Joshua Alabi: Your head must roll in shame, not Amoako-Atta’s

Sat, 10 Nov 2018 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

It beats every stretch of the imagination to hear an Oldman in his fits of dementia call for the head of the Roads Minister, who is grappling with grave difficulties as he conjures magic to breathe life into the sector.

That notwithstanding, the fact that Joshua Alabi’s nonsensical government of the NDC under John Dramani Mahama mortgaged the Road Fund in its entirety until 2026 to the UBA Bank just to spend on their 2016 campaign and other embezzlement strategies, speaks volumes on the insensitivity of his group of NDC knuckleheads.

When you have to rip the nation off massively to consolidate your finances in order to throw more dust into the eyes of the naïve majority, it only tells a sordid story of treasonable characters who need to suffer impalement.

Yet the lie teller, Joshua Alabi, was alleged to have presided over hundreds of millions of US Dollars in rot, corruption, and daylight robberies during his chairmanship of SSNIT where the inexplicable amount of over 80 million US Dollars was paid for a mere mobile phone App.

Is this guy really a professor? I reckon not at all! From the way he handles himself and the nonsense that he speaks, I can safely opine that he must have frightened his poor Professor into giving him a pass, opening his gargantuan mouth like a mountain cave as if to snap his head off with a single bite.

Chai, how? He should bring records of his useless days as an official of the JJ Rawlings stratocracies and two-term sham democracies.

What has he achieved in politics? What has he achieved for the constituents he represented in Parliament? To be succinct in my delivery, it is important to state that he applauded Mahama on everything, kissing his backside in order to get his appointment.

Many people, adults and children, have lost their lives on the N1 highway along that stretch from Achimota to Awoshie, especially at the La Paz intersection, yet calls on John Mahama to construct the missing footbridges fell on deaf ears time and time again.

Did Joshua have any sense of empathy to advise or beg or lobby for the right thing to be done for the hapless people? No!

The original design of the highway had some ten footbridges, but barely a couple were built. The money for the other bridges were stolen by the NDC cohorts.

Yet Joshua Alabi’s grandfather mouth refused to move. Ah how the NDC managed to steal some of the George Bush moneys meant for the NI Highway and go scot-free beats my mind.

Is America only good at talking, or what? Anyway, it looks like that is the case since all the shootings going on in the USA have only two stories to tell; terrorism if it involves a Muslim, and mental disorder if it involves a Christian fanatic or war veteran.

This man, Joshua Alabi, must be suffering schizophrenia, because one day he seems normal and 6 days he seems crazed. But now that he is competing against his incompetent Boss, President John Mahama, he has found his voice, albeit hoarse, coarse, and incoherent as Norse.

The cosmetics he applies to his face confuses between him and his girlfriend. Maybe he feels obliged to challenge our local ladies to a beauty contest.

Chai, how can he clap for an NDC fool, who claims that the Adenta incident was due to Free SHS. Habba, what kind of human being is he?

Has he not been told that the GHs1.2billion (Ghana Cedis) debt left by his alleged colleague thief, Sylvester Mensah, has been paid in full? Is he not aware that the NPP government is paying billions of Cedis in interest accrued on debt that the rudimentary uncultured goons in the NDC piled up on the nation?

Yet Joshua has the guts to go on the attack foolishly calling for the head of the Minister for Roads, who hardly sleeps as he fixes the disasters bequeathed us by John Mahama and his rascals.

It is true that there are places that have priority over others, but subhanallah, Grace be to GOD, Amoako-Atta is a human being, who is overwhelmed with too many issues of neglect left behind by Inusah Fusseini, his predecessor, who, I was told, engaged in more corruption and embezzlement in connivance with John Mahama’s sister and other siblings as if they were in a race to be the richest in Africa.

Let me caution this good-for-nothing supposed professor, that when GOD has prophesied greatness for Ghana in an Akufo-Addo administration, he should understand that his bid for a shot at the presidency would be like the urine of a prostate patient; it will drop at his feet!

And the sad episode in this whole hullabaloo is that he is going to use the money allegedly stolen from SSNIT during his chairmanship of the entity to fund a campaign, hoping that he would get the nod to pillage this country wa wa wa wa……!


Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi