Politicians must fix their attitudes

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Thu, 6 May 2021 Source: Stephen Bernard Donkor

It is rather unfortunate there's no honest politician in the country. To a large extent, if Ghana must develop, politicians must be made to use schnapps and eggs in swearing an oath.

Since 1992, Ghanaians have experienced arrogance & intolerance on the part of politicians. As I speak, some parts of the Volta Region do not have their MPs in parliament. No one is interested because it affects a particular group of people.

How can you build a nation with such vindictiveness? After promising the electorates of an improved livelihood, you can't deliver and have the temerity to indicate that people must fix their attitudes. Really? What impudence?

Ghanaians must know that since 1992 till now, there's absolutely no honest politician. If you're in doubt, be at liberty to hug the nearest transformer. When people are united against the ills of the society, no politician, no security machinery can stand. It is called civil revolution.

A movement geared towards demanding accountability. Is it because politicians enjoy quite a number of courtesies? Truth be told this and previous administrations have failed Ghanaians.

Politics hasn't been in my DNA and I don't intend to venture into it.

I'm speaking for my fathers and mothers out there who are voiceless. As an individual who critically analyse the state of affairs, I can attest to the fact that, times are hard for Ghanaians. The second term of the ruling New Patriotic Party is nothing to write home about.

Imagine purchasing cement at GHC50. How many youth can start their own projects? When this happens some unscrupulous landlords will take an undue advantage of the situation and increase rents for tenants.

Can we boast of an honest politician in our time? It is no more 4 more to do more but 4 more to experience more hardships if the current state of affairs is anything to go by. People are suffering yet prices of essential commodities are on the ascendancy and you insult our intelligence.

I thought that some arrogant politician would have taken a clue or two from the 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections. However, I haven't yet realised any yet.

Indeed, there are people who are detractors but not in this situation where hardship glares at us. Is it the case of the President being misled as usual? Please, enough of culture of silence. Allow people to exercise freedom of speech.

What is good for the goose is equally good for gander. How can the citizenry fix their attitudes when the country is at the verge of collapse? Ghana is no more enjoying the usual cruise control owing to bad leadership.

It is only in Ghana and some part of the African continents that people venture into politics with the aim of amassing wealth within the shortest possible time. Ghanaians have lost faith in this government from crying out loud. The earlier they adopt pragmatic approach in solving these economic crisis the better. Where are the money?

If the economy is broke, fix it. It's only in Ghana where people who are not fit for ministerial positions see themselves at the helm of affairs even when they fumble during vetting. If you claim Ghana's woes are as a result of attitudinal, please, politicians fix yours too. We always, have been hearing of allegations of corrupt government officials since 1992.

What has been done to bring corruption to its barest minimum? Since 1992 till now, no government official has been convicted on corruption. The few cases we saw during Former President Kufuor tenure was that of causing financial loss to the state not corruption. Please, get it.

Ghana can only do well when leaders become more proactive. When you finish fixing the country, I think you will now have the moral right to indicate to the good people of this country to fix their attitudes.

Columnist: Stephen Bernard Donkor
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