacles, but to win-in spite of a thousand repulses and defeat.

My name is Kofi Asamoah-Ababio, president of Amass Ghana, a civil society organization. I write from my heart but I also know I am going to step on some toes, which I actually don’t give a damn-as far as I speak from my heart. I don’t want to dig into centuries, neither will I side-step into decades because there will be a lot of skeletons to unravel, which is why I am going to give it a lick.

I remember this campaign message when Mr. John Mahama was running for president the first time somewhere in 2012, “JOB FOR THE YOUTH”. This powerful words pierced the heart of many Ghanaians; both young and old, with no one second guessing how he intends to execute the task. Consequently choosing him over the numerous presidential candidates who stood for the bid. Now, I’m wondering if the youth are indeed enjoying the jobs he is already creating.

Edey Bee… a popular mantra in the 2012 campaign. What “dey bee, k3k3” because I recall the Wayomi scandal, the crushing economy, the depreciating cedi and some dubious dealings laying fresh in our subconscious memories at the time, though I knew they were misusing state funds for their selfish gains.

So the mind-blowing question was: why did they choose such mantra… I think they were mocking us. I still want to understand why Ghanaians choose to go for this comic instead of the popular “free education” and “Nduom nie Adwuma nie”, your guess is as good as mine. The opposition parties were reluctant, consequently failing to do due diligence to the job.

Gosh! Why will the Mahama led administration collapse the trainee allowances; a suicidal move which can eventually smash them back to the very grave they emerge from in 2008. Though I have listen to a lot of commentaries, but it still doesn’t add up. I guess, that’s Ghana man politics; each one for himself, God for us all.

But to quote Dr. Nicholas Murray Butley, he said, “Those who thinks only of themselves are hopelessly uneducated. They are not educated, no matter how instructed they may be”.

Mr. John Mahama is a good man who is surrounded by many-headed hydras, but I believe troubles can often be traced to a single strong individual: the stirrer, the arrogant underline, the poisoner of goodwill. If you allow such people room to operate, others will succumb to their influence. Do not wait for the troubles they cause to multiply, do not try to negotiate with them- they are irredeemable.

Neutralize their influence by isolating or banishing them. Strike at the source of the trouble and the sheep will scatter. Mr. John Mahama is a good man but he has refuse to heed to warning, hence his doom.

Mr. John Mahama, the most powerful man in Ghana becomes paralyzed by his own administration. The question is, is he damaged beyond repairs? I doubt that. His ability to analyze situation is his strongest assets but it can also be his greatest liability, the abnormal utility hikes are killing his countrymen and instead of him assuming the powers invested in him by the 1992 constitution, he is rather running chase.

I must also say that his bizarre obsession with the in-house mafias has put us in danger of critical exposure. With all the available resources at his disposal, he still allows his fellow countrymen to suffer, embarrassed as hell with wealth. I strongly suggest that, he man the affairs of this country and stop jumping through hoops.

Sometimes, I feel I have been microwaved after glancing my monthly utility tariffs. The insane bill is not only eating me up but the entire Ghanaians as well; the same people he will be begging for votes come November 7. I believe the illusion of choice, married to the possibility of future good fortune, will lure the most stubborn sucker into your glittering web. “If you can get the bird to walk into the cage on its own, it will sing that much more prettily”.

The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), at some point-I thought-the whole hullabaloo about its collapsing was a fallacy being orchestrated by some group of persons to win political points but. I saw vivid illustration of that truth as I was walking up a stairs of a government hospital. Directly in front of me, I watched a poor old woman turned away because the medicine she requested wasn’t insurance covered. The reality is too ugly and the solution too painful.

If we cannot invest in our health sectors to take care of the poor and the needy then, how can we invest millions of cedis running adverts of a “green book” on several television networks? If we cannot pay workers of what's due them, how can we spend millions of cedis rebranding transits? “A good window does not call attention to itself, it merely lets in the light”. Posterity they say…

My daughter will clutch the remote and change the channel, should the advert of the green book dare surface its ugly head on my screen; she is only nine years old, but I think she is crippled with the untold hardship being dawned on us as a country.

She is just a kid but she knows that daddy can no longer afford to pay her fees in full, she no longer bother me with toys and birth day gifts because she know pretty well that, daddy is fighting tooth and nail to provide for the family; she don’t fuss me with tripping because she is aware of the fuel price going abnormal. “A person’s toothache means more to that person than a famine in china which kills a million people.”

Mr. John Mahama is a good man but he ought not to take chances, especially with the unprecedented strike actions, atrocities, brutalities that has been meted out on innocent civilians, coupled with colossal demonstrations that has hit us as a country. I hate to lay the worst kind of shit, but I have to… the great question of the time will be decided, not by speeches and resolutions of the majorities, but by iron and blood. Thus if issues are not addressed properly.

Mr. John Mahama is a good man but his campaign financiers won’t let him the space to do what is right. The gentleman was frank when he pointed out that, Nana Addo Danquah and his running mate, Dr. Mahamud Bawumia has no pedigree to tag him as incompetent, with the assumption that, they have never been elected to run office. Marshal Foch said of the art of war: “It is simple enough in it conception, but unfortunately complicated in its execution.” He encoded the message but it clear to us now, there is heat at the background, and at least some shadow hands are manipulating him.

I am a fond of this quote by Mr. John Mahama’s favorite ally, General Nunoo Mensah, “if the kitchen is too hot, get out.” Indeed I believe the kitchen is on the verge of exploding, so why is he still trying to cook vegetables… the only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it, a piece of advice from an old friend.

Ababio will be back… I just gave it a lick.

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Columnist: Asamoah-Ababio, Kofi

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