Was Ex-Prez.Kufuor Not Ashamed For Going To The Castle-Part 4

Fri, 25 Mar 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Since 1965 when several assassination attempts were made on Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s life by the UP tradition led by Dr.K.A Busia there was no peace in Ghana. The persistent undermining of Dr. Nkrumah’s CPP government had culminated in the Western Countries notably Britain and the United States refusing to buy Ghana’s cocoa because they were behind the plans to overthrow Dr.Kwame Nkrumah through some Ghanaians Military traitors like Col.Kotoka and Major Afrifa. Ghana had to resort to BARTER TRADE with Eastern European Countries to survive. In 1966, Dr.Kwame Nkrumah was eventually overthrown on Feb.24TH in one of the most bloodiest military coup de tats in Africa. The National Liberation Council (NLC) military junta banned the CPP for 10 years with NLC decree 345 which made it an offence punishable by 5 years imprisonment without the option of a fine. Mock elections were conducted in 1969 and Dr.Busia was given power on a silver platter. Dr.Busia’s government which ruled Ghana from 1969 to 1972 rather worsened the plight of Ghana as was acknowledged by the World Bank in its 1972 report which stated that the Busia administration left Ghana WORSE than Nkrumah did. Dr. Busia was the first Prime Minister who paid himself 5 years salary advance after being sworn in as the Prime Minister of Ghana, and Ex-President Kufuor was a deputy minister in Dr.Busia’s Progress Party government so he started his corruption, greed and tribalism from there. The NPP government MANIPULATED the judiciary and portrayed Rawlings’s wife and all members of Rawlings government as corrupt and Kufuor moved heaven and earth to jail Nana Konadu and then eliminate her husband on top but failed woefully. This is the tall liar described by NPP gurus as a “Gentle Grant” in Ghana politics-He is a worse murderer in whose regime the King of Dagbon and his 40 sub-chiefs were killed in broad day light and all telephone lines were disconnected by the NPP government and the BNI Officer who covered that event in March 2002 was also killed by Kufuor’s agents on the Nadoli-Jirapa road in the Upper West Region in order to cover up those NPP appointees who sponsored that murderous operation in Yendi. In 1969, the Progress Party government of Dr. Busia also killed 69 people at Yendi and the killers were left off the hook. Why is it that the people of Yendi are always killed in their numbers innocently whenever the Danquah/Busia tradition which the NPP represent today comes to power? Do they regard my fellow Northern brothers and sisters as ANIMALS to be killed for food or what? A DAY WILL COME when they will finally be freed from slavery, poverty and bondage in this country.

When the NPP came to power in Jan. 2001, one Brother Joshua used one full year every morning to call on Ghanaians to drive away the “Satan” and that Satan was Rawlings. Mr. Haruna Attah described Rawlings as a “fraud and a knave” –see Statesman-Nov.6,2005. Dr.Charles Wereko Brobby on a political platform with the then candidate Kufour in 1996 stated that “ he was holding the hands of his uncle and that they were going to drive away the Satan of Ghana who goes by the name J.J. Rawlings “ Between Rawlings and Kufuor , who actually resembles a Satan and is more Satanic? Is it not Ex-Prez. Kufuor and his murderous tribal bigots in the NPP in Ghana? Ghanaians must Be Honest and Trueful like ME. Frankly speaking, Kufour is the most UGLY President with bloodshot eyes Ghana had ever elected as Head of State I have no apology to any member of the NPP because nobody has the monopoly over insults in this country . Dear Reader, the stubborn truth is that what they (NPP) want and HAVE NEVER been ABLE to say SO OPENLY and PUBLICLY IS THAT they should always be in office and Not the CPP, NDC or any other political party in Ghana so that they form a defacto one party state backed by the Western Countries who would help them to steal and sell the whole country, Ghana and further ENSLAVE all Ghanaians THEY LIE BAD, We shall always stop them. My friend, Mr. Kofi Coomson, Editor in Chief of the “Ghanaian Chronicle” described Rawlings on the front page of his paper thus: Rawlings is Mad-Monday February 15th -21st , 1993 yet it is the same Mr. Kofi Coomson who spent over 4 billion old Ghana Cedis in order to be elected as an MP without even paying his workers salaries for several months in 2008 and his own NPP members MAFIAD HIM and conducted the parliamentary primaries in that constituency when he (Coomson) was in Accra. Your NPP members including Kufuor & Judas Nana Akuffo Addo hate the truth, so you can never become an MP on the ticket of the NPP, think about that. Most NPP sponsored News Papers referred to Rawlings as “Ashawo Ba” (son of a Prostitute) drug addict, gay , thief and blockhead he was the sitting President of Ghana from 1992-2000. If you did that to Ex-Prez. Kufuor during his Presidency your publishing House will be burnt and all the journalists working in it killed at once. In New York, Ex-Prez. Kufuor told 3 African Presidents that Rawlings stole 18 government cars unjustifiably as his RETIREMENT BENEFITS and spent ONE HOUR with those African Heads of State condemning Rawlings as a CAR THIEF, raider of the National Treasury and an assassin who was planning to kill him (Kufuor). When the 3 African Heads of State informed Rawlings about Kufour’s lies, he denied the allegations and RETURNED ALL GOVT.CARS allocated to him constitutionally and bought his own Land cruisers- keep your fingers crossed, I shall return with MORE FACTS.


Frankly speaking, the NPP government of President Kufuor PRACTICED AN ALIEN DEMOCRACY WITH VENGEANCE which was dubbed “Property Owning Democracy” throughout his 8 years in office form Jan 2001-Jan 6th 2009 where he announced HIGH SALARY INCREASES FOR WORKERS BEFORE HANDING OVER POWER TO PROFESSOR MILLS. He had wanted the workers to demonstrate against Mills for High wages but it failed. As a moderate democrat and a man of peace, President Mills ONLY INVITED Ex-President Kufuor rather to TEACH HIM that Democracy Does Not Mean War. Democracy Does Not Mean that Opposition Members’ Businesses should be destroyed and Opposition Contractors DENIED Contracts in order to compel them to join the ruling party.

Democracy does not mean Political intolerance and murder. He again educated Mr.Kufuor that Tribal Politics as practiced OPENLY by the NPP can one day plunge the COUNTRY INTO A VERY BLOODY CIVIL WAR IN FUTURE. President Mills has nothing to LEARN from Kufuor who cannot even teach him. Finally, Democracy does NOT MEAN that the President of a ruling government must use its National Security Operatives to trail a former President or any opposition member in order to KILL THEM like President Kufour did while in office for 8 years in Ghana.

I owe NO APOLOGY to ANY member of the NPP including J.A Kufuor who is very greedy, wicked, ungrateful and vicious like Mr. Sam Jonah the former CEO of AGC. He forgot that it pays to be NICE to people on your way UP for it is the same people you will meet on your way DOWN, Now Kufuor has met the same people including this writer on his shameful way DOWN and he is now CRYING TO BE A MESSENGER in a RULING PARTY than being an Executive member of an opposition party. Was he not the one who started it all? He is very Lucky to have Prof.Mills as the President of Ghana or else he would have been paid in his own coin because Tit For Tat is no sin. As for Sam Jonah, it was the C.D.R’S of AGC who projected him to fame and he became the CEO of the same Company in 1984 but when he REFUSED to become a Vice President to Rawlings in 1992, there was BAD BLOOD between the two men. Rawlings was a POOR HEAD of state and Sam Jonah was a fabulously RICH CEO of a multinational company and therefore he was very influential in business circles than Rawlings. Despite that, Rawlings again approached him to be his Vice President in 1996 once again, he readily agreed but fled to South Africa thinking that the NDC will lose the elections that year, Rawlings then chose the then Vice President Mills and went ahead to win the 1996 general elections.

Feeling ashamed, Sam Jonah returned to Ghana and DISMISSED all known CDR Cadres and NDC members in the MINE and refused to promote several miners numbering over 160 to senior staff positions including this writer and they remained in ACTING POSITIONS from 8 to 11 years after passing their examinations instead of the usual 6 months probation period, until their retirements. Most of them were laid off through a redundancy exercise. Why should Jonah punish innocent workers because of his quarrel with Rawlings? ONLY GOD KNOWS. I am writing this article for the general public and the Ghana Youth between the ages of 16 years and 50 years to know the facts since most of them were NOT born or if they were born at all, they did NOT know the DIRTY POLITICS of Ghana especially that of Ex-Prez. Kufuor’s NPP who used his position as the President of Ghana to travel over 300 times outside Ghana at the expense of the Tax payer and also destroyed the jobs of several businessmen and women suspected to be NDC members. From Obuasi, this has been Clement Sangaparee taking Mr. J.A Kufuor to the cleaners and giving him a perpetual heart beat. So Dear reader, this is only a tip of the iceberg, you keep your fingers crossed, I shall return with more atrocities that the NPP meted out to all NDC members from 2001 to 2008. “Jaanbie Iwaii”






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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement